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11/19/06 King Games
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Big Bumpin' - Summary

You've been in a bumper car before, right? It's a simple concept: You drive around and smash into people. But in Big Bumpin', there's a catch. These bumper cars come with big hazards like surprise saws, bottomoless pits, and ice patches that let you dole out bumps so bumptastic we hesitate to even call them bumps! But we still do, because that's the name of the game.

Watch out for the King, by the way. Outside the arena he's a gentle guy, but get him in a bumper car and he will mess you up!

Don't worry about skill, this game only requires you to desire to beat your opponents no matter what. That includes using hazards like fire jets and lightning bolts to your advantage. Even if you haven't ever piloted a bumper car before, don't worry. All you need to succeed in any of the five game modes is a little bit of attitude and a whole lot of bumper.


Just $3.99 with the purchase of any BK value meal from Burger King.


  • Always Have It Your Way®: Six characters, five arenas, and one goal: To smash your opponents to smithereens.
  • Play Own The Puck: Bumper cars on a mission. That mission is to keep the disk away from the pack of puck crazed bumper car drivers.
  • Be the Last Man Standing: The object here is very simple: Always get the last smash.
  • Run with the Shockball: Bumper cars under pressure! You're carrying a charged ball that's primed to explode. The object? Unload it onto another player and drive like mad in the other direction.
  • Experience Power Surge: Attention fans of electricity! This is the game you've been waiting for.
  • Enjoy multiple game modes: Choose between single player, tournament play, and local and online multiplayer game modes.



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