Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Global Total as of 07th Oct 2017 (units): 20.81m
Platform: PlayStation 2Also on: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox, iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X
Developer: Rockstar North Genre: Action

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roadkillers (on 27 September 2017)
GTA:SA shifted almost 30 million if you included PC, android, Xbox, and all other releases.
iceland (on 07 October 2014)
They don't make GTA games like this anymore :(
la_lal_la23 (on 22 March 2014)
Multi Theft Auto is San Andreas multiplayer mod for PC -
aceospades (on 15 June 2012)
If you add the the trilogy pack and the xbox version it balances out to somewhere around that number
Sal.Paradise (on 27 May 2012)
Rockstar told Kotaku last Septmeber that this has shifted 27.5 million. Wish VGC would update.
VXIII (on 08 April 2012)
@homer Yes, it published by Capcom in Japan
homer (on 16 March 2012)
This was published by capcom? You sure about that Vgchartz?
Riku148 (on 19 February 2012)
I think it's 20.81 because that page is new, and this is old
osamanobama (on 07 February 2012)
or not... one page says 19.16, another say 20.18
osamanobama (on 07 February 2012)
and adjusted down
osamanobama (on 29 January 2012)
wow adjusted up.... over 20 million now!!!
TrevDaRev (on 28 January 2012)
Over 20million! :-)
Aidman (on 02 January 2012)
waiting for two other Nintendo games to get over it. this is mkhasser top 20.
rogermoore (on 14 December 2011)
where are the Europe numbers for this game ?
Kai Master (on 10 December 2011)
Annonced to have sold 27.5m, but only 21.9m on VGC, it seems there's a lot of digital sales to add.
cars298 (on 09 November 2011)
Its a Good Game and Its will Show its Sales Good.
VGKing (on 05 October 2011)
Actually San Andreas has sold 27.5m accross all platforms so its undertracked here by a couple million
Mordred11 (on 02 October 2011)
it WIl hit 20M eventually..
miz1q2w3e (on 22 September 2011)
I can't believe this used like the #7 best seller of all time before this gen! Now it's at #18! - - - - - This gen has ben AMAZING!
postofficebuddy (on 21 September 2011)
This is probably already at 20 million. Rockstar just said that it's at 27.5 million. We have all versions (except American PC, Steam, and XBL) at 22 million.
Riku148 (on 06 September 2011)
Can it do 20million?'s still in stores
slipknotfan (on 25 June 2011)
Fun fun fun!!!
delicious (on 23 May 2011)
It sells about 10thousand copies every week. With this tempo they will reach 20million in 2years from now:)
Iveyboi (on 26 April 2011)
19 million on ONE platform...WHOA
Wonktonodi (on 26 March 2011)
Wow 19million
Kai Master (on 13 March 2011)
19M on PS2 + XB + PC sales = 23M (last interview I've seen they said 22M, but by tracking the game sales on VGC I can say it reached 23M)
Chevinator123 (on 23 February 2011)
Aidman (on 05 February 2011)
It will hit 20M no doubt.
sabby_e17 (on 30 January 2011)
Imagine if this hits 20 million O_O
Commando (on 18 January 2011)
Damn, this game is still selling?!?
thelastsoldier (on 30 December 2010)
drakesfortune (on 30 December 2010)
llew that's hard to believe. The PS2 was the Wii of last gen, only it had the Wii casual audience AND the hardcore audience locked up. There were TONS of PS2 users who wouldn't dream of playing a GTA game. There are 45 million PS3's sold, and only 7 million copies of GTA 4 sold. I could go on.
llewdebkram (on 26 December 2010)
This game is my arguement for saying a fairly large percentage of PS2s 140 million+ sales are repurchases after breakdown. 140 million sold and best selling game is only at 18 million? Wii is at half PS2 numbers and has several 20 million sellers and Xbox is at 1/3rd of PS2 sales and has a couple of games near 12 million. Just sems odd it didn't have soe much bigger selling games with such a huge userbase.
spurgeonryan (on 22 December 2010)
The PS2 was the system to get, and still is a great deal because all the game shops still sell used games (most do gamecube as well but who's buying? They still sell at major retailers, and they play classic PS1 games, and ofcourse PS3 plays them.
johndude12345 (on 21 December 2010)
This actually has a chance at reaching 20 million!!!
Biddles (on 21 December 2010)
60,000 copies this week in EMEAA, how is it doing this?
postofficebuddy (on 18 December 2010)
Most likely the majority of its current sales are coming from the small territories where PS2 is seeing amazing growth.
I like Bacon (on 17 December 2010)
I bought this game, Vice City, and GTA 3 in the trilogy pack on ebay for $18.24! and a PS2 for $38. w00t! ^___^
Falk Sturmfels (on 17 December 2010)
320 weeks in charts. This is nasty.
Iveyboi (on 17 December 2010)
lolz 62K this week. SICK
axumblade (on 14 December 2010)
Hot damn...another 50k this week in EMAA alone....Un-freaking-stoppable.
markimsoad (on 26 November 2010)
amazing... a eternal classic :)
I like Bacon (on 13 November 2010)
I can't believe this is still selling. lol It will definitely pass 19 million. I miss this game soooo much!!!! ;-;
Gilgamesh (on 11 November 2010)
100K sold in the last 10 weeks daaaamn
Boutros (on 05 November 2010)
@atma998 uhm yes...
darthdevidem01 (on 22 May 2010)
atma998 (on 16 May 2010)

