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06/28/05 Graphsim Entertainment
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09/23/05 Graphsim Entertainment

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Pilot three different variants of the F-16 Fighting Falcon -- the best multi-role fighter ever built -- including Block 40, Block 50/52 and MLU variants. Ultra-high fidelity physics modeling closely simulates actual aircraft performance. Engage the enemy in two operational theaters -- Korea and the Balkans -- each covering over a million square Kilometers of territory. Dogfight over a wide variety of landscapes: wide seas, open grasslands, dense forests and snow capped mountains. Fly nap-of-earth missions through detailed terrain and undulating valleys. Launch a variety of air-to-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-9 Sidewinder. Deploy a vast array of air-to-ground weaponry including the AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-88 HARM, cluster bombs, slick and high drag bombs and laser guided ordnance. Weapon systems are simulated using the most accurate publicly available specifications. Simulate an entire war with the most advanced dynamic campaign engine ever made for your PC. This remarkable feature presides over tens of thousands of vehicles: air, land and sea. No two missions ever fly the same!


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