Pokémon Diamond / Pearl Version

Global Total as of 03rd Jan 2015 (units): 18.20m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Game Freak Genre: Role-Playing

Comments (125)

garretslarrity (on 07 May 2014)
Welcome to the Top 20 All Time Game Sellers List!
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atma998 (on 22 July 2012)
18.00M Oh yeah!
Vamp9321 (on 01 June 2012)
nice diamond and peral 18 million units sold and who knows maybe vgcharts undertracked them like many games!!!
atma998 (on 06 December 2011)
Now at 17.94M probably thanks to an adjustment but still, the game has now good chances to reach 18M.
Boutros (on 20 November 2011)
Bought it new for 7$!! IN CLEARANCE!! I think I'm going to go get more tomorrow! rofl
NintendoFanDj (on 17 October 2011)
@atma998 apparently it's not cause it's Pokemon.
atma998 (on 25 June 2011)
Is 18M possible? Now at 17.80M...
ljlrj (on 15 March 2011)
@newwil7l fine it didn't do the 30 mill of r/b or 23 mill of g/s it did better than r/s and plus whaat game can sell like these
newwil7l (on 12 February 2011)
didnt do as good as G/SorB/G/R
Veit (on 03 February 2011)
Finally 5 million in EMEAA :)
Immortal (on 23 December 2010)
With any luck, BW will come along and spur interest in Pokemon in general again, causing this game to push past 18m , :D.
KillerJawz (on 06 May 2010)
I am glad this game is doing well, but there are many other DSRPG titles that are more deserving to have done better in my opinion :/.
Christian973 (on 25 April 2010)
This game sold 23million copies if combined with platinum. I love Pokemon.
Aion (on 12 April 2010)
The main reason for a DS, 10/10.
atma998 (on 06 April 2010)
I really hope this game will reach 18 million.
toastboy44562 (on 05 April 2010)
nice but i liked emerald and heart gold better :p
down-down-down-down- (on 01 April 2010)
amazing game it brings me back to good memories....i loved it! and 17 million this is amazing but pokemon DP are deserved it
fukudalakasone (on 30 January 2010)
Such a shame this game has completely come to a standstill at 17 million units...
Samara360 (on 02 December 2009)
Pokemon is so damn fun!
Trent (on 03 October 2009)
Im going to restart my Pearl version and finish it again
Trent (on 01 October 2009)
17m :D
blaydcor (on 20 September 2009)
Not your hands, Hostage. Hands as an objective whole. Saying that one (of the games) is better than the other IS stupid, and pretty childish.
SmokedHostage (on 04 July 2009)
My left hand is better than my right hand. It has less scars and trimmer nails.
NolSinkler (on 27 June 2009)
Goodness they are the same game, the only difference between either one is the name and a few Pokemon. To say that one is better than another is like saying that that the right hand is superior to the left hand because more people use it, or vice versa. It's childish.
supermario128 (on 24 June 2009)
Diamond > Pearl

Why do you think more people bought Diamond? :-P
SmokedHostage (on 15 June 2009)
I own both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and I have to say, Diamond is better.

Also 493 is an awesome number. :P
killeryoshis (on 10 June 2009)
Why couldn't they stay with 360 pokemon why? I have more work to do to catch em all :-(
MANUELF (on 31 May 2009)
Pearl is better than diamond simply because there are more diamonds out there.
deathgod33 (on 16 May 2009)
pearl is better than diamond hahaha!
IxisNaugus (on 27 April 2009)
Pokemon owns. Plain and simple.
supermario128 (on 11 April 2009)
Fossil (on 31 March 2009)
Nothing more than the opinion of someone who lives behind retro-tinted glasses, if there only fifteen types in this game you'd love it.
blaydcor (on 26 March 2009)
It is significant if you are a competitive battler. If you don't feel like pouring 500 hours into the game so you can beat random Asians online, it does not make it any more fun whatsoever.
Fossil (on 22 March 2009)
Only in your opinion; if you think that lowly of the significance of the switch then that just tells us that you haven't been paying attention to the series for the last two years.
blaydcor (on 21 March 2009)
Doing a minor change to how special/non-special attacks are decided does not do much to affect the overall gameplay experience. It affects strategy on a micro level that will improve the game for nobody but highly competitive fanatics.
Fossil (on 13 March 2009)
@SmokedHostage Thank god, I thought I was the only one who didn't like R/B/G/

