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09/28/10 Majesco
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05/06/11 505 Games

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The most successful name in paintball games brings a host of new features as it makes its debut on Xbox 360, PlayStation® 3, and Wii with Greg Hastings Paintball 2! Brave the unpredictable elements on ultra realistic paintball fields in this intense first-person paintball experience. Get up to 20 friends together for fast-paced multiplayer action!  Test your skills in brand new scenario modes, manage a team of skilled players, master a variety of new weapons, and more!

  • All-New Locations: Explore new terrain in 12 exciting paintball locations, each with three to six unique and varied fields.  Travel all over the US and Europe for a global paintball experience.
  • More Multiplayer: Challenge friends in 7 multiplayer game types with up to 20 players.
    • Xbox360 Live, PlayStation Network, and Wii Wi-Fi Connect matchmaking and leaderboards
    • Local 2-player splitscreen multiplayer matches.  Play together against bots or go head-to-head!
    • A variety of playlists keep the multiplayer action going without interruption, or join players' custom  games for something out of the ordinary.
  • All-New Changing Conditions: Up the ante with game-altering weather settings and hazards, such as rain, fog, wind, mud, and paintball tanks!
  • Three New Event Branches:  Players choose their path to glory in Tournament Speedball, Recball, and Tournament Woodsball, competing in 40 diverse events.
  • All-New Gear: Equip your team with a wide selection of markers, goggles, jerseys, and accessories, as well as the latest special weapons such as pump guns, pistols, paint grenades, and paint rocket launchers!
  • Challenge Yourself in Seven Game Modes: Elimination, Capture the Flag, Single Flag, Point Capture, Assault, Sniper, and Recon.
  • Command Your Team: Manage a team of up to 10 paintballers by trading players, issuing field commands, and improving skills to increase your odds for victory.
  • All-New Trading Card System: Check out your teammates' trading cards as they win games, increase skills, and buy gear.  Featuring hundreds of real-life professional and amateur players from dozens of teams.  Unlock special abilities to play like the pros!
  • Improved Map Editor: Now it's even easier to create and edit your own fields to increase the challenge for you and to play online with your friends.
  • Cheat Meter: Avoid elimination by successfully "cheating" and wipe away paint splatter without being caught.
  • Show Me the Money: Win tournaments to earn cash for new gear, players, and skill upgrades!
  • Wii Controller Support: Supports Wii Remote & Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, and GameCube Controller.
  • Improved Controls: Quickly switch weapons, gun hands, and snap out of cover with absolute accuracy using new a snap control mode.
  • Pull off Highlight-Reel Style Moves:  Dive over bunkers, slide into cover, and quickly eliminate targets around corners as the crowd goes wild.
  • Motion Captured Animation: Teams taunt and crowds cheer with the fidelity of the real thing.
  • Earn Dozens of Achievements: Strive to be the best on all gaming platforms.

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