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Conflict: Desert Storm II

Conflict Delta II: Wangan Sensou 1991


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10/08/03 Gotham Games
06/30/05 Capcom
09/19/03 SCi

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Relive the battle for Kuwait as the four brave Special Forces lads head back to the Gulf for another poke at Saddam

With an easy-to-master control method and intense, all-action gameplay, the original Conflict: Desert Storm was quite rightly a smash hit in 2002. Now SCi returns to the Gulf to once again put you in command of a crack, four-man squad, deep behind enemy lines. Bradly, Foley, Connors and Jones must once again use stealth, squad tactics and high-tech weapons and equipment to overcome a numerically superior Iraqi force.

Choosing to fight as either a U.S. Delta Force unit or a British SAS squad, you are plunged into the heat of the Middle Eastern sun or the chill of the desert night. Train yourself as a soldier and commander to the highest level over four intense Boot Camp stages then head into the field for 14 gruelling missions against a determined enemy. Your various hazardous objectives include rescue, extraction, sabotage and infiltration, and to aid you you'll have the latest in intel and advanced weaponry. Utilising your four-man squad effectively is essential to success and survival, but you can call on a friend to take control of two of your men for split-screen, co-operative operations. Good luck and remember, who dares, wins.

  • Return to the Gulf in the sequel to the hit squad combat game of 2002
  • Command a team of SAS or Delta Force experts comprising a soldier, a marksman, a heavy weapons operative and a covert, close-quarters specialist
  • Encounter enemy infantry, emplaced weaponry, armoured personnel carriers, tanks and helicopter gunships
  • Utilise pistols, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, anti-tank launchers and your trusty boot knif
  • Head into the fray with a friend for split-screen tactical warfare


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Mummelmann posted 17/12/2007, 12:56
Conflict Desert Storm 1 with ragdoll physics... letdown.
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