DmC: Devil May Cry

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.45m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer: Ninja Theory Genre: Action

USA First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
19th January 2013184,200N/A84,200
26th January 2013217,829-78.8%102,029
02nd February 201338,730-51.0%110,759
09th February 201344,619-47.1%115,378
16th February 201352,120-54.1%117,498
23rd February 201361,681-20.7%119,179
02nd March 201371,333-20.7%120,512
09th March 201381,3642.3%121,876
16th March 201391,4597.0%123,335
23rd March 2013101,067-26.9%124,402

USA Annual Summary (Units)


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A203D (on 22 February 2015)
@Rafux. I forgot you don't care about
quality, you only care about red cowboy
boots and camp homoerotic DMC4 Donte.
You know the camp cowboy that butchered
an icon. That to you is quality that
DMC4 Donte butchered an icon. Let me
guess, that to you is pure quality,
along with Nero the Emo, Kyrie the
Twilight girl and Lady and Trish Playboy
fanservice. DmC and Ninja Theory are to
blame for that affront to the original
fans and the classic DMC games.
Rafux (on 28 October 2014)
The quality of DmC killed DmC on every
A203D (on 31 January 2014)
The quality of DMC4 killed this series
on the Xbox consoles.
A203D (on 18 June 2013)
@Rafux. Well I'll have to mention it to
the moderators. I thought it had been
brought up already. The sales of the DMC
games here are all incorrect, except for
DMC4. Vgchartz still hasn't updated
those numbers, and actually God of War
numbers haven't been updated either.
But someone like you dosen't care about
facts, you only care about red cowboy
boots and red underpants.
Rafux (on 16 June 2013)
@A203D "Vgchartz had GT5 sales
incorrect, God of War games"

and VGC updated those numbers when
official sales were released but they
haven't updated DmC numbers cause
Capcom numbers are shipped to retailers
and VGC only counts sold to customers.
But maybe if you go cry to them like you
cry here all day they could make a
little update (maybe 20 more copies
sold!). Those tears taste so good.
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