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1-Nichi-10-Pun de E ga Jouzu ni Kakeru DS



Agatsuma Entertainment



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03/16/10 Majesco
04/03/08 Agatsuma Entertainment
10/08/10 Ubisoft

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Based on the popular Japanese book series that teaches kids how to draw by combining basic shapes, Let's Draw! offers a perfect mix of learning and entertainment. With more than 100 objects to draw and fun art related mini games, young players can learn to draw anywhere, at any time.

  • Portable Art Studio: Because Nintendo DS is a portable game machine, kids can enjoy drawing at any time, anywhere without the need for paper and crayons!
  • Touch and Animate your pictures: Once a drawing is completed, touch it and bring it to life with animation and sound. Watch the elephant running, the rocket taking off, bird chirping, and more!
  • Kid-friendly voice instructions: Even a small child who has not yet learned to read can play by simply following the voice instructions throughout the menus and game.
  • Play fun mini games, with YOUR creations!: Play 10 fun-filled mini games such as "Car Racing", "Whack-a-Mole" or "Air Hockey" featuring the very characters you've drawn.  
  • Flex your creative muscles: Once you've mastered your drawing skills in "Learn to Draw" mode, it's time to unleash the creativity!  Draw whatever you like! Once completed, each picture is stored in the Album for you to view later.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 980 n/a 173 1,153
2 n/a 1,034 n/a 182 1,216
3 n/a 1,046 n/a 185 1,231
4 n/a 943 n/a 166 1,109
5 n/a 785 n/a 139 924
6 n/a 638 n/a 113 751
7 n/a 593 n/a 105 698
8 n/a 913 n/a 161 1,074
9 n/a 2,740 n/a 484 3,224
10 n/a 3,175 n/a 560 3,735

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No post on a game that has over 350 thousand in sales? I like the safety of the game wall!
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