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02/14/12 Namco Bandai
02/16/12 Namco Bandai
02/17/12 Nintendo

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Play the game, watch the movie!

Tekken 3D Prime Edition contains the complete entertainment world of TEKKEN onto a single Nintendo 3DS card!


Play the game, watch the movie! Tekken 3D Prime Edition contains the complete entertainment world of TEKKEN onto a single Nintendo 3DS card! Battle with more than 40 fighters from the TEKKEN universe and with Young Heihachi for the first time ever! In addition, watch TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance, a full 3D theatrical experience produced by Digital Frontier in conjunction with the Tekken Project development team. With the satisfying combination of a movie and fully featured portable Tekken gaming experience, players can take TEKKEN wherever they go.


  • Tekken Experience – Contains the complete TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance 3D movie and the intense fighting action of the TEKKEN series in one package
  • Card Collector – Amass your collection of original Tekken Cards in-game or obtain using StreetPass to find them all
  • Time to Fight – Play in multiple single player modes or take the battle to the streets through Local Play and Internet Play
  • Bloody Vengeance – Watch the full length theatrical feature TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance in full 3D through the Nintendo 3DS system

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2 3,762 2,087 471 375 6,695
3 2,707 1,094 411 219 4,431
4 2,422 531 305 121 3,379
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6 2,203 536 252 115 3,106
7 2,023 718 186 132 3,059
8 1,676 928 157 161 2,922
9 1,420 1,000 187 174 2,781
10 1,217 564 193 110 2,084

Opinion (21)

xxbrothawizxx63 posted 21/01/2014, 07:11
As much as I appreciated the 60fps in 3D, the game didn't live up to the standards set by DoAD and SSFIV.
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supernihilist posted 18/12/2013, 10:55
loved this. too bad online is broken outside your country
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DieAppleDie posted 16/05/2013, 01:37
you might be right as a competitive gamers perspective
it just Tekken looks way better visually, and its more realistic which i prefer
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acdcste posted 12/11/2012, 02:34
Sorry but tekken is nowhe near the level of a street fighter, on any console, and i do like tekken. I have always thought it the fighting game for beginners really.
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DieAppleDie posted 26/10/2012, 12:49
Tekken is better than DoA, always been and always will, i own the 3 big fighters for the 3DS and Tekken is the best in terms of gameplay, grafix and 3D effect

again Endings were cool 15 years ago, now they are a really small incentive for 99% of the people, maybe you are part of that 1%, but that doesnt change the reality that Tekken is well known for being the best 3D fighting series of all time
this is no different
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Ganoncrotch posted 24/10/2012, 04:55
Do I care if finishing a game grants an ending or a thanks for playing screen? ummm... yes yes I do, that's why I own SSF4 and Dead or alive dimensions and not this :D
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