Halo 4

Global Total as of 30th Apr 2016 (units): 9.73m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: 343 Industries Genre: Shooter

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Mr Puggsly (on 27 February 2016)
I went online today to see how the population is doing. It was around 4,500 this afternoon.

A lot of people still play 7th gen Halo games between the 360 releases and MCC.
teamsilent13 (on 19 November 2015)
If it hits 10 million sales, it will be the worst game 10 million seller :-)
teamsilent13 (on 19 November 2015)
This seems over tracked even if digital is included. According to NPD report I read anyway. Trying to figure out the sales for Halo 4 and Reach is a little difficult because of inconsistencies.
xboxonefan (on 25 May 2015)
This and reach cod ghosts and minecraft well overtake Wii and DS as most 10M sellers
darkenergy (on 14 December 2014)
Hope this game reaches 10 million sold physically by the time the 360 gets discontinued. This also seems to be still selling well in the UK.
sales2099 (on 12 November 2014)
Team silent13 halo 4 was unbalanced with its loadouts, armor abilities, kill streaks/care packages, non arena maps, no descoping, and levelling based on time put in rather then skill. All that is changing in halo 5. Everyone has the same tools and are on equal footing.

That said, the halo 4 campaign was arguably the best in the series due to the increased connection with the extended universe, and the cg cutscenes were a welcome addition too
JayWood2010 (on 19 October 2014)
Well now that we know Halo has sold over 60m to this date we know Halo is a bit undertracked. Very possible with digital included that this game and Halo Reach may both be above 10m each. Great numbers
Mr Puggsly (on 04 October 2014)
@teamsilen - You ignore most games don't have thousands of people playing every day. The only shooters with a higher populations than Halo are also very popular games. Hence, Halo is still popular.

Halo 4 is a great game and I can jump anytime and find thousands and thousands of people playing. Many multi million selling can't say the same. Gears Judgement was a half assed effort, but a lot of people still play Gears 2 and 3 online.

In my opinion the online shooting audience is gotten smaller. It appears the MMO audience has also gotten smaller. I've seen a trend of games no longer showing the population. Wanna take a guess why?
teamsilent13 (on 02 August 2014)
@Mr Puggsly Nope, it's not one of the most popular online games. Halo 4 has had days where it's population peak barely brakes 10k. That's not concurrent players throughout the day...that's the max population in a day. After two months Halo 4 was below 50k and after six months it was down to 30k. It hasn't been above 20k in about a year. After a year it was behind four call of duty games on xbox live (Ghosts, BO2, MW3, BO1), and COD itself is declining which only makes it look worse.

In comparison, Halo 3 was still #1 after one year ahead of Cod5 and Cod4 and in it stayed #2 its entire third year behind MW2. Even Reach had much higher populations. Someone on NeoGaf did the math and from Reach to Halo 3 the population totals are down 96% from the same time frame. That's incredible when you consider the sales really are not that different. It had record launch sales, but it was universally HATED by longtime fans. Halo is my #1 FPS franchise and I will be purchasing the Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. This game sucked. In fact it was so bad that it made me like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Ghosts which in reality are mediocre at best. Halo 4 is the greatest example of how far the AAA industry has fallen. Gears Judgement is another.
sales2099 (on 22 July 2014)
#10 of all time 360 games sold :)
Mr Puggsly (on 23 April 2014)
@ teamsilent13 - Yet its still one of the most popular online games on home consoles. Surely that's worth something? I'm guessing it still has a couple hundred thousand plays a day.

