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09/27/05 Konami
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02/17/06 Konami

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Helmet Chaos is an all-new adventure starring Frogger, created especially for Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable (PSP). Konami's web-footed world-famous hero appeals to fans of all ages, male or female, with this mixture of action and puzzles.

Guiding Frogger around is a cinch thanks to his straightforward hop and dodge control - tap any direction and he'll spring towards it. Frogger also uses his tongue to swing from poles, and can bound high into the air to reach floating objects plus trigger switches or reveal passages upon landing. With moves so easy to perform, you can concentrate on solving the crazy puzzles.

There are over 30 levels to conquer, starting from the Frogger's home in Firefly Swamp, then onward via grassy hills, jungles, snowy mountains and finally through factories and the gloomy castle belonging to arch-enemy Dr Wani. Our little green champ is kept busy dodging obstacles, and employing ingenious methods to get from place to place.

Crafty designers have built the game with several routes to choose from throughout Helmet Chaos, so you'll want to explore to plunder its secrets. Yet more fun can be had from the various, hilarious, mini-games. Both PSP and DS versions have eight mini-games, one of which is exclusive to the console. These include the original 1981 arcade game, and all mini-games can be played with friends via Wi-Fi requiring only one copy of the game.


Source - www.Konami.com (publisher)

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