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While flying in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion suddenly find themselves in the middle of a giant cheese ball ambush! The ambush was set up by the pesky pirates, who desperately want to capture the Dreamship. One cheese ball hits the Dreamship, and a second sweeps Reader Rabbit and Sam overboard. Luckily, they collide with a hovercraft and land safely on Mt. Cheeseopolitan Island, a small island made of cheese. Meanwhile, the Dreamship crash-lands on nearby Mt. Cheesemore Island.

The hovercraft is piloted by Professor Heathormen, a famous scientist who studies insects. Reader Rabbit and Sam want to borrow the hovercraft to travel to Mt. Cheesemore Island and find the Dreamship. But the collision badly damaged the hovercraft, so the professor must fix it before it can go anywhere. Unfortunately, the barrels that hold his repair materials—macaroni fruit, blue cheese bricks, and French bread loaves—are completely empty.

Can you help Reader Rabbit and Sam explore Mt. Cheeseopolitan Island in search of repair materials for the hovercraft? Be sure to collect enough items to fill up each of Professor Heathormen’s barrels. Then help the professor with his insect work so that he’ll have time to fix the hovercraft. Soon you’ll be on your way to Mt. Cheesemore Island to look for the Dreamship!

Be careful! Once you find the Dreamship, you’ll need to sneak by the hungry pirates who are guarding it. And even after you finally board the Dreamship, you’ll face one last surprise before you can head home to Wordville!


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