A growing install base doesn't guarantee increased sales for an IP. Go do some research.
teamsilent13 (on 13 April 2014)
By a failure I mean it had the worst online population for the series and proportionally to the console install base it sold worst for the series.
teamsilent13 (on 13 April 2014)
@Dadrik Record launch sales for the series (due to hype and broken promises). The game is a failure from a consumer perspective. The Xbox 360 has such a huge install base compared to 2007 it should have sold double what Halo 3 did. Also, the cheap GOTY edition with all DLC boosted the slowing sales. It's still a complete disappointment from every halo fan I know.
Welfare (on 07 April 2014)
@Dadrik Dat GotY edition and casual gameplay
Dadrik (on 02 April 2014)
So many people who said it was shit. And yet, 3rd best selling game in the Halo franchise.
AZWification (on 15 January 2014)
Well, Halo never had great sales in Japan.. :/
thewastedyouth (on 19 November 2013)
Japan fails again
Kizmi (on 22 October 2013)
It was adjusted down.
think-man (on 10 October 2013)
Seems to be tracking good, only country that its dropped in is Japan. Not that Japan really gave many sales to Halo
Kizmi (on 31 August 2013)
Next week it will oversell Halo 2 :)
iceland (on 01 July 2013)
This really isn't the place for this discussion especially of this length. make a topic on the forum or something. Anyways I'm glad to see this game is still doing very well, going to pass Halo 2 soon.
Deyon (on 06 June 2013)
I just got a regular 360 slim and this game (Halo?) came bundled with it. It was fun, but I didn't like the multiplayer that much. I give it a 7/10
busbfran (on 01 June 2013)
ome of my all time fav's one take to past halo 2 by the end of the year.
sales2099 (on 27 May 2013)
This isn't the place for such a rant. Take your hate elsewhere.
teamsilent13 (on 25 May 2013)
@sales2099 The 87 metacritic means nothing. The best example I can give for this is the highest reviews are IGN and Machinima. IGN and Machinima were also the two companies that got the most exclusive content. IGN got developer walkthroughs and Machinima got pre-release live stream. Also, I don't blindly trust a numerical value for basing what is a good game or isn't. Maybe it's my fault for trusting 343i's lies about it feeling like Halo 2 or a true sequel to 3, but after purchasing their game and playing it, I at least have the right to my opinion. I do not want Halo to fail, but I see a lot of missed potential and 343i deserves criticism or Halo 5 will be just as bad.

@iceland I'm not riding a bandwagon. Those population numbers reflect a split community and disappointment from many longtime fans of the series. Microsoft has already made a good profit off Halo. I want Halo 4 to stop selling because the more it sells the more Microsoft is complacent in their bad management of the series. Microsoft turned off Halo 2 in 2010 despite a lot of outcry from their fans. They will likely do the same to Halo 3 in a couple years, despite the fact that it didn't drop out of the top 20 till Halo 4's release so it's probably somewhere in the top 30 (though we will never know).

Multiplayer issues: sprint and awkward mobility because of it, random ordinance, lack of descope in combination with more host autoaim, maps that feel stretched and lack power positions, boltshot, lack of new variety in weapons and balancing issues, loadouts, instant respawn, throwing the oddball, not being able to juggle the flag, removal of entire gametypes and lack of custom options, random and inconsistent flinch, and a progression system. Let alone this is after they patched in a lot of things like red x that should have never been removed in the first place

Campaign issues: cannon breach and continuity problems, banshee AI flying into walls (happened all three times I played in the moon base level and a couple times on the narrows section of an earlier level), wraith AI and various covenant infantry hit a range where they stand still, but do not shoot and will not run from your fire (more rare than banshee AI, but still noticeable), removal of dual wielding for the chief, removal of campaign scoring, no new features or skulls added, removed brutes and the chopper, the only new vehicles: the mamoth (on rails and not used in multiplayer wtf), mantis (this OP crap is in multiplayer though), and the Lich which served as basically a stationary version of a Scarab.

Spartan Ops issues: recycled levels, monotonous gameplay while circling those levels, a side story that is debatable if it furthers the cannon at all, your gameplay is not related nor influences the spartan ops cutscene storyline, infinite lives and holds your hand with constant weapon drops, and removal of firefight which was better.

Feature issues: the lack of precision editing in forge, the announcer abused (airsassination, ect), stupid scoreboard, medals for everything like distraction and single assists (but none for weapon sprees or sniper headshots), join in progress

If you can't find any legitimate issues with that, then you are either lying to yourself or do not care about the original trilogy.
sales2099 (on 24 May 2013)
teamsilent13. A 87 metacritic isn't "terrible" and recomending COD only doubly makes you look the opposite of being taken seriously.

