Just Dance 3

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 10.14m
Platform: WiiAlso on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Developer: Ubisoft Paris Genre: Misc

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curl-6 (on 16 January 2015)
Highest selling third party game on any Nintendo home console
Arfen (on 19 December 2014)
10 millions!!! Wii is the second system ever to have a top 10 seller list with each one above the 10 million mark!! awesome!!
FarleyMcFirefly (on 25 November 2014)
This will hit 10 million, making 20 10 million sellers across both DS and Wii!
That is one hell of a milestone methinks.
atma998 (on 01 September 2014)
S.Peelman (on 21 July 2014)
So close. Wii is almost the second system ever to have 10 10-million sellers, after DS did it not so long ago! Very impressive if it makes it.
Arfen (on 04 June 2014)
9.92k, Can this reach the 10 million mark?
Arfen (on 22 October 2013)
seems it has been adjusted down (9.71m) ... is there a chance for the 10 million mark??
atma998 (on 02 July 2013)
Now at 9.84M, the game may reach 10M with this year's Christmas boost.
leyendax69 (on 24 May 2013)
The reason why Ubisoft will support wii u.
atma998 (on 25 February 2013)
Now at 9.76M, so close.
atma998 (on 12 October 2012)
9.46M, will probably reach 10M at some point.
curl-6 (on 31 July 2012)
Just passed Just Dance 2 to become the highest selling third party game on any Nintendo home console ever
Salnax (on 21 May 2012)
Happy 9 million. BTW, isn't the Wii supposed to have died by the time you came along?
VGKing (on 14 May 2012)
Wow.....sales are just...too good.
I guess this just be a great party game. Why else would people keep buying it?
Salnax (on 08 May 2012)
At the current rate, it will reach 10 million in November. Here's hoping holidays help this more than JD4 hurts it.
T.Rexington (on 04 May 2012)
Wow, 10 million copies sold overall. Who would've thought that something like Just Dance would be such a phenomenon.
Salnax (on 29 April 2012)
This should surpass JD2 over the summer.
acdcste (on 25 April 2012)
Crazy sales. Should reach the 9m mark soon.
Pavolink (on 23 April 2012)
250k to go. Go JD3!
Salnax (on 30 March 2012)
I swear this got adjusted up. Can it be the first 3rd party game to sell 10 million on a Nintendo console?
Salnax (on 19 March 2012)
According to my limited math abilities and our limited data, this should surpass Just Dance 2 in about two months.
NiKKoM (on 17 March 2012)
Adjusted up? 8.62m.. 0.25 since the last time I posted here..
curl-6 (on 16 March 2012)
Future best selling third party game on a Nintendo home console, ever
Pavolink (on 12 March 2012)
This game is a monster. 9M by May
TheSource (on 11 March 2012)
I dug up some old data from Nintendo's April 11' briefing - Just Dance 2 reached 4.5m in the US through six months (March 2011), while Just Dance 3 got to 4.6m in five months...and the press-release said JD2 still got to 5.6m - so it's pretty likely Just Dance 3 will get to 6m+ on Wii in the US, possibly before JD4 launches.
NiKKoM (on 09 March 2012)
WOOT!!!!! 8.37 million
TheSource (on 08 March 2012)
Nintendo says, citing NPD: 4.61m in the US for JD3 through Feb - VGC is 900,000 units low (!) in the US. http://press.nintendo.com/articles.jsp?id=33057
Salnax (on 26 February 2012)
Honestly, this game's greatest enemy is the likelihood of Just Dance 4. Regardless, I think this can reach JD2's sales around the holidays.
*Yoshi* (on 05 February 2012)
Passes the sales in Europe of Just Dance 2. Incredible.
Salnax (on 04 February 2012)
If this continues to sell at the current rate, it could easily beat Just Dance 2, and with luck, be the first (and only) 3rd party 10 million seller on the Wii.
