de Blob 2

Global Total as of 10th Jan 2015 (units): 0.13m
Platform: Xbox 360Also on: Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Blue Tongue Genre: Platform

UK Annual Summary (Units)


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MonstaMack (on 22 May 2011)
Wow these sales numbers are depressing
when you consider the Wii version of De
Blob 1 sold 840k.
Boutros (on 18 May 2011)
de Flop. Too bad though.
ArcticGabe (on 11 April 2011)
14.99 over here in UK
Conegamer (on 03 April 2011)
Unexpected rise was unexpected
Conegamer (on 19 March 2011)
I wonder...will this game ever get above
100k? I reckon not. 50-60k seems max to
me. Mistake to go multiplatform, they
should have kept it Wii-exclusive,
thrown money into advertising and made a
better game. The small dev team were
spread too thin, with no advertising
budget, and, sadly, it shows
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