The Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.82m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Snowblind Studios Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
05th November 2011174,093N/A74,093
12th November 2011212,578-83.0%86,671
19th November 201136,114-51.4%92,785
26th November 2011414,866143.1%107,651
03rd December 2011521,58345.2%129,234
10th December 2011631,20144.6%160,435
17th December 2011739,58626.9%200,021
24th December 2011848,75123.2%248,772
31st December 2011928,302-41.9%277,074
07th January 20121011,630-58.9%288,704
17th November 201222,833-75.6%N/A
24th November 201224,13145.8%N/A
01st December 201225,25127.1%N/A
08th December 201227,20237.2%N/A
15th December 201229,28228.9%N/A
22nd December 2012212,70736.9%N/A
29th December 2012211,873-6.6%N/A
05th January 201326,888-42.0%N/A
12th January 201325,279-23.4%N/A
19th January 201323,210-39.2%N/A
26th January 201323,82919.3%N/A
02nd February 201323,489-8.9%N/A
09th February 201322,674-23.4%N/A
16th February 201323,12917.0%N/A
23rd February 201322,566-18.0%N/A
02nd March 201322,073-19.2%N/A
09th March 201322,34913.3%N/A
16th March 201322,325-1.0%N/A
23rd March 201322,5248.6%N/A
30th March 201322,98318.2%N/A
06th April 201323,1616.0%N/A
13th April 201322,315-26.8%N/A
20th April 201322,313-0.1%N/A
27th April 201322,049-11.4%N/A
04th May 201321,895-7.5%N/A
11th May 201321,646-13.1%N/A
18th May 201321,86313.2%N/A
25th May 201321,775-4.7%N/A
01st June 201322,01413.5%N/A
08th June 201322,1215.3%N/A
15th June 201321,530-27.9%N/A
22nd June 201321,397-8.7%N/A
29th June 201321,76426.3%N/A
06th July 201321,9239.0%N/A
13th July 201321,891-1.7%N/A
20th July 201321,340-29.1%N/A
27th July 201321,61020.1%N/A
03rd August 201321,485-7.8%N/A
10th August 201321,65911.7%N/A
17th August 201321,482-10.7%N/A
24th August 201321,341-9.5%N/A
31st August 201321,61620.5%N/A
07th September 201321,78310.3%N/A
14th September 201321,8111.6%N/A
21st September 201321,267-30.0%N/A
28th September 201321,033-18.5%N/A
05th October 201321,029-0.4%N/A
12th October 201321,1289.6%N/A
19th October 201321,33017.9%N/A
26th October 201321,70027.8%N/A
16th November 201323,457103.4%N/A
23rd November 201324,55231.7%N/A
30th November 201324,8416.3%N/A
07th December 201324,9582.4%N/A
14th December 201327,59053.1%N/A
21st December 2013212,31262.2%N/A
28th December 201329,434-23.4%N/A
04th January 201424,440-52.9%N/A
11th January 201422,317-47.8%N/A
18th January 201422,4837.2%N/A
25th January 201421,803-27.4%N/A
01st February 201421,791-0.7%N/A
08th February 201421,217-32.0%N/A
15th February 201421,47521.2%N/A
22nd February 201421,64611.6%N/A
01st March 201421,96419.3%N/A
08th March 201421,745-11.2%N/A
15th March 201421,553-11.0%N/A
22nd March 201421,414-9.0%N/A
29th March 201421,5207.5%N/A
05th April 201421,496-1.6%N/A
12th April 201422,17845.6%N/A
19th April 201422,1980.9%N/A
26th April 201421,476-32.8%N/A
03rd May 201421,244-15.7%N/A
10th May 201421,222-1.8%N/A
17th May 201421,3238.3%N/A
24th May 201421,124-15.0%N/A
31st May 201421,51334.6%N/A
07th June 201421,150-24.0%N/A
14th June 201421,130-1.7%N/A
21st June 201421,008-10.8%N/A
28th June 20142888-11.9%N/A
05th July 201429689.0%N/A
12th July 20142853-11.9%N/A
19th July 20142691-19.0%N/A
26th July 20142652-5.6%N/A
02nd August 2014281625.2%N/A
09th August 201428666.1%N/A
16th August 20142653-24.6%N/A
23rd August 2014281524.8%N/A
30th August 201421,00423.2%N/A
06th September 20142596-40.6%N/A
13th September 201426427.7%N/A
20th September 20142543-15.4%N/A
27th September 20142464-14.5%N/A
04th October 2014273859.1%N/A
11th October 2014299635.0%N/A
18th October 201421,49550.1%N/A
25th October 201421,5513.7%N/A
01st November 201421,547-0.3%N/A
08th November 201421,282-17.1%N/A
15th November 201421,68731.6%N/A
22nd November 201421,537-8.9%N/A
29th November 201424,742208.5%N/A
