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Wizardry: Torawareshi Tamashii no Meikyuu

Wizardry 囚われし魂の迷宮





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06/02/11 Xseed Games
12/09/09 Acquire
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This is the story of a faraway land, 2000 years before the current era...

Avrul, god of creation, made the Draguun, a race of beings bearing the bloodline of the dragon gods. The excelled in the mystic arts and built a prosperous civilization, ruling over the world for many years. However, the Draguun were also an arrogant people, and eventually fell to the powerful magics that they themselves created. After the disappearance of the Draguun, wars broke out among the remaining uncontrolled races until in the land of Athals, the empire of Darua united the people.

Thus began the age of Athals.

In the 100th year of Athals, however, the emperor of Darua fell into darkness; and in the wake of this, his empire quickly collapsed. The land was divided among three factions - the Kingdom of Diement, the Council of Qhopati, and the Haersant Federation. Working together, the three countries built a strong alliance, and created peace in Athals.

The people found happiness in a world without conflict.

However, over time, monsters that were supposedly sealed away by the angels long, long ago in the times of legends, began to appear once more. And not only did monsters and beasts now roam, but demons known as the "Elder Ones" also turned their attention to Athals.

The sages say "Something which had once been sealed away the Elder Ones is losing its power," and the fortune tellers say that "The balance of the world has begun to collapse," but not one could be truly sure of the reason for their return.

The people hold on to their visions of peace while living in fear of the unknown. But among them, some stepped forward to search for the artifacts left long ago by the Draguun, while others pursued monsters to collect bounties. These men and women, with strength and skill above that of regular folk, wielding the powers of magic and ancient martial arts, became known as "Adventurers."

As the many adventurers travel over the land of Athals, yet another dark shadow looms just over the horizon...


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