Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 0.15m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Game Arts / Seta Corporation Genre: Shooter

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Michael-5 (on 16 June 2013)
I love this game, and I'm not married
or plan to have kids. LOL. This was a
really under appreciated title, but as
amazing as it is, it's really really
short, so I understand why not too many
people spent $60 for this. Still, people
who are reading comments on this game
which is 6 years old at the time of my
comment, it's worth spending $5 on
easily. This is what Starfox HD would
have been like, and it's just a great
game to have. :-)
Altitude (on 06 May 2010)
Best Anime Space Combat Simulator of all
time. Nothing comes close to this.
Unfortunately the people who loved games
like this are likely married with kids
and have no idea it exists.
LordMatrix (on 08 August 2009)
On a another note this game has a very
enjoyable story IMO. This game has a bit
of a learning curve but once you get the
weapons that can lock on to dozens of
enemies at once the game really gets
going. My second play through was a
blast compared to my first one way more
because of the game allowing you to
continue with your purchased upgrades.
LordMatrix (on 08 August 2009)
it sold 20 thousand in japan though
platinum hits in japan have been messed
up. games that didn't sell big are
there and games that are there but sold
well worldwide are not platinum anywhere
but japan. its completely screwed up
over there.
Egghead (on 17 December 2008)
... in Japan that is
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