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10/06/09 EA Sports
11/05/09 EA Sports
10/09/09 EA Sports

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Elevate your game to the highest level with NBA LIVE 10, the most complete NBA basketball experience. With enhanced user control increasing the realism of gameplay on both ends of the court, utilize the fundamentals of basketball to dominate the boards, fill the lane, and run the point as the most dominant player in the league. Get even closer to the real world experience as Dynamic DNA technology merges stats and trends from the real NBA into your game. From authentic tattoos, armbands, and shoes to emotion-filled crowds, NBA LIVE 10 is the authentic basketball experience.

  • Enhanced user control: With more than a dozen key gameplay improvements -- from size-up moves and off-ball control to superior defensive countering moves -- this is the most balanced and complete basketball experience ever.
  • Dynamic DNA: Real-world player and team stats and info are updated in-game through online every day of the season. Current trades, injuries, player tendencies, streaks, and more provide the most up-to-date experience every time you hit the court.
  • Feel the intensity: Players, crowds, and the bench react to every situation to deliver the emotion of NBA basketball like never before. The electricity intensifies based on rivalry games, time of year, and what's on the line.
  • Authentic NBA basketball: From the pick and roll to the triangle offense, run the floor and call plays using authentic, team-specific playbooks from every NBA team.



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