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10/27/09 UFO Interactive
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04/30/10 P2 Games

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Developed specifically for the Wii with a plethora of brand new gameplay features and enhancements, Geon is a fast paced arcade action game played in an energised geometric grid environment. Playing as a ‘Geon’ cube, players frantically race against up to three other opponents to collect pellets and deposit them in the opponent's goal to score. At the same time players fight desperately to prevent their opponents from scoring by the tactical use of eight different powerballs including ‘Rage’ which lays down a layer of spikes that can block an opponent or trap them, and ‘Greed’ which sucks up pellets enabling the scoring of a fast goal. All of the powerballs significantly alters the ebb and flow of each game and allows each player to develop their own unique strategies in their quest to be the first to score five goals and win the game!

Geon features a variety of single player and multiplayer modes including Duel Career Mode where your aim is to progress to the top of the four Geon leagues, or Duel and Time Attack modes which features 16 and 32 unique grids respectively and where mini games can be unlocked along the way. Alternatively take on your friends in two or four person split screen multi-player battles to become the undisputed Geon master!


  • 16 new ‘Duel’ mode grids
  • Improved game rules for enhanced player interaction
  • For the first time, attack and defend on demand with a single button press
  • Improved single player experience via the new ‘Duel’ league mode
  • Improved ‘Time Attack’ mode – now a game of pure speed with no obstacles or opponent
  • Improved tutorial to smooth the player’s learning curve
  • 32 player avatars for player profiles
  • Wii Remote functionality with players able to perform ‘jumpbash’ attack moves by flicking the controller like a drum stick
  • Up to 4 person multiplayer split-screen

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