Katamari Damacy

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 0.73m
Platform: PlayStation 2
Developer: Namco Bandai Games Genre: Puzzle

Japan First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
20th March 2004135,083N/A35,083
27th March 2004216,594-52.7%51,677
03rd April 2004310,630-35.9%62,307
10th April 200447,129-32.9%69,436
17th April 200455,635-21.0%75,071
24th April 200465,178-8.1%80,249
01st May 200476,04216.7%86,291
08th May 200487,70927.6%94,000
15th May 200493,820-50.4%97,820
22nd May 2004105,15635.0%102,976

Japan Annual Summary (Units)


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thetonestarr (on 24 March 2009)
Definitely bought this today and am
incredibly pleased with the purchase. My
PS2's seen more playtime today than it
has in the entire year and a half that
I've owned it. =O
zexen_lowe (on 20 September 2008)
Yay! Title fixed!
zexen_lowe (on 19 June 2008)
Damarcy??? Anyway, fantastic game, and
one of the best soundtracks EVER
MontanaHatchet (on 15 March 2008)
This game is fun on a slow weekend.
Sky Render (on 14 January 2008)
It's funny that a niche game like this,
oozing with Japanese cultural
references, sold better in the US than
in Japan...
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