Xbox COD and Halo fans are supposed to coexist peacefully. Get with the program! The enemy is out there, not within :P
iceland (on 23 May 2013)
@teamsilent13 yet you list no legitimate issues and is riding the whole population is low bandwagon. I have a lot of issues with Halo 4 some including forge and multiplayer balancing but would you really say it's terrible by any means? And recommending a COD game after you bash H4 (based on pop) makes you lose all credibility.
curl-6 (on 22 May 2013)
On track to outsell Reach; big question is, can it outsell Halo 3?
teamsilent13 (on 20 May 2013)
Why do people keep buying this game? It's terrible and this is coming from someone who owns every halo game. Although, it's interesting the game is selling faster than Reach and Halo 3, yet has lower population numbers than both. Halocharts said Reach had peaks at around 100k at this time, and Halo 3 had 200k peaks in 2009 where six months after release the peaks are only at 35-40k. I'd recommend the new cod of this game to anyone. This game was just a pile of disappointment and even after all the updates it still feels like the worst halo game.
Proclus (on 20 May 2013)
Halo 3 IS the legs. :D
NobleTeam360 (on 16 May 2013)
Any one else remember people saying MS games don't have legs? I guess Halo shoots that theory out of the water and the game hasn't been bundled either.
Proclus (on 08 May 2013)
Halo 4 has now done 8.18M units in 25 weeks, respectively it took Halo: Reach 50 weeks to do 8.18M and Halo 3 52 weeks.
Kizmi (on 01 May 2013)
Next week it will outsell Halo: Reach in Europe. Nice.
Goatseye (on 12 April 2013)
WTF happened to Japan being the Mecca of games? It's crazy how games barely sell there and they have people playing rape games more than Halo, Skyrim or even Fifa.
sales2099 (on 09 April 2013)
Halo 4 you keep it up!
Barozi (on 01 April 2013)
8m next week.
thewastedyouth (on 30 March 2013)
While I fuckin hate 343 and Halo 4, from a business standpoint they know the casual gamer floods the community compared to how many people played halo competitively MLG I dont know the ratio but one can assume itd be outstanding! So my point is they were more then willing to cater to the casual gamer in there new direction then to the competitive one. COD had a big influence with there success and with there numbers being so large and consistant 343 said fuck it and followed in there footsteps
Kizmi (on 30 March 2013)
Well it is certainly surpassing Halo: Reach in Europe. Just 70 000 difference.
Dark_Lord_2008 (on 27 March 2013)
Hopefully this game reaches 10 million sales ltd.
Proclus (on 18 March 2013)
5M sales in the U.S.A!
Mr Puggsly (on 17 March 2013)
@ DitchPlaya - I don't think its gone up or down in any significant way. I think what ultimately matters is the franchise has maintained being very successful.
Kizmi (on 15 March 2013)
thanks Pug! I wonder if Halo 4 might outsell Halo: Reach eventually.
DitchPlaya (on 15 March 2013)
So has the game boosted Halo as a franchise?
Mr Puggsly (on 09 March 2013)
@ Kizmi - At 17 weeks in, Reach was at 7,157K. So Halo 4 is ahead about 737K.
Kizmi (on 08 March 2013)
Can anybody see how much did Halo Reach sell copies in the same amount of time as Halo 4 is now. How much Halo 4 is ahead of Reach in other words?
sales2099 (on 15 February 2013)
A spring bundle would give this game fresh legs. Amazing sales thus far!
Ganoncrotch (on 11 February 2013)
This game looks so unbelievable when you consider the age of the hardware inside the Xbox, Microsoft studios and 343 really are pulling every trick out of the Box on this game, Some amazing set pieces too.
CGI-Quality (on 02 February 2013)
@ Deyon: No Halo game has sold 10 million in just 2 months. However, it's selling at a higher rate than Reach and should clear 10 million by early-mid 2014 (possibly sooner).

In fact, I must hand to Halo 4, it performed better than I thought it would given it's release time. Coming next to CoD for most franchises would be suicide, but the legacy and potency of this franchise remains strong!
Mr Puggsly (on 01 February 2013)
@ thewastedyouth - No. Its not a JRPG.

