No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise

Global Total as of 10th Dec 2016 (units): 0.19m
Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Xbox 360
Developer: FeelPlus Genre: Action

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oniyide (on 22 January 2012)
@leatherhat exactly dont know why its
such a hard concept to grasp. WIi didnt
have any of those actual good games,
hence no competition.
leatherhat (on 10 January 2012)
Who would play this over Gow/ninja
gaiden/DMC/Bayonetta? Thats its real
problem for its mediocre ps3 sales.
oniyide (on 08 January 2012)
im with Mr. Pugsley I gave it the old
college try, MOVE and all and i was
bored as hell. Oni-Link you do know the
360 version was ONLY released in Japan,
not that it would have helped, just
oni-link (on 28 December 2011)
LOL...I guess it wasn't just the Wii
that caused this game to flop!!! It did
way better than the X360 sales...but
that's not saying much :P
Mr Puggsly (on 03 December 2011)
@ Venox - Its a fairly unique title but
that doesn't make it fun. I completed it
on Wii, I loved the story but the
gameplay itself is a bore. Should have
been a PSN/XBLA release.
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