TheDarkBender (on 03 February 2012)
Could this outsell Just Dance 2? It already outsold the first one. It still has atleast 8 monthes before the next one would go out, unless this is the last one, which I highly doubt.
Metroid33slayer (on 28 January 2012)
Wrong! the best way to loose weight is to eat healthier or less, exercise has very little effect if you eat garbage.
oniyide (on 28 January 2012)
@dexterneo best way to loose weight it to ACTUALLY exercise
oniyide (on 28 January 2012)
@NFDJ yeah because DQ is a bigger franchise than JD. LOL Wow money hatting MIGHT have netted NInty 20,000 extra copies. Moneyhatting would have made it worth it, im so glad you dont run NINTY
dexterneo (on 23 January 2012)
the best way to loose some weight !!!
Salnax (on 20 January 2012)
Wii Party surpassed next week?
NiKKoM (on 14 January 2012)
7 million! w00t!
NintendoFanDj (on 08 January 2012)
@oniyide well Nintendo can since the kept Dragon Quest from appearing on other consoles. Also the fact that If Kinect and Move never exist the game sales will be at 7.5 right now.
oniyide (on 06 January 2012)
@christian973 thats silly logic, considering this is not a Ninty game, its Ubisofts. Unless you suggest that Ninty should have moneyhatted which would be stupid too, because the Wii version sells the most anyway.
Salnax (on 06 January 2012)
The original game and SMG2 beaten. Next up: Nintendo's party games.
Salnax (on 05 January 2012)
Can this reach the same heights as its predecessor and reach the top 10 Wii games? Just Dance 2 will be hard to dethrone!
Christian973 (on 03 January 2012)
Nintendo should have kept it exclusive as its the only version that is selling like a beast
pezus (on 30 December 2011)
Prepare for the plunge
NiKKoM (on 30 December 2011)
Damnnnn even I as one of the biggest JD fan on this site can't believe these sales for the last few weeks
Salnax (on 30 December 2011)
Another week, and this can outsell DKCR. This should surpass the original Just Dance and Twilight Princess with no problems.
Jumpin (on 30 December 2011)
It's the new songs, and people at parties like to have the new songs to play with. It gets big because the game often grows on word of mouth; you play the game at a party, have fun, and go get it yourself and have your own party.
Pierreism (on 26 December 2011)
It's the holidays. This is a party game. It's dead simple to play. 40 songs. What's not to like?
TheSource (on 24 December 2011)
There is a social effect with Just Dance - people want to learn all the new songs to beat their friends, just as people in COD don't want to be onine alone when the new games comes so they upgrade.
shadowii (on 24 December 2011)
jyst was at nintendo world, they are totally sold out on this game
NintendoFanDj (on 23 December 2011)
@Heanvely_King possibly new songs, and downloadable songs and more content.
Heavenly_King (on 23 December 2011)
I wonder how this game sells so good. It is soooo different than 1 and 2 that the fans need to buy this game??? Because by the looks of it, it looks like they are buying the game 3 times :S
Salnax (on 23 December 2011)
It could reach Twilight Princess by the end of the year.
TheDarkBender (on 23 December 2011)
Above 1 million this week :O
*Yoshi* (on 22 December 2011)
Wii sales are better than Just Dance 2 :O!!!
pezus (on 21 December 2011)
Lol, week 10 in US and Europe are almost identical
Declan (on 20 December 2011)
Incredibly, this is very undertracked - Ubisoft have said this has sold 8.4m copies across all formats since release.
NintendoFanDj (on 20 December 2011)
5 days remains to blow sales out
NiKKoM (on 20 December 2011)
USA 524,019 week 11 .. that's crazy but deserved!
Paul (on 18 December 2011)
Just picked this up for the kids. it's going to be a dancing party christmas morning.