But I'd love to see a Halo JRPG. Tales of Halo, get on that Namco.
thewastedyouth (on 01 February 2013)
LOL JAPAN numbers, do people even game in that place
Deyon (on 26 January 2013)
i thought it would reach 10m by now, guess i was wrong.
iceland (on 21 January 2013)
It's selling very well, when will we get official numbers?
Kizmi (on 12 January 2013)
These sales are brilliant!!! Halo 3 did 6,84 millions in 2007 and Halo: Reach did 7,10 millions in 2010. Halo 4 was even released later than these previous games. I really hope legs will carry this amazing game well and maybe take it close to Halo 3 eventually.
raf40928 (on 03 January 2013)
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.. H3 had a 3 year lifecycle to sell 11.7 million ( that's a one year advantage over the current 2 yr lifecycle ).. Since H4 will likely have 2years before H5's release: If H4 can sell 10+ million in two years ( which looks very possible ) it'll outsell Reach and show its real success to the series - If somehow it sells close or more ten 11 million it'll really show that this game rocks.. I know H4 has improved gaming of Halo in many aspects. Being able to pass the skull - Great, Adding controlling of Bases to Slayer ( Dominion ) - Great.. Balancing weapons and making them sound way more modern - GREAT ! Better Campaign - DEFINATELY.. I didn't get a rush playing Reach's campaign.. The H4 storyline is more compelling.. Its almost like you're playing Halo for the first time
VGKing (on 02 January 2013)
Looks like a holiday release really payed off for Halo 4...
raf40928 (on 01 January 2013)
Halo 4 to sell 7 million in 7 weeks - much better sales then REACH so far !
TyePhoid_PAL (on 29 December 2012)
Just picked this up. I finished the first mission. Spectacular.
mongolianbob (on 25 December 2012)
multiplayer "enhancements" were just a fucking gimmick to entice COD fanboys. spatan ops wa iffy and fun for the first episode . but overall the story was one of the strongest of series it tied wth reach and ODST for the best IMO. multiplayer overall is fun and had way better MP maps than reach. But forge is also disappointing since one of the only three forge maps only gives you fucking pipes (closed not even open) to build with. 8.5/10.
Mr Puggsly (on 24 December 2012)
Amazing numbers. Its going to easily pass 7 million by the end of the year.
TyePhoid_PAL (on 24 December 2012)
25 in Game when I was shopping. I was very tempted. Got to play what I have first though.
raf40928 (on 22 December 2012)
Halo Reach needed 10 WEEKS to hit 5.8 million copies.. Halo 4 is seems to have more 'staying power' - With H4 sales going on just 6 WEEKS with 5.9 million sold ..It looks like Halo 4 will beat Reach lifetime.. Either way my own opinion is Halo 4 'beats' Halo Reach in gameplay ( Multiplayer and Campaign ) and 343 has made a winner and put some new life into this series
DitchPlaya (on 22 December 2012)
Sales are holding up much better than Reach, maybe the series isnt fatigued?
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Dark_Lord_2008 (on 19 December 2012)
Guaranteed to notch 10 million sales sometime within the next couple of years.
man-bear-pig (on 17 December 2012)
7.2m this year
donsterydo2 (on 17 December 2012)
It could end up over 7m at the end of the year.
Proclus (on 10 December 2012)
Let's see if this game can follow tradition despite having launched in November, should see a increase for the following 3 weeks of sales before going down again.
Proclus (on 09 December 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 09 December 2012)
5.52m after 4 weeks.


Also, Halo fans, check out the Halo 4 predicted sales chartz thread:


ylowbstard (on 08 December 2012)
Just finished the campaign and I'm still swooning over what an incredible job 343 did. Reach, ODST, and Anniversary were rubbish in my opinion and felt stale, but "Halo 4" really reinvigorated the series and is easily the best installment yet. The graphics, facial animations, character and story (for once), and gunplay are all top notch. It really gave me that "giddy" feeling I experienced while playing the first two games. It's not perfect and 343 could have progressed further from the Halo mold, but this game is phenomenal; plain and simple. 9.5/10
PureDante (on 04 December 2012)
Wonderful sales; deserves every one of them
man-bear-pig (on 03 December 2012)
trasharmdsister12 (on 02 December 2012)
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Proclus (on 02 December 2012)
5,158,526 copies sold in 3 weeks, amazing.
sales2099 (on 30 November 2012)

