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11/08/09 Ubisoft
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11/13/09 Ubisoft

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Players will hit the slopes with Shaun White and his crew, but this time the stakes are higher as you pursue the world's top competitions from a half-pipe in the middle of New York's Time Square to the most prestigious competitions of France, Canada and Japan.

Players will be able to break out their Balance Boards once again for Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage when they flex their board skills either alone or together with family and friends.

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Total Sales
1 n/a 3,199 n/a 565 3,764
2 n/a 1,860 n/a 328 2,188
3 n/a 4,210 n/a 743 4,953
4 n/a 4,346 n/a 767 5,113
5 n/a 7,488 n/a 1,321 8,809
6 n/a 15,389 n/a 2,716 18,105
7 n/a 22,407 n/a 3,954 26,361
8 n/a 6,626 n/a 1,169 7,795
9 n/a 1,990 n/a 351 2,341
10 n/a 1,389 n/a 245 1,634

Opinion (7)

stof posted 21/01/2010, 04:10
It's not selling because everyone is buying Road Trip instead. It'll probably be some time before the numbers on this game pick up.
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primogen18 posted 07/12/2009, 05:44
It has online leader boards, which is something in a world of 3rd parties who seem to hate online on Wii games overall. I guess if it is too similar in every other way alot of people feel the same, why get it. There's also the complete lack of advertisement as well, so maybe most fans of the orig have no idea it came out.
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bazmeistergen posted 01/12/2009, 06:49
This just seems too similar to me. Rabbids is a much better release. I liked the first Shaun White, but nothing about this motivates me to get it.
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Mendoza85 posted 30/11/2009, 11:25
Ubisoft is complaining about the Wii games sales but do nothing to make a decent game. The last games have been a piece of shit.
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Majin-Tenshinhan posted 28/11/2009, 08:30
... Wow. Talk about a bomb.
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Chrizum posted 27/11/2009, 04:35
It doesn't have online and there's no "real" motion plus functionality too.

In fact, it's almost exactly the same game as the first, and that's incredible lazy.
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