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Where the Wild Things Are: The Videogame


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10/13/09 Warner Bros. Interactive
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11/27/09 Warner Bros. Interactive

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Based on Maurice Sendak's award-winning picture book for children and one of the most anticipated movies of 2009, Where the Wild Things Are (the video game) takes you on an exciting action-filled adventure across the mysterious island of the Wild Things.

Playing as the mischievous Max, explore the Wild Thing's mysterious island, journey over dangerous terrain, battle fierce creatures, and work together with the mythical Wild Things to help them escape from their crumbling island before it's too late.

Through your adventure, you’ll befriend and team-up with the Wild Things—each with their own unique skills or special talents—learning valuable new abilities, working together to solve action puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and having a rumpus of a good time!

  • Play as Max: Run, jump, climb, glide, fly, and swing your way across the island’s dangerous terrain while battling fierce creatures with your trusty scepter. Collect a variety of special items and power-ups along your journey to help gain new abilities and overcome obstacles.
  • The Wild Things: Team up and interact with these fearsome but lovable creatures, discovering their unique personalities and working together to escape from the island before it's too late. Start a dirt clod fight at the Wild Things Village, learn valuable new skills and abilities, work together to solve action puzzles and have a rumpus good time.
  • Explore a mysterious island: Journey across the hostile island of the Wild Things, filled with fierce insects, shadow creatures and hazardous obstacles around every turn. Go beyond the movie to play through a unique story narrative inspired by the book and film, exploring never before seen environments to uncover why this mysterious island is on the brink of destruction.



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