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Platform: WiiAlso on: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Gaijin Games Inc. Genre: Platform

Release History

BIT.TRIP RUNNER Aksys GamesEurope14th May 2010Retail
BIT.TRIP RUNNER Aksys GamesNorth America17th May 2010Retail
BIT.TRIP RUNNER: Rhythm Seijin no Gekisou Arc System WorksJapan14th September 2010Retail

Game Overview

BIT.TRIP RUNNER is the 4th game in Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series, designed for WiiWare. It is a retro-style platformer, and regarded by many as the best game in the series


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I like Bacon (on 31 December 2010)
i totally forgot to add this game to my
collection! D: got it at launch
uno (on 18 May 2010)
freaking amazing so far!!!!!!!
uno (on 18 May 2010)
just bought it. so excited!!!
tjp3 (on 18 May 2010)
Best Bit.Trip so far!!! Awesome game!!
Chrizum (on 16 May 2010)
I bought it on launch. Extremely trippy
and addicting.
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