sepisfu (on 04 May 2010)
it is amazing it is number 38 in Europe this week and it is selling better than Assassin's Creed II after 288 weeks wow
Kai Master (on 02 May 2010)
Be careful when analysing weekly sales, from march 6 the game is listed under 2 publishers, don't filter by publisher to get the overall number.
Carl2291 (on 30 April 2010)
This game has the best legs of all time :)
fukudalakasone (on 30 April 2010)
GTA: SA is not giving up without a fight!
Tuganuno (on 26 April 2010)
10K... how is this even possible? The PS2 isn't dead at all :p
xxrkoxx (on 23 April 2010)
Jay520 (on 18 April 2010)
What are "legs", you ask me. I show you this.
gustave154 (on 18 April 2010)
HOLY CRAP this game has amazing sales...
haxxiy (on 13 April 2010)
Legs of the Forever haha.
ps3-sales! (on 07 April 2010)
12k again? wow this gtame is unstoppable
Joel12345 (on 03 April 2010)
I remember me 11yr or 12yr spending 60$ on this game it was worth it GREAT GAME
oldschoolfool (on 28 March 2010)
I have this on downloaded on my 360. lol
narutoblockhead (on 27 March 2010)
hot coffee)anyone(
TrevDaRev (on 26 March 2010)
12,417.....*Picks jaw up from floor*
gamesadict (on 25 March 2010)
I still remember playing this non-stop on my PS2. Such an awesome game, and the memories :).
fukudalakasone (on 22 March 2010)
Battling New Super Mario Bros Wii for greatest selling game of all time not bundled with console or peripheral accessory. Very good boost this week but will it be enough?
mickross123 (on 19 March 2010)
wow 11,000 untis this week
it oustsold gta4 on the 360 thats amazing:P
Kai Master (on 17 March 2010)
@ scabob : i was about to ask the veru same question, from 500 units to 5k and now to 8k, what happened in Others? New country? Budget version?
scabob (on 17 March 2010)
Why did this suddenly get in the top 50 in europe this week?
TrevDaRev (on 12 March 2010)
MY GOD WHAT A GAME!! I still go back & play this game, so many great memories!
DivinityFire (on 07 March 2010)
I feel bad for Japan. They had to wait 3 years to get this awesome game. Oh well, maybe a bunch of people imported it. If there is one thing, Japan has GTA fans.
Kinneas14 (on 05 March 2010)
This game keep going pretty well!
Ghazi4 (on 19 February 2010)
@nordlead probably more than 36 million lol
sabby_e17 (on 17 January 2010)
Sold 10,568 copies last week.

At this rate it could reach 19 million.
nordlead (on 22 December 2009)
lol, so you are claiming that 36m people pirated this game? I highly doubt that.
no1stopme (on 21 December 2009)
Without pirates this would have outsold Wii sports 100%
Webstar70 (on 20 December 2009)
amazed this is still selling. Close 2nd to MGS3 imo as best ps2 game
sabby_e17 (on 18 December 2009)
Sold 13K last week.

No comment.
Gilgamesh (on 18 December 2009)
Still selling? wow
PlaystaionGamer (on 07 November 2009)
Best Playstation 2 game, wow it was amazing!
gamesadict (on 03 November 2009)
Best game ever, I still remember the massive hype. Would check the official site daily for the latest trailer/city.

Even now that I have beat it 100%, I sometimes get the urge to go and replay it all over again.
postofficebuddy (on 21 October 2009)
I remember the hype train for this, I was a part of it. Talk about insane sales.
-ku- (on 05 October 2009)
Lol it was "69" comments before I posted. I ruined that
sabby_e17 (on 27 September 2009)
Sold 4k last week.

I seriously can't believe these legs.
legendarysaiyanbroly (on 23 September 2009)
U're BOTH wrong! Silent Hill 2 is the greatest videogame of all times, PERIOD.
fukudalakasone (on 19 September 2009)
Still the greatest selling home console game of all time not bundled with a console or peripheral accessory or has multiple versions. The power of a hidden sex mini game is amazing. Could yet reach 20 million sales.
TheConduit (on 05 September 2009)
Yes it is

Ocarina of time is the best game of all time
McDonaldsGuy (on 04 September 2009)
This is the best game ever made. This isn't even up for debate.
Aidman (on 15 August 2009)
non c'est pas possible çà ils veulent le faire entrer au top 10 délibériment.
sabby_e17 (on 14 August 2009)
Whoo udjusted up! First 18 million seller on PS2!
Kai Master (on 14 August 2009)
wow, the sales have been updated from 17,78 to 18,00, what happened?!
DSLover (on 24 July 2009)
this is an amazing game, maybe one day they'll make a sequel (but not gta4 esque cause gta4 was rubbish)
CatFangs806 (on 23 July 2009)
Wow, this has the best legs of any game.
ayame19 (on 12 July 2009)
i saw the original version before they modified it. wish they didn't removed most of that stuff, the game wld probably sell twice as much~
Carl2291 (on 16 June 2009)
Only sold 1400 less copies than PS3 GTA4 this week, simply amazing.
elzumo (on 16 June 2009)
I can't believe this is still selling.