NintendoFanDj (on 17 December 2011)
ljlrj (on 16 December 2011)
funny that the 10 week was the best like jus dance 2 xD
acdcste (on 16 December 2011)
Amazing sales for this one each week. Its going to around 4.5m next week if this sales trend continues.
shadowii (on 16 December 2011)
amazing what difference a week or two can do
pezus (on 16 December 2011)
Aaand I was right, 967k!!
pezus (on 15 December 2011)
Possibly close to a million globally this week o.OOOOOOOO
Smeags (on 13 December 2011)
Ubisoft *hearts* the Wii. XD
shadowii (on 13 December 2011)
and its the wii version of this game thats selling so well
kopstudent89 (on 13 December 2011)
Mother of...
pezus (on 13 December 2011)
*Mother of god*
acdcste (on 12 December 2011)
Damn this game's a big seller. Crazy numbers.
Christian973 (on 07 December 2011)
It looks like the Wii became a dancing console!
pezus (on 07 December 2011)
@NiKKoM: Well, if you don't count Wii Sports, Wii Fit etc. it might be
NintendoFanDj (on 06 December 2011)
OMG was an Increase.
kopstudent89 (on 06 December 2011)
umm... wow?!
NiKKoM (on 06 December 2011)
crazy.. 2 weeks ago it past it's first million and now it already past it's second.. I think this may be the best selling new IP this gen
pezus (on 06 December 2011)
Looks like it was adjusted up? 520k now for BF week!
Kai Master (on 03 December 2011)
+700 on BF week in US, which is 1.7M in 9 weeks versus 1.4M for JD2.
pezus (on 02 December 2011)
pezus (on 01 December 2011)
Incredible! My fantasy league game!
Kai Master (on 29 November 2011)
@curl-6 : about FPS you said : "@ Mr Puggsly - The Wii COD games all cracked a million though.
Salnax (on 26 November 2011)
Finally, a 2011 million seller on the Wii. And just in time for Zelda.
oniyide (on 24 November 2011)
800k i dont think the 360 version will do even that
Mr Puggsly (on 22 November 2011)
@ curl-6 - I don't know how much it'll sell on the 360, but I'm 800K would be considered a great success. We're talking about a simple dance game.
curl-6 (on 19 November 2011)
On topic, this game just had it's biggest week in both Americas and EMEAA in it's 6th/5th week respectively.
curl-6 (on 19 November 2011)
@ Kai Master: I too consider the Wiimote FPS controls the best and buy most of my FPS games for Wii. But I can't remember how we got onto this topic of the Just Dance 3 wall... XD
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
(I meant "his" not "its", excuse my French ^^)
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
@ curl-6 : my brother only buy its FPSs on Wii !!! I love Wiimote for FPS which he consider is the best control possible, better than KB+mouse.
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
performing under Just Dance 2... about the same in Americas in 6 weeks if we add 360 version, but under in EMEAA... it released 3 days earlier in the year, it could impact sales because of Christmas... I'm wondering if 360+PS3 versions will help (Just Dance 2 had only Wii version).
Kai Master (on 19 November 2011)
Developed by Ubisoft Paris ?! Damn, we, French people, have at last a international hit developed in Paris and not Montreal ! hourrah ! ^^ I thought creation was dead in my country (except for Crazy Rabbits).
atma998 (on 19 November 2011)
Yay 122th Wii million seller! I don't think this game will sell as much as JD2 however.
NiKKoM (on 19 November 2011)
first million is there... how many will follow?
Salnax (on 18 November 2011)
It's about time the Wii got a new big game this year!
curl-6 (on 18 November 2011)
JD3 on 360 may yet go on to be successful (I'd consider 800k or over a decent haul) but it's far from guaranteed.
curl-6 (on 18 November 2011)
@ Mr Puggsly - The Wii COD games all cracked a million though.
Mr Puggsly (on 16 November 2011)
@ MRKs - Look at it this way, Just Dance 3 can be a success on the Kinect even if it sells a fraction of the Wii version. I mean people consider CoD on the Wii a success and that sells a tiny fraction of what the HD twins do.
