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11/09/08 Zoo Games
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It seemed like any other day at the local amusement park. Smiles, the laughter of children, parents taking their children on rides… nothing out of the ordinary. However, a secret agent has crept his way into the Central Control Tower and has taken over the park! Now all of the once friendly clowns and other robotic characters have run amok, bringing evil chaos to an otherwise pleasant day at this state-of-the-art park. 
In Arcade Shooting Gallery, your mission is clear. Players assume the roles of Tony and Melissa in this third person shooter with a colorful cartoon feel. Shoot down enemies with Laser Guns, Bubble Bomb Pistols, and more in order to bring order back to the park. Explore different sections of the carnival and shoot down all that comes at you—but be aware, these enemies will not go down quietly. Fend off their attacks and you’ll be home free.
· Several unique guns to choose from including a Fireball Gun and a Magnetic Gun
· Explore five sections of the empty Amusement Park including Haunted Maze Mountain and Future World
· Blast a variety of malicious enemies including Robot Clowns, Hologram Ghosts, and Evil Bats
· Intense boss battles at the end of each stage will keep players on their toes
· Fill up your money bag by getting in-game bonuses—use your coins to upgrade weapons, health, and stamina
· Play solo or with a friend in 2-player cooperative mode

Zoo Games

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