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08/21/06 Nintendo
04/06/06 From Software
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Tenchu: Dark Secret takes place after the events of Tenchu: Birth of the Stealth Assassins. The plot revolves around Princess Shizu, a young woman who is married to a cruel warlord named Lord Hakkaku. After an attempt on her life, she is discovered by Rikimaru and Ayama of the Azuma Shinobi Ryu ninja clan. They vow to protect her from further harm and discover the identity of her mysterious assailant.

Tenchu: Dark Secret places you in the Tabi boots of a pair of ninja assassins who must protect the life of a princess. Stalk your enemies with sword in hand, plant traps in the underbrush or strike with an assortment of realistic ninja weaponry—the choice is yours. With more than 40 single-player missions and the ability to construct your own weapons and items, Tenchu is sure to keep your sword hand busy for a long time.

You look down on your missions with a overhead view. All the action occurs on the top screen, and the bottom screen contains a map and shows which special item you have selected. As an enemy comes within your range, he appears on the map. From there, you can determine what pattern he moves in and plot your attack from there.

There are several ways to perform a kill an assassin would love. The safest is to set a bamboo trap. Using your stealth, sneak around the enemy's route and plant the trap in his path. Then clear out of the area. Once the trap goes off, you're safe to go back to the area and take any items the enemy drops.

You can kill enemies in any number of ways, but you'll score the big points through stealth kills and combos. Combo Kills, Stealth and Damage Taken are three of the five areas where your score will really fluctuate. You can replay a level to try to get a perfect score.

Prove your ninjapo skills by challenging friends to a local wireless multiplayer match. Tenchu: Dark Secret boasts three unique modes and a whole host of options to keep each match fresh and fun. Whether you're creeping through a bamboo forest to plunge a blade into your friend's back or setting a trap to steal his precious dumplings, you're going to need a towel to wipe the sweat from your hands.
  • Only available at Gamestop and Electronics Boutique stores.
  • Be a ninja on the go: An all-new adventure that marks the franchise's U.S. handheld debut after years of console success.
  • Buy, sell and trade items online using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, bringing the Tenchu community closer together.
  • Includes more than 40 single-player missions.
  • Customize your weapon to suit your play style, making you the deadliest of all assassins.
  • Show off your ninja craft and take on friends via Nintendo DS wireless multiplayer capabilities.
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    Relias posted 25/07/2009, 03:46
    It's not that bad.
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    finalrpgfantasy posted 09/04/2009, 12:51
    This game suck.

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