06th December 201428,43577.9%N/A
13th December 201425,408-35.9%N/A
20th December 201424,447-17.8%N/A
27th December 201424,5141.5%N/A
03rd January 201521,401-69.0%N/A
10th January 201521,328-5.2%N/A
17th January 20152994-25.2%N/A
24th January 20152706-29.0%N/A
31st January 2015290227.8%N/A
07th February 20152601-33.4%N/A
14th February 20152550-8.5%N/A
21st February 2015264918.0%N/A
28th February 2015281525.6%N/A
07th March 201528818.1%N/A
14th March 20152502-43.0%N/A
21st March 2015256512.5%N/A
28th March 2015274431.7%N/A
04th April 2015290021.0%N/A
11th April 20152760-15.6%N/A
18th April 20152596-21.6%N/A
25th April 20152453-24.0%N/A
02nd May 201524857.1%N/A
09th May 2015253610.5%N/A
16th May 201525614.7%N/A
23rd May 20152546-2.7%N/A
30th May 2015265820.5%N/A
06th June 2015276115.7%N/A
13th June 201527853.2%N/A
20th June 20152668-14.9%N/A
27th June 2015277015.3%N/A
04th July 20152592-23.1%N/A
11th July 20152569-3.9%N/A
18th July 201525791.8%N/A
25th July 2015269119.3%N/A
01st August 20152458-33.7%N/A
15th August 2015264741.3%N/A
22nd August 2015274014.4%N/A
29th August 201527602.7%N/A
05th September 20152367-51.7%N/A
12th September 2015247028.1%N/A
19th September 2015254516.0%N/A
26th September 2015263917.2%N/A
03rd October 201526806.4%N/A
10th October 20152459-32.5%N/A
17th October 2015277969.7%N/A
24th October 201528357.2%N/A
31st October 20152782-6.3%N/A
07th November 20152607-22.4%N/A
14th November 2015280732.9%N/A
21st November 2015299323.0%N/A
28th November 201521,86187.4%N/A
05th December 201522,59139.2%N/A
12th December 201523,03117.0%N/A
19th December 201524,11235.7%N/A
26th December 201524,4067.1%N/A
02nd January 201622,218-49.7%N/A
09th January 20162846-61.9%N/A
16th January 20162442-47.8%N/A
23rd January 20162326-26.2%N/A
30th January 201623589.8%N/A
06th February 2016240312.6%N/A
13th February 201624337.4%N/A
20th February 2016248612.2%N/A
27th February 201624911.0%N/A
05th March 20162410-16.5%N/A
12th March 20162312-23.9%N/A
19th March 20162227-27.2%N/A
26th March 2016235154.6%N/A
02nd April 2016258466.4%N/A
09th April 20162484-17.1%N/A
16th April 20162354-26.9%N/A
23rd April 201623817.6%N/A
30th April 2016245519.4%N/A
07th May 20162362-20.4%N/A
14th May 20162312-13.8%N/A
21st May 2016254273.7%N/A
28th May 2016273836.2%N/A
04th June 20162356-51.8%N/A
11th June 20162250-29.8%N/A
18th June 20162157-37.2%N/A
25th June 2016299-36.9%N/A
02nd July 2016269-30.3%N/A
09th July 20162690.0%N/A
16th July 2016259-14.5%N/A
23rd July 2016252-11.9%N/A
30th July 2016242-19.2%N/A
06th August 2016234-19.0%N/A
13th August 2016225-26.5%N/A
20th August 20162250.0%N/A
27th August 2016223-8.0%N/A
03rd September 2016214-39.1%N/A
10th September 20162140.0%N/A
17th September 20162140.0%N/A
24th September 20162140.0%N/A
01st October 20162140.0%N/A
08th October 201622364.3%N/A
15th October 20162230.0%N/A
22nd October 20162230.0%N/A
29th October 20162258.7%N/A
05th November 20162250.0%N/A
12th November 20162250.0%N/A
19th November 20162250.0%N/A
26th November 201623228.0%N/A
03rd December 20162359.4%N/A
10th December 20162362.9%N/A
17th December 2016235-2.8%N/A
24th December 201624117.1%N/A
31st December 2016223-43.9%N/A
07th January 201724-82.6%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.


Riku148 (on 29 June 2012)
Ok now i have the xbox version too and
there are no bugs so i recommended that
to everyone...usually i prefer ps3
versions....bytheway now 11 times
through: 7for ps3 and 4 for 360
zuvuyeay (on 28 March 2012)
fun for me
withdreday (on 27 March 2012)
They should have delayed it so it
wouldn't have launched so close to
Skyrim. It got torched.
plu_To (on 20 February 2012)
Good but full of bugs
Riku148 (on 19 February 2012)
Now I've played this about 5-6 times
through and it's still fun
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