Star Ocean: Blue Sphere

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 0.14m
Platform: Game Boy
Developer: tri-Ace Genre: Role-Playing

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
30th June 2001176,911N/A76,911
07th July 2001215,842-79.4%92,753
14th July 200137,294-54.0%100,047
21st July 200145,785-20.7%105,832
28th July 200155,534-4.3%111,366
04th August 200165,072-8.3%116,438
11th August 200174,017-20.8%120,455
18th August 200183,185-20.7%123,640
25th August 200192,419-24.1%126,059
01st September 2001102,246-7.2%128,305

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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Mutiverse37 (on 27 May 2009)
Another "Crash Landing" on an
underdeveloped planat? I get tired of
the same old plots dont you? It would be
interesting if Tri-Ace decided to
re-release this game and update it for
the PSP just like they did with First
Departure, and Second Evolotion.
konnichiwa (on 06 November 2007)
This game is great the only thing that
sucks is my Japanese =/. I have the
Japanese version.
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