@blaydcor Sheesh, butt-hurt much? If you think a complete reworking of the move mechanics is a cosmetic whistle then that tells us your more than a little bit dense; the only part of the games that hasn't aged well is the story and that's irrelevant since this is primarily a one-on-one multilayer to begin with.
blaydcor (on 05 March 2009)
@Smoked Hostage, I'm still playing the same game I played 10 years ago, with a bunch of minor bells and whistles and cosmetic varnish. That and a hell of a lot more Pokemon, which doesn't really spice up the aging gameplay too much. I played thousands of hours of Pokemon when I was kid; going on a bland journey for 8 badges for the 30th time has just lost it's edge.
vglover08 (on 08 February 2009)
Strange! Both versions we're selling way over 17 million combined and it's been downjusted.
Roflinator (on 06 February 2009)
@SmokedHostage: To be honest, as much as I find R/B/Y very nostalgic...

I agree with you. R/B/Y is overrated and isn't even that great (it aged). D/P, G/S/C and FR/LG for the win.
MontanaHatchet (on 05 February 2009)
SmokedHostage, I guess those could be the only possible reasons, right? You don't have to be blinded by nostalgia to not enjoy this game. The battle system was fun 10 years ago but it's getting a bit old now.
deathgod33 (on 20 January 2009)
cant wait till they combine the two
SmokedHostage (on 18 January 2009)
If you think this game is bad, then you're either..

A) Blinded by Nostalgia of R/B/Y

B) Just hate it without playing it
chido (on 12 January 2009)
its just that pokemon is not as good as it used to be. silver and gold were the best
GOONYDUDE (on 09 January 2009)
This game is good I just don't like that the battle system is a bit slow.
Gearbox (on 08 January 2009)
5.88 in japan and platinum is already at 2.3 wowowowowow
SmokedHostage (on 06 January 2009)
5 million in all regions. Pokemon will never die. :)
bigjon (on 04 January 2009)
the game sold 170k in NA last week, does anyone think that Platinum will cut into this baby's legs???