Or 27 2012 PS3 exclusives come years end :P
kowenicki (on 29 November 2012)
5m after 3 weeks. No HD exclusive comes close.
sales2099 (on 22 November 2012)
Dark Knight reference? lol
man-bear-pig (on 21 November 2012)
You are the hero vgchartz deserves.
VGKing (on 16 November 2012)
I saw his comment yesterday but had no way to report him. Good to see mods on these walls too!
trasharmdsister12 (on 16 November 2012)
Halo4warduntodawn has been moderated for his last comment on this game wall.
piggychan (on 16 November 2012)
well about 300 of the game stores here have been closed down

AmericanAli (on 16 November 2012)
do the europeans buy something else besides fifa and cod?
Halo4warduntodawn (on 15 November 2012)
Fuck the uk they gay
TyePhoid_PAL (on 15 November 2012)
Love Halo I wish this was on PC. Reach was outstanding. Will pick it up when its on sale I think.
pezus (on 15 November 2012)
Lol, starcraft rip-off. Have to laugh at that :-D
sales2099 (on 15 November 2012)

You wanna go to Halo Wars for that comment LOL.

But seriously the story in halo is much better space opera then Starcraft. I LOVE the SC story, but its too cheezy at times and the human cause is sidelined by Zerg and Protoss. Halo has the theme of "human ascension". Starcraft has the "we treat all races equally, each will have their ups and downs".
SlayerRondo (on 15 November 2012)
Starcraft rip-off
DAVID812 (on 11 November 2012)
I love the new Halo. Does anyone else think that it will be game of the year?
Thechalkblock (on 09 November 2012)
when am i going to be able to add this game to my collection on vgchartz? i wanna add it
Mr Puggsly (on 07 November 2012)
Awesome game. Already finished he campaign and played a few hours of the campaign. Hope this can do 10 million.
Halo4warduntodawn (on 01 November 2012)
Five more days
ggc94 (on 29 August 2012)
Is it normal to hide skittles under my fore skin and eat them during class
tomashart234 (on 21 July 2012)
@ manciuD halo 3 only sold 11.55 million
Smlls (on 02 July 2012)
This game already has a lot of pre-orders and it's decently far from it's launch date, so it will defiantly sell well.
ManciuD (on 29 May 2012)
atleats 4 mil copies first week
14-15 mil copies life time just like halo 3
Millenium (on 09 April 2012)
More than awesome!
man-bear-pig (on 11 February 2012)
This is gonna be awesome!!
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
man-bear-pig (on 05 February 2012)
I want a darn gamplay video!
Zim (on 11 January 2012)
Few rumours bouncing around that this could end up being a xbox next game or even a dual release. Not sure I believe them but launching the next xbox with a halo game makes sense.
yo_john117 (on 05 January 2012)
Please show Halo 4 off a bit and maybe give us a release date at CES Microsoft!
Kizmi (on 25 September 2011)
Hope we will get first in game trailer soon :-)
fastyxx (on 07 June 2011)
yes, please!
yo_john117 (on 06 June 2011)
Lovin it!
oliist (on 06 June 2011)

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Mr Puggsly (on 27 February 2016)
I went online today to see how the
population is doing. It was around 4,500
this afternoon.

A lot of people still
play 7th gen Halo games between the 360
releases and MCC.
teamsilent13 (on 19 November 2015)
If it hits 10 million sales, it will be
the worst game 10 million seller :-)
teamsilent13 (on 19 November 2015)
This seems over tracked even if digital
is included. According to NPD report I
read anyway. Trying to figure out the
sales for Halo 4 and Reach is a little
difficult because of inconsistencies.
xboxonefan (on 25 May 2015)
This and reach cod ghosts and minecraft
well overtake Wii and DS as most 10M
darkenergy (on 14 December 2014)
Hope this game reaches 10 million sold
physically by the time the 360 gets
discontinued. This also seems to be
still selling well in the UK.
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