Steel Diver

Global Total as of 19th Jul 2014 (units): 0.42m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
02nd April 2011116,248N/A16,248
09th April 201125,093-68.7%21,341
16th April 201133,323-34.8%24,664
23rd April 201142,455-26.1%27,119
30th April 201152,070-15.7%29,189
07th May 201164,854134.5%34,043
14th May 2011720,316318.5%54,359
21st May 201189,001-55.7%63,360
28th May 201196,879-23.6%70,239
04th June 2011104,954-28.0%75,193

Global Annual Summary (Units)


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leedlelee (on 21 October 2013)
I think you might be right,
Had this been an eShop title,
I think attitudes would have been very
This game would have
received far less hate...
I'm still
waiting to hear about the Steel Diver
free-to-play game they mentioned in
Salnax (on 31 August 2013)
Personally, I think Nintendo planned to
make this a launch title for the 3DS
eShop, but when they couldn't get that
ready for launch, they turned this into
a retail game instead. If that were
true, then these sales would be
leedlelee (on 06 January 2013)
I think GameStop has been giving this
game away for free with the purchase of
a 3DS for at least a few months
I believe at one point you could
choose between this and Pilotwings
Resort, but I think now it's between
this and Nintendogs+Cats...
That's why
it actually made it onto the chart
several weeks ago...
acdcste (on 02 January 2013)
Where have these sales come from! I can
only assume the game has been heavily
discounted in the us?
acdcste (on 10 December 2012)
So much for 250k, this might even get to
300k before xmas.
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