Or does the 3rd wheel pokemon sell mainly to people who already have an sku?
Gearbox (on 04 January 2009)
unfortunatly the ds cannot handle a fully 3d game of this size. the psp would have no problem but pokemon is nintendos baby.
TheConduit (on 30 December 2008)
I hope that there will be a true 3d franchise entry soon. With the same type of game play as pearl and diamond but an enhance visual look with a new perspective. Colosseum was ok but not a true original pokemon game.
dsoverpsp (on 27 December 2008)
Pokemon still rocks!!
pokemonfan_2611 (on 22 December 2008)
Sorry, Diamond and Pearl It's not the most sold DS game in the world. I think that Nintendogs It's not the best
Killergran (on 12 December 2008)
Wow. That's one hell of an opening week. 3.5 million is... a lot.
kopstudent89 (on 11 December 2008)
Its weird that the best seling nintendo handheld game wont be pokemon.. its now 3rd spot!
Endz (on 08 December 2008)
Don't think they'll ever bundle this, most likely won't have a chance as the number 1 DS game.
fallingspam (on 03 December 2008)
about to pass New Super Mario Bros.
SmokedHostage (on 03 December 2008)
This game proves to me that Game Freak can look at the past, move forward and produce something of quality. R/S were a disappointment for me but can geniunely say that these games are much better despite the battle pacing.
MrBirdTurd (on 30 November 2008)
I really love this game and all the others in the franchise this is not my favorite one but it is one of them.
So fun...
Tinkerbell (on 03 November 2008)
Well, I think that Pokémon will never get old. Ever. It's a relatively easy game, but still challenging. And it's fun, and it has expanded to so many places, TGC, toys, plushies, spinoff games, TV, the big screen, and I think this helps keep the franchise going^^,
Silentburritoassasin (on 30 October 2008)
I can't bealive pokemon is still selling well, lol.
I remember playing red and blue back when i was in middle school, I loved these games I might pick this one up >.> since it's online.
MANUELF (on 16 October 2008)
16 millions!!!!!!!!!!
16-bit gamer (on 13 October 2008)
OMGSH!!! 16 million! its unbeleivable!
bigjon (on 08 September 2008)
I think this has an outside shot at 20 mil... will have less the 2.5-3 million to go by Jan 1 09....
MANUELF (on 29 August 2008)
Expect a big boost next mont with Pokemon Platinum release
bigjon (on 26 August 2008)
back up to 13k a week in Japan... may reach 6 mil there afterall.
SJGohan3972 (on 16 August 2008)
This is the first set of main Pokemon Games to outsell the last major set if I am not mistaken. I wonder if Platinum is gonna sell better than 10 mln... that would be incredible.
MANUELF (on 31 July 2008)
Yes and it have a lot of time left to sell
SmokedHostage (on 30 July 2008)
Finally outsold Ruby and Sapphire.
MANUELF (on 29 July 2008)
I remember when I joined this site, Pokemon DP had less than 100 owners and now are more than 250.
RockSmith372 (on 26 July 2008)
i just got this today. (the Diamond version)
MANUELF (on 23 July 2008)
The next week Pokemon D/P outsell Pokemon R/S
SmokedHostage (on 20 July 2008)
2 weeks til it outsells Ruby and Sapphire.
kopstudent89 (on 16 July 2008)
new pokemon soon, and now i'm thinkin that its kinda boring :S... they need to revolutionize the gameplay after this version, though what works well, dont fix it i guess... gr8 sales
toastboy44562 (on 12 July 2008)
it came out on my birthday to, the 22
RockSmith372 (on 09 July 2008)
i forgot that this game came out on my birthday. Nintendo loves me that much! =)
SmokedHostage (on 02 July 2008)
only .32 million til it outsells Ruby and Sapphire.
pichu_pichu (on 01 July 2008)
WAHOO [b][i][u]15 Million[/b][/i][/u]:-D
SmokedHostage (on 30 June 2008)
Nice job Diamond and Pearl, now outsell Ruby and Sapphire.
st_muscat0 (on 27 June 2008)
Yay 15 million.
MANUELF (on 26 June 2008)
15 million next week
kopstudent89 (on 17 June 2008)
15 mil in 2 weeks, maybe 3
stynkkeli (on 01 June 2008)
15 mill in 4 or 5 weeks or so.
Fido (on 21 May 2008)
Also Diamond/Pearl stopped the negative sales downtrend from previous installments in Japan (though on a very high level;-)) I wonder if it can reach 6 Mio there
(eilataN) (on 06 May 2008)
one of the only games I have ever finished ^_^
MANUELF (on 25 April 2008)
Next week 14.5 million
SJGohan3972 (on 14 April 2008)
I accually enjoyed this one almost as much as Red/Blue and Gold/Silver which is really saying something, you would think these would be getting old by now.. but they just aren't
segajon (on 11 April 2008)
pokemon is the second best rpg series to final fantasy
blaydcor (on 04 April 2008)
Good times with this game...probably the best since Blue Version.

But still nowhere close to the originals' awesomeness ;D
dsoverpsp (on 29 March 2008)
i love this game!!
StarcraftManiac (on 16 March 2008)
Whoow... Looks like Pokémon Diamond and Pearl bombed!... Lol!
mullinsmcd (on 07 March 2008)
Pretty amazing sales. The only reason I would want the sales to go down is so they release the much rumored "Platinum" (or whatever element ) version which is basically like the "Emerald" of this gen (with some added features and ability to get all of the legendaries). With sales like this it might be until 2009 until that is announced.
kopstudent89 (on 06 March 2008)
Hits 14 million... can sell a couple of million more minimum i guess..
lemieux-rules66 (on 02 March 2008)
This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
MANUELF (on 27 February 2008)
This game have wonderful legs, only see the worldwide chart, is in the top 12
regin2005 (on 26 February 2008)
My code is 3995 5111 3049 just in case you wanted to add me!
regin2005 (on 26 February 2008)
Is there a thread on this site that allows members of this site to exchange codes for the Pal pad?
bigjon (on 24 February 2008)
I am thinking this will crack between 17-20 million lifetime.
NYANKS (on 21 February 2008)
I love Pokemon. Red version is the best handheld game I have ever played, maybe my favorite game ever. Few games have ever hit me like that growing up. This is a Red Caliber game. Pokemon rockkssssssss.They have been for Nintendo in the last ten years what Mario was before those ten years. The life blood of the company with Mario and Link.
kopstudent89 (on 18 February 2008)
gr8 sales!!! NA and EU has some breathe left... how much will it reach??
MANUELF (on 13 February 2008)
Excellent Game, the best pokemon game ever.
ash_009 (on 04 February 2008)
tokilamockingbrd (on 20 January 2008)
I like it alot,

