Defenders of Ardania

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.01m
Platform: Microsoft WindowsAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment Genre: Strategy

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
10th December 20113293N/A293
17th December 20114854191.5%1,147
24th December 201158651.3%2,012
31st December 20116553-36.1%2,565
07th January 20127224-59.5%2,789
14th January 20128180-19.6%2,969
21st January 20129171-5.0%3,140
28th January 201210168-1.8%3,308
22nd December 2012215-91.1%N/A
29th December 201227-53.3%N/A
20th April 2013234385.7%N/A
27th April 2013280135.3%N/A
04th May 2013211240.0%N/A
11th May 2013299-11.6%N/A
18th May 2013243-56.6%N/A
25th May 2013223-46.5%N/A
01st June 2013214-39.1%N/A
08th June 2013245221.4%N/A
15th June 201326646.7%N/A
22nd June 20132717.6%N/A
29th June 2013251-28.2%N/A
06th July 2013232-37.3%N/A
13th July 2013224-25.0%N/A
20th July 2013220-16.7%N/A
27th July 2013218-10.0%N/A
03rd August 2013216-11.1%N/A
10th August 2013213-18.8%N/A
17th August 2013248269.2%N/A
24th August 201328679.2%N/A
31st August 201329915.1%N/A
07th September 2013289-10.1%N/A
14th September 2013269-22.5%N/A
21st September 20132690.0%N/A
28th September 201327813.0%N/A
05th October 2013258-25.6%N/A
12th October 2013248-17.2%N/A
19th October 2013243-10.4%N/A
26th October 20132479.3%N/A
02nd November 201326129.8%N/A
09th November 20132668.2%N/A
16th November 20132683.0%N/A
23rd November 20132147116.2%N/A
30th November 2013226983.0%N/A
07th December 20132200-25.7%N/A
14th December 20132149-25.5%N/A
21st December 20132127-14.8%N/A
28th December 2013292-27.6%N/A
04th January 2014235-62.0%N/A
11th January 2014211-68.6%N/A
18th January 201424-63.6%N/A
25th January 201423-25.0%N/A
01st February 2014230.0%N/A
08th February 2014230.0%N/A
15th February 2014230.0%N/A
22nd February 2014230.0%N/A
01st March 2014230.0%N/A
08th March 2014230.0%N/A
15th March 2014230.0%N/A
22nd March 2014230.0%N/A
29th March 20142433.3%N/A
05th April 2014240.0%N/A
12th April 201423-25.0%N/A
28th June 2014221600.0%N/A
05th July 2014220-4.8%N/A
12th July 2014218-10.0%N/A
19th July 2014217-5.6%N/A
26th July 2014216-5.9%N/A
02nd August 2014214-12.5%N/A
09th August 2014213-7.1%N/A
16th August 2014211-15.4%N/A
23rd August 2014210-9.1%N/A
30th August 201427-30.0%N/A
06th September 2014270.0%N/A
13th September 2014270.0%N/A
20th September 2014270.0%N/A
27th September 2014270.0%N/A
04th October 2014270.0%N/A
11th October 2014270.0%N/A
18th October 2014270.0%N/A
25th October 2014270.0%N/A
01st November 2014270.0%N/A
08th November 2014270.0%N/A
15th November 2014270.0%N/A
22nd November 2014270.0%N/A
29th November 2014270.0%N/A
06th December 2014270.0%N/A
13th December 2014270.0%N/A
20th December 2014270.0%N/A
27th December 2014270.0%N/A
03rd January 2015270.0%N/A
10th January 2015270.0%N/A
17th January 2015270.0%N/A
24th January 2015270.0%N/A
31st January 2015270.0%N/A
07th February 2015270.0%N/A
14th February 2015270.0%N/A
21st February 2015270.0%N/A
28th February 2015270.0%N/A
07th March 2015270.0%N/A
14th March 2015270.0%N/A
21st March 2015270.0%N/A
28th March 2015270.0%N/A
04th April 2015270.0%N/A
11th April 2015270.0%N/A
18th April 2015270.0%N/A
25th April 2015270.0%N/A
02nd May 2015270.0%N/A
09th May 2015270.0%N/A
16th May 2015270.0%N/A
23rd May 2015270.0%N/A
30th May 2015270.0%N/A
06th June 2015270.0%N/A
13th June 2015270.0%N/A
20th June 2015270.0%N/A
27th June 2015270.0%N/A
04th July 2015270.0%N/A
11th July 2015270.0%N/A
18th July 2015270.0%N/A
25th July 2015270.0%N/A
01st August 2015270.0%N/A
08th August 2015270.0%N/A
15th August 2015270.0%N/A
22nd August 2015270.0%N/A
29th August 2015270.0%N/A
05th September 2015270.0%N/A
12th September 2015270.0%N/A
19th September 2015270.0%N/A
26th September 2015270.0%N/A
03rd October 2015270.0%N/A
10th October 2015270.0%N/A
17th October 2015270.0%N/A
24th October 2015270.0%N/A
31st October 2015270.0%N/A
07th November 2015270.0%N/A
14th November 2015270.0%N/A
21st November 2015270.0%N/A
28th November 2015270.0%N/A
05th December 2015270.0%N/A
12th December 2015270.0%N/A
19th December 2015270.0%N/A
26th December 2015270.0%N/A
02nd January 2016270.0%N/A
09th January 2016270.0%N/A
16th January 2016270.0%N/A
23rd January 2016270.0%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.