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Archon is the ultimate battle between light and dark as you fight in the action-packed Combat Arena to claim each square. Be a Dragon, Goblin, Unicorn Phoenix or various other characters...each with their own unique ability. No combat is the same, so no outcome is the same...you control the fight, so you control your destiny.

Archon is hailed as a perfect hybrid of strategy and fast-action combat. You take control of either the Light or Dark team, each with their unique line-up of creatures. Strategically move your pieces on the chess-like board to capture squares. If you move onto an enemy square however, real-time battle ensues in the Combat Arena! Dodge with your Dragon or weave with your Unicorn as the struggle of good vs evil rages piece by piece. The combat victor captures the square on the Strategy Board. You win a game by annihilating your opponent's team or claiming all 5 “Power Squares.”
With over 16 unique characters, no game is ever the same. Find your perfect strategy to claim to coveted “Archon” rank. 


Move pieces by Touch, Virtual D-pad or Accelerometer
Ranking system, shows you how well you did each game
18 pieces per team, plus ability to summon other characters
Each team has various spells they can cast
Various board configurations to play
Characters level up to gain new abilities
4 AI settings
Play as Light or Dark
Fully rendered 3d graphics
Original gameplay from the 1983 classic
Stats tracking (fastest time, wins/losses, rankings)
“Smart-Aim” feature in combat
6 different combat arenas
Custom soundtrack

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