Crackdown 2

Global Total as of 28th Oct 2017 (units): 1.12m
Platform: Xbox 360
Developer: Ruffian Games Genre: Shooter

Total Units

North America: 0.63m 56.6%
+ Europe: 0.36m 32.2%
+ Japan: 0.02m 2.0%
+ Rest of the World: 0.10m 9.2%
= Global 1.12m

Release History

Crackdown 2 Microsoft Game StudiosNorth America06th July 2010Retail
Riot Act 2 Microsoft Game StudiosJapan08th July 2010Retail
Crackdown 2 Microsoft Game StudiosEurope09th July 2010Retail

Game Overview

Crackdown 2 is a shooter game developed by Ruffian Games and released on Xbox 360.

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teamsilent13 (on 01 May 2014)
well the first crackdown had halo 3 beta
tied to it. it helped its sales. i
don't know if crackdown 2 is better,
but it didn't have the same marketing.
thewastedyouth (on 16 October 2012)
how come no one bought this, this game
is pretty good
T.Rexington (on 21 May 2012)
Awesome! Very happy to see this be a
success! I'm loving this game so far.
Not sure what it is, but I'm way more
into this than the first crackdown which
is strange considering the first one is
more beloved by the series fans. I
personally loved the addition of the
Freaks and renegade orbs. It's pretty
T.Rexington (on 25 March 2012)
Need to buy this game and help support a
C3! :) Really had fun with the demo, but
I hope they give the next game a more
traditional campaign, with everything
else as added dressing. This is only
200,000 units away from a million, so
hopefully it gets there to prove that
this serious has potential, but it needs
quality control.
Mr Puggsly (on 27 February 2012)
bleh... I meant Crackdown 3. Which we
can presume will be released next.
*fingers crossed*
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