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10/27/09 Aspyr
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Based on the legendary book series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.

Fighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is an elaborate roleplaying game based on the legendary book series by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The ancient Dwarven Keep at Firetop Mountain has been held by the sinister warlock Zagor for decades. Many have tried to plunder the fabled riches hidden deep within the mountain, and none have returned. Only the evil scourge of the warlock and his minions stand in the way of your prize.


  • Stunning 3D world, meticulous graphical details and smooth framerate make this one of the best-looking games ever on the DS.
  • More than 10 hours of RPG gameplay. Explore vast dungeons, fight hordes of powerful monsters, discover glittering treasure and achieve fame and fortune through conquest.
  • Choose from hundreds of weapons and armor pieces, including rare enchanted items, as you crush skulls and eviscerate enemies.
  • Learn powerful spells that will protect your character in combat or cause serious damage to enemies.
  • Enjoy in-depth NPC interaction. Speak with characters to find information you need to move forward in your quests, learn new skills, trade and more.
  • Fight an impressive diversity of monsters as they attack with fireballs, axes, poison, spells and more.


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Opinion (4)

famousringo posted 18/01/2010, 08:05
Pretty fun so far. Surprisingly detailed 3D environment for a DS game. Not a fan of the sound, though.
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sjhillsa posted 30/11/2009, 02:45
Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson were responsible for the books, they did around 55-60 books between them. For the curious :)
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VTnev27 posted 15/09/2009, 08:32
Never really heard of the books, but it looks sooo much like Daggerfall (THE best Elder Scrolls game) its not even funny.
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Nebnosneh posted 21/08/2009, 05:39
I have a hankering for a good WRPG on my DS, and I loved the fighting fantasy books when I was a kid.

I hope this turns out a good as it looks.
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