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スターオーシャン セカンドストーリー





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06/02/99 Sony Computer Entertainment
07/30/98 Enix
04/12/00 Sony Computer Entertainment

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In an endless sea of stars, at the edge of the universe, a single fateful encounter is about to take place. The Gods have hurled a deadly meteorite into an unsuspecting planet, unleashing powerful mysterious and sudden chaos. Now, two people from different worlds will collide into a journey so deep, they might never make it back

  • Features 3 battle modes including innovative real-time, polygonal combat
  • Don't just find items. Master great skills to create items from raw materials
  • Emotions determine the fate of the journey where characters have to think and feel for themselves
  • Engage in a multitude of mini-events to uncover over 80 possible endings

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Mordred11 posted 10/09/2011, 09:53
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RPG_Fanatic posted 08/06/2009, 10:49
Star Ocean get. I can't believe I found a copy.
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MetalSabe posted 26/03/2009, 07:23
Certainly sold a million with others sales, amazing game.
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Sky Render posted 12/11/2008, 04:42
About the only practical way to make this game better would be to make it portable. Which, conveniently, it is now that there's a PSP port. I look forward to its US release...

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HanzoTheRazor posted 25/08/2008, 03:41
9/10 Great game, but not better than FF7 or Vagrant Story.
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Riachu posted 09/06/2008, 03:12
I am probably going to start playing SO2 tomorrow. I hope the game is really good. I enjoyed SO3 very much
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