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ファイターズ アンケージ


AMA Studios



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11/04/10 Ubisoft
05/26/11 Ubisoft
11/10/10 Ubisoft

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Fighters Uncaged deliver to players the excitement of real fighting competitions, in addition to teaching players mixed martial arts techniques. Leveraging the Microsoft Kinect technology, Fighters Uncaged delivers players an immersive total-body combat experience. Players will be able to create 70 different strikes inspired by martial arts and compete in 21 different fighting environments such as rooftops, dark alleys, gritty city docks and abandoned church. Included are diverse opponents with unique fighting styles, devastating combos with voice-activated super strikes, opportunities to upgrade your character by unlocking new skills and a jump-in multiplayer feature to take your enemies down with your friends.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 33,870 n/a 5,061 38,931
2 n/a 11,727 23,248 5,226 40,201
3 n/a 8,179 12,725 3,123 24,027
4 n/a 9,447 5,165 2,184 16,796
5 n/a 7,765 6,893 2,190 16,848
6 n/a 10,349 7,378 2,648 20,375
7 n/a 15,083 8,020 3,452 26,555
8 n/a 22,028 13,305 5,280 40,613
9 n/a 9,320 12,270 3,226 24,816
10 n/a 5,776 4,758 1,574 12,108

Opinion (5)

slipknotfan posted 26/06/2011, 03:29
0.36m coasters sold!!!
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Mr Puggsly posted 23/03/2011, 06:54
May go gold after price cuts.
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ArcticGabe posted 24/02/2011, 03:28
0.33m for this? UBI must be really happy about the profits this title bringing.
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LordMatrix posted 07/01/2011, 08:07
Looks like somebody can`t live with the fact that some of these Kinect games are not bad. This game is one of the crap games though and I am glad it is not doing well. Kinect launch games are WAY better than the Move launch games. It shows in the sales and in overall reviews.
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Flackattack51694 posted 07/01/2011, 06:29
Kinect sales can't be accurate...... almost every game is complete garbage.
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