MRKs (on 14 November 2011)
I guess the Kinect is zone for Dance Central games only. It's weird because the kinect version seems to be better than wii's but well i like these games but I don't play it much so disregard my opinion XD
NintendoFanDj (on 14 November 2011)
Even if people on 360 didn't want it the Kinect is the best fit for it.
pezus (on 13 November 2011)
Right Joker, that's why they flock to Kinect games en masse
Mad55 (on 11 November 2011)
The_Joker_Product (on 11 November 2011)
This isnt the sort of game people who buy Xboxs will want.
NintendoFanDj (on 07 November 2011)
Wow what a rise and 360 version hasn't reach 0.10 yet dang Wii eating all the sales lol
pezus (on 07 November 2011)
And so it begins
*Yoshi* (on 07 November 2011)
Start the phenomenon again :D!!
Smeags (on 06 November 2011)
Fun game, I love that "This is Halloween" is one of the songs. ^_^
Christian973 (on 02 November 2011)
ljlrj (on 01 November 2011)
it begins :O
Salnax (on 01 November 2011)
Did it just GAIN momentum?
pezus (on 01 November 2011)
Dem legs!
Pierreism (on 01 November 2011)
this is casual kryptonite.
NintendoFanDj (on 26 October 2011)
wow wait until Christmas massive boost to all Nintendo Wii, DS, and 3DS both Hardware and Software will boost.
curl-6 (on 26 October 2011)
Seeing the Wii version of a multiplatform game vastly outselling the other version(s) is a nice role reversal. (True, it's happened before with games like Sonic Racing, but still...)
spurgeonryan (on 21 October 2011)
Yes... I am really here, this is not a figment of your imagination.
spurgeonryan (on 21 October 2011)
Not as good as the others yet, but still good sales! EMEAA?
kopstudent89 (on 19 October 2011)
lol @Boutros!!! XD
curl-6 (on 18 October 2011)
This game should explode over the Xmas holidays.
Boutros (on 18 October 2011)
XD @ NintendoFanDj's math skillz
NintendoFanDj (on 18 October 2011)
LOL it was just 0.12 two days ago and now 0.20 WOW
pezus (on 18 October 2011)
@NintendoFanDJ: Yes, 120k/0 is 12...
NintendoFanDj (on 17 October 2011)
Wii Just Dance 3 sold time 4 better than 360 and time 12 better than PS3 LOL
atma998 (on 13 October 2011)
I don't think it will sell as much as JD2, but will reach 5M for sure.
ljlrj (on 11 October 2011)
first week never matter for this game series, part 2 got it's best week around th 10th.
Salnax (on 10 October 2011)
Almost as good an opening as Just Dance 2. Another 5 million seller on the platform with no 3rd party support.
stitch55555 (on 10 October 2011)
another year....the same story ....¬¬
*Yoshi* (on 10 October 2011)
Play more than 20 hours since friday XD!!!, incredible..., very very funny game!!
Fededx (on 10 October 2011)
And so it begins... The new best seller for the Wii...
spurgeonryan (on 28 July 2011)
Thats the banner!
TomaTito (on 16 July 2011)
Let's see how strong this yearly franchise is. To me it seems more of the same but with added quartets. They should have added an import feature by now.

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curl-6 (on 16 January 2015)
Highest selling third party game on any
Nintendo home console
Arfen (on 19 December 2014)
10 millions!!! Wii is the second system
ever to have a top 10 seller list with
each one above the 10 million mark!!
FarleyMcFirefly (on 25 November 2014)
This will hit 10 million, making 20 10
million sellers across both DS and
That is one hell of a milestone
atma998 (on 01 September 2014)
S.Peelman (on 21 July 2014)
So close. Wii is almost the second
system ever to have 10 10-million
sellers, after DS did it not so long
ago! Very impressive if it makes it.
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