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パンツァードラグーン ツヴァイ


Team Andromeda



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01/01/96 Sega
03/22/96 Sega
01/01/96 Sega

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Flash backwards to several years before the vicious battle against the empire in Panzer Dragoon 1. In the country of Machania, dragons are bred for the exclusive use of the dragoons, or Knights. Dragons with wings are normally executed as they are deemed to be a bad omen by the citizens. In the war with the Empire, Machania has begun to examine the ancient ways rather than to try to fight a futile war using technological advances. The Empire is technologically more advanced. Randy, the hero, and his newfound friend, the dragon he saved, want to turn the tide of battle.

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piggychan posted 29/09/2008, 01:59
amazing game, I actually prefer the music to this cause its chip music rather than redbook audio.. anyway one of the first games that really felt movie like.. its a little hard at first but won't take long before you get very good at this!
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Deviation59 posted 13/03/2008, 01:27
I still hate myself for selling this game, along with several other gems in my Saturn collection. But I was a fool.
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SiegWahrheit posted 20/02/2008, 03:12
Great game! I once bought a Sega Saturn for no special reason and unfortunately I can't find many good games..., but Panzer Dragoon Zwei is absolutely stunning! Especially the graphics are still impressing!
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nathantay posted 10/09/2007, 10:36
Amazing sequel that improves on everything great about the original except the soundtrack.
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