Resident Evil 2

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 5.82m
Platform: PlayStationAlso on: PlayStation 3, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Microsoft Windows
Developer: Capcom Genre: Action

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
31st January 199811,300,076N/A1,300,076
07th February 19982238,438-81.7%1,538,514
14th February 19983118,973-50.1%1,657,487
21st February 1998466,042-44.5%1,723,529
28th February 1998554,480-17.5%1,778,009
07th March 1998632,117-41.0%1,810,126
14th March 1998731,640-1.5%1,841,766
21st March 1998833,4725.8%1,875,238
28th March 1998926,554-20.7%1,901,792
04th April 19981020,499-22.8%1,922,291

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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StreaK (12 hours ago)
Fuck these numbers lol. I KNOW this game
had to sell at least 7 million copies -
AT LEAST!!! It was way too big and
popular for its time to do under 6
million. Not gonna believe it.
Heavenly_King (on 20 October 2012)
I think the numbers are way off
considering Capcom shipped
thewastedyouth (on 25 March 2012)
I remember going to my friends house and
getting so scared, pretty insane I am 23
now and I love the series!!!
goldeneye0065r (on 02 January 2012)
it scared me more on the n64 then it
ever did on the ps1 i dont know why
maybe its because more better visuals
Ultr (on 05 April 2011)
this game scared the shit out of me, and
I only watched someone playing it...
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