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10/31/06 Konami
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04/27/07 Konami

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The Son of Death returns and once again, DJ and Pandora are up to their old tricks in this newest PSP adventure. The evil Furi, previously cocooned along with all of her evil powers has been awoken by our duo, putting not only their town at risk, but also the safety of DJ’s own father. Now the pair must stop Furi from unleashing her, well, fury on the land.

There have been a host of improvements since the original Death Jr. was released. After listening to feedback from players, the camera angle has been refined and enables players to easily cope with the situations thrown at them without ever losing momentum. The graphics, although some of the most stylish on PSP, have also improved with some impressive new techniques enabling incredibly atmospheric lighting effects and crisp, colourful animations.

Perhaps the biggest addition is the two-player co-operative mode that now been added. Once the host player has selected either DJ or Pandora, the second player can pick from a raft of new playable characters and into the game they go. The beauty of this mode is that the game has been tweaked to incorporate two players, so enemies are tougher as there are two people attacking them! Effectively, it’s almost an entirely different game as you must use teamwork and different attack plans to progress.

The creativity used throughout the game also continues to impress – there are a huge variety of different levels to play through ranging from your standard forest levels through to a stage made entirely of food. But all of the unusual stages compliment the story completely and the dark sense of humour and evil undertones flow effortlessly through this fantastic game.


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hunter_alien posted 16/04/2008, 07:00
Fun little platformer . Though it can get a bit frustrating and repetitive , the artstile is still great :)
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