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Leave the messy pen and newspaper behind and play one of 20 million Sudoku puzzles anywhere! Fans of numbers and puzzles, this game is for you! With millions of Sudoku and Kakuro grids, your puzzle-solving skills will be put to the most challenging test: Draw numbers on-screen with your finger and think as fast as you can. Create your own grid in Custom Puzzle Mode for endless fun, or try Solver Mode for guaranteed success. Coaches offer tons of Sudoku and Kakuro secrets, and advanced players will face tricky grids with higher levels of difficulty, including Sudoku X, an exclusive game mode where diagonals come into play. Are you ready to face the challenge?


20,000,000 different grids covering 5 levels of difficulty.

The Kakuro game is also included for a different challenge and a richer experience!

Solver and Custom Puzzle modes: Get help instantly with any printed Sudoku puzzle (from newspapers, puzzle books, etc.), or make your own puzzle.

6 mini-games to enjoy fast, fun, mind-based challenges between grids.

Two cool coaches who will escort you through the whole game and will always be around with something funny to say.

Plenty of customization options: Adjust your screen just the way you like it with choices between 16 fonts, 14 background skins, 6 grid styles, and 11 different soundtracks.

A comprehensive visual tutorial mode for Sudoku and Kakuro beginners, but also advanced lessons with extra tips for experts.

A complete set of options for Sudoku fans: A “draft” option, advanced help system, statistics, 3 different grid sizes, instant error checking, display of possible values, Sudoku X game mode, etc.


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