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Scribblenauts was a breakthrough in handheld gaming. The sequel will be even better, with hundreds of new words, adjectives, better controls, and better levels.

The Scribblenauts sequel features over 10,000 adjectives that you can use to modify objects. Examples: Obese cow. Petrified cow. Burning cow. Robotic cow. You can even combine them to get an obese, petrified, burning, robotic cow. Or you could create an undead, hungry, robotic, flying, feline, winged, frozen tree. Also, typing "furious pear" will result in a pear that will actually attack Maxwell. "Supersonic tomato" creates a tomato that flies around the screen.

In the previous game, if you wrote "bridge," it would normally be too short to be useful.. Now you can write "long bridge."

If you want to ride a kraken through the ocean but don't want to get devoured, you can create a "friendly kraken."

Another feature called the Adjective Toolbar will remember what adjectives you've used and allow you to select from the list any time you want, which saves you the time of repeatedly writing adjectives that you've already used.

Here is another example of the use of adjectives: In one level, you must rescue a chocolate starite before it eaten by sugar-craving kids.

The use of adjectives allows more interaction between objects. "You could write 'magnetic tree' and 'metallic skunk' and then they would be attracted to each other instantly," says Scribblenauts creative director Jeremiah Slaczka.

Jeremiah also says that he wants to make an arcade machine that you can actually play.

120 all-new levels. The first Scribblenauts had 220 levels. Instead, the New Scribblenauts has levels that are much more in depth. For example, in one level Maxwell must sneak into a formal dance, meet up with his contact to get a key card, disable a security camera and deal with the guards, gather loot from a safe, and then make a clean getaway (all in one level). A new feature called the Universal Feedback System tells you if you've completed objectives or not. The levels will no longer be divided between Puzzle and Action. Instead, they will be mixed together, with a much stronger emphasis on the puzzle-solving types, since those are the levels that encourage the most creativity and diverse item use.

In the sequel, the levels will no longer be divided into themed worlds. The developers now feel that the themes limited level creation.

Also there is a much better level editor, allowing you to make levels completely from scratch. You can also make puzzle levels. In the previous game, you could only make action levels.

Minor details and fixes that make the previous game better. For example, the jetpack no longer runs out of fuel, and you don't need to wait to recharge it. You can now load many objects, like hamsters, into a cannon.

You may be familiar with the Scribblenauts title screen. It allows you to freely mess around and create whatever you want, without any objective or limits. In the sequel, the game will automatically save whatever you have on the title screen. If you have a blue, lycanthropic ambulance on the title screen when you turn the game off, that same blue, lycanthropic ambulance will be there when you turn the game back on.

Improved controls: There are now two control schemes. You can move Maxwell directly using the control pad, and use the touch screen to move the camera and do stuff with objects. Or you can use the previous control scheme, but improved. He wont move when you don't want him to, and you can use a button on the screen to automatically snap the camera back to Max.

Objects have more weight, so Max won't accidently knock them over.

You can attatch glue and ropes to any part of an object or the environment, instead of only at specific points.

The "par" system has been removed. The developers thought that it reduced the players' creativity.

Many more merits (eg. "Use a sea animal as a vehicle") have been added.

Also added is an optional hint system.

There will be more stuff to purchase, like new playable avatars.

The Scribblenauts sequel is currently slated to be released fall 2010

SOURCE: Nintendo Power Volume 253


Nintendo Power Apr. 2010: 46-51. Print

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homer posted 09/04/2010, 01:54
Same here.
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J.U.N.O posted 16/03/2010, 02:43
I cant wait... i didnt buy the first because of the control issues but this one promises to fix it all.
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mysticwolf posted 15/03/2010, 01:03
No, but when this game comes out you can make your own
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takkxyz posted 14/03/2010, 11:35
Is there a screen shot of zombified, robotic ninja?
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mysticwolf posted 13/03/2010, 11:24
Can't wait for this game
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