I personally wish they would make the next version using only the original 150, then maybe add 50 of the good ones from the last 3 versions(Interape is awsome)
hunter_alien (on 07 January 2008)
Wow ... though Im not a big Pokemon fan 13 million + and still going is one impressive number :o
pichu_pichu (on 07 January 2008)
It beat Ruby/Sapphire sales...in japan
Joemanji (on 28 December 2007)
I bet your girlfriend will ask if she can play too =P
tokilamockingbrd (on 08 December 2007)
I am 22 years old and I asked for this game from my parents... man do I feel dumb... if my Girl found out, I don't know what she'd think ; )
Zucas (on 19 November 2007)
Nintendo confirmed this game a month ago to have 12.17 million units shipped as of the end of Q2 of the FY 2008.
Darth Naner (on 19 November 2007)
This is a great game, both as a Pokémon game and as a DS game. You can't possibly say the replay value is low or that you don't have anything to do anymore. I doubt anyone caught all 493 Pokémon in 5 months, mainly because there hasn't been any Sheimi or Arceus events yet. And there's always the Battle Tower.
Zucas (on 23 October 2007)
so are the Europe sales on this title ever gonna get updated.
MontanaHatchet (on 21 October 2007)
Oh, and this game made me love Pokemon all over again.
MontanaHatchet (on 15 October 2007)
Bronzong, I choose you!


*Throws Pokeball*


That's my 5th today!
KHMASTER (on 22 September 2007)
exactly 10 million
Zucas (on 13 September 2007)
Well confirmed today Diamon/Pearl at 1.6 million shipped in Europe alone.
Zucas (on 21 August 2007)
Europe sales need to be added. That should be upwards of 2 million.
naznatips (on 14 August 2007)
To expand: That's like asking for separate sales on a collectors edition of a game, except even collectors editions usually have more differences than the Pokemon games.
naznatips (on 14 August 2007)
Game is approaching 9 million. No nickg, they don't warrant separate charts. Every thing between the versions are identical except a few unique Pokemon. They are the same game.
momiqbel (on 01 August 2007)
dis game isnt so good i played and once i was done there was nothing left so i dont really like,it's all about crystal and slier and gold man all da old pokemon games were bad but now they turned all childesh and not even fun!!!!
OriGin (on 29 June 2007)
What the hell leo-j? What the f'n hell!

I rated this game a 3 because I hate Pokemon games, but your reasoning is BS, the game has one of the most in-depth and involved leveling, raising and pocket monster systems in existance and you say the replay value is LOW? You can't have done everything in the game, it's impossible for ANYONE except a Japanese to have possibly done that yet.
leo-j (on 29 June 2007)
What sucks is that when you get a deoxys or mew, you cant start all over or you will lose them for ever replay value is EXTREEMLY LOW. I regret buygin this game just for that
Lanceuppercut (on 21 June 2007)
It's going to be nuts to see this game's final sales numbers. Already almost seven million, and it just recently launched in North America and is yet to launch in PAL regions.
nickg (on 17 June 2007)
Just out of curiosity, aren't these two separate products? Why are they combined into one for listing on the chart? Don't that each merit their own entry on the chart?
xstonexcold316x (on 05 June 2007)
i love this game (im sry i love the pokemon series) ive spent 62 hours playing the game but havent turned it on for awhile
naznatips (on 05 June 2007)
Someone took down the other pic :(. *puts it back up*
DonWii (on 05 June 2007)
Nice. I like the other Pic better, because it showed them both.
naznatips (on 05 June 2007)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl up.

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atma998 (on 22 July 2012)
18.00M Oh yeah!
Vamp9321 (on 01 June 2012)
nice diamond and peral 18 million units
sold and who knows maybe vgcharts
undertracked them like many games!!!
atma998 (on 06 December 2011)
Now at 17.94M probably thanks to an
adjustment but still, the game has now
good chances to reach 18M.
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