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10/06/09 LucasArts
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10/09/09 LucasArts

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Live the Clone Wars and play as your favorite Jedi and Clone Trooper in the brand-new story of Star Wars® The Clone Wars™: Republic Heroes™. Leap and slice your way through enemy lines with the acrobatic power of a Jedi. Wield an arsenal of elite Clone Trooper weapons—from rocket launchers to thermal detonators. Fight alongside your friend on any mission, at any time with drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay.

  • Your favorite characters: For the first time, play as any one of the major Jedi or Clone Trooper characters from the TV show -- including familiar faces like Anakin to new stars like Captain Rex.
  • Beyond the series: An all-new interactive story bridging the gap between Season 1 and 2 takes you on a multi-faceted adventure to stop a mysterious Techno Assassin's destructive plot.
  • Co-op action: Combine forces with a friend or the A.I. to overcome challenges and unlock dramatic team actions.
  • Acrobatic combat: Complete battlefield goals by combining spectacular Jedi acrobatics with environmentally-focused action.
  • Droids as toys: Short circuit the droids and turn them on each other. Make your enemies your weapon!
  • Instant challenges: Play fun and banter-filled custom missions and engage in challenges against your friend in the thick of in-game action.
  • Novel mini-modes: Special gameplay scenarios offer access to new actions, controls and goals, offering a wide variety of ways to engage with the game world.
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    1 n/a 13,008 6,178 3,302 22,488
    2 n/a 4,443 9,093 2,264 15,800
    3 n/a 2,068 4,730 1,135 7,933
    4 n/a 1,342 4,296 936 6,574
    5 n/a 1,469 3,865 888 6,222
    6 n/a 1,720 4,387 1,018 7,125
    7 n/a 1,999 4,505 1,086 7,590
    8 n/a 4,481 4,812 1,574 10,867
    9 n/a 3,794 5,224 1,520 10,538
    10 n/a 5,397 6,285 1,975 13,657

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    thewastedyouth posted 19/09/2012, 10:32
    this game SUCKS, I remember when Lucasart games where pretty good

    now they suck!!!!
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