DiRT 3

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.06m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Codemasters Genre: Racing

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SvennoJ (on 25 December 2011)
Excellent rally but way too little
content. Only 4 locations with pretty
much only 2 tracks each. Making me drive
different sections in opposite
directions doesn't make it more varied.
Maximum 3 minutes per rally /
trailblazer event and usually closer to
the 1:30 mark, I expect more in 2011.
AmonAmarth11 (on 08 November 2011)
Game would be a lot better if they
released it as a COMPLETE edition, but
no they HAD to cut out content from the
game to sell it as DLC (you just bought
the key to unlock the content wich was
already on the disc). I loved all of
Codemasters racing games since TOCA
Touring Cars, but this one just down't
do it because the tracks are way too
short compared to the previous Colin
McRae games. I hope Codemasters won't
use the same strategy for GRID 2. It
would be a shame.
Riku148 (on 17 September 2011)
Excellent game....good work again
pezus (on 11 August 2011)
Great legs in EMEAA!
GamerCHICK (on 08 August 2011)
this game was so fun :D i cant believe
not alot of people are playing it :( i
already got the platinum so fun
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