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'AFL' is the first footy title on the Wii and was developed by Wicked Witch. It is only available on the Wii and is not to be confused with AFL Live which is available on PS3 and Xbox 360.

AFL on the Wii is the most comprehensive AFL title to date and for the first time has more leagues than the standard teams in the AFL.

The game features:


  • 16 stadiums.
  • 5 different leagues (AFL, VFL5 different leagues (AFL, VFL, TAC Cup, NAB U18's National Championships, International Cup).
  • Over 70 licensed teams.
  • Arcade style gameplay.
  • 29 player attributes.
  • 10 year career management mode.
  • 5 mini games.


Gameplay features such as mini contests, specky's, smothers, handballs, kicks, evade, hip and shoulder and tackles all provide precise, realistic sports action. A ten-year Career Manager Mode gives gamers an extended play experience over the life of the game. 

Team management focuses on coaching, training, trading, drafting, tribunal and budget, while the in game gameplay, covers the actual game of the sport itself. The game has arcade elements but still maintains a fair amount of simulation.

The game supports 3 controller types; The standard Wii remote, the Wii remote with the Nunchuck and the Game Cube Controller. Wii remote shaking is used to successfully tackle or break a tackle. There are 4 types of kicks including Drop Punts, Torpedoes, Snaps (Check Sides) and Grubbers but only 1 type of handball which increases in elevation depending on power.

Multiplayer supports up to 8 players but does not include online gameplay. Players can drop in and out of a career game.

For more information you can visit the developer.


www.wicked-witch.com.au - Wicked Witch Official Site

www.facebook.com/WickedWitchSoftware - Wicked Witch on Facebook

twitter.com/WickedWitchNews - Wicked Witch on Twitter


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spurgeonryan posted 02/07/2011, 07:05
Well this game has recieved a 7.9 on Hookedgamers.com which you can find at the bottom of your vgchartz screen.
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