Wait...Yes I can.
sabby_e17 (on 04 May 2009)
gta sa should reach 18 million in 50 weeks!
rafichamp (on 21 April 2009)
Best game ever made, beats GTA IV any day
naruto3336 (on 07 April 2009)
first 10 week add up to more than 10 million. That averages upto 1 million per week.
SickleSigh (on 08 March 2009)
My hot coffee version is scratched and freezes in San Fiero. =/
Jijjin (on 05 March 2009)
No, it's not the best selling game of all time... but it's definitely the fastest selling game of all time that's not originally bundled. Wow, those first 10 weeks still amazes me.
kopstudent89 (on 27 February 2009)
it outsold the PS3 version of GTA4 this week in NA... talk abt legs!
Criminal916 (on 19 February 2009)
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Still selling.
st_muscat0 (on 09 February 2009)
@jmcraddock Nope Pokemon red, blue and green have sold more than this. Plus Mk:Wii will also outsell this probably by the end of the year. Plus I think even now New Super Mario bros on DS has sold more.
coolestguyever (on 06 December 2008)
Holy fuck, even it's 10th week was ridiculous
Egghead (on 28 November 2008)
My favourite game of all time, nothing beats this
Ayatollah Pies (on 22 November 2008)
Got it for free for some reason. didn't bill me. :-)

Didn't enjoy as much as Vice City, but it's still a classic.
FPSrules (on 18 November 2008)
In my opinion the best GTA game, the only thing i hated about it was it took years 2 shop for clothers, just walking in and out took way to long changing clothers

besides that i love it
Snake612 (on 06 November 2008)
Wow, it sold 5 million within the first two weeks combine. It still remains the fastest selling game of all time.
arsenal009 (on 12 October 2008)

nintendogs already owned this.
shizzlee (on 08 September 2008)
I really like this game, but Vice City is still my favorite.
NintendoMan (on 23 August 2008)
Best. Game. Ever.
HanzoTheRazor (on 20 August 2008)
9.5/10 My second favorite GTA after Vice City.
Zucas (on 16 August 2008)
Best selling single game/non packed ever. Super Mario Bros 3 held it for a hell of a long time.

How long will GTA: SA hold it? Not long. NSMB on DS and Wii Play(especially this) will eventually pass it at current rates.
mikey (on 08 August 2008)
Wow, it's currently tied with SMB3.
Yakuzaice (on 25 July 2008)
PS1 Crash Bandicoot games sold much better.
Ismailxp (on 21 July 2008)
Damn.. This game is still selling good.. Maybe it will pass Super mario bros 3.
smac (on 10 July 2008)
Vice City is listed as selling more in Japan
ffirebrand_cloud (on 10 July 2008)
Is this the best selling western game in Japan ever??
wareagle372 (on 27 June 2008)
this game is about to outsell SMB3. and they sure hell derseve it!!!
roadkillers (on 26 June 2008)
The game deserved the sales even though the sales was unmatched last gen.
Natester (on 23 June 2008)
its almost the best selling game ever it just needs to past Super Mario 3
Munkeh111 (on 10 June 2008)
It is just ridiculous how long it continued to sell over 500k for
--OkeyDokey-- (on 07 June 2008)
Fricking amazing how much this game sold.

And according to NPD, it's nearly a million under tracked in NA! O_O
darthdevidem01 (on 29 May 2008)
It had legs because it was released before XMAS

GTA 4 would've seen these legs if it was released this fall as well..
Munkeh111 (on 11 May 2008)
Well they were not tracked but the data has been added
Munkeh111 (on 11 May 2008)
Maybe the EU sales have been update, since to my knowledge they are not tracked
MontanaHatchet (on 08 May 2008)
Hold the muffins, did this just jump?

Ha ha, Wikipedia's 12 million number can kiss my bumper!
MANUELF (on 07 May 2008)
260k more and outsell SMB3 OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 07 May 2008)
They went up about 300k since I posted that last comment o.O
Griffin (on 06 May 2008)
did the sales just jump 1.5mil???
--OkeyDokey-- (on 06 May 2008)
Holy shit @ sales :O!!!
Oemenia (on 05 May 2008)
The EU numbers are old, add the 2 million or so XBOX sales, PC sales and Nintendo-fans-get-screwed-again sales and you probably get something close to 22 million. Is this game still being produced?
NintendoMan (on 19 April 2008)
this is just such an incredible game, also it has indeed shipped 21.5 million copies, i edited the wikipedia article (i'm an administrator as well) and although the link may be broken it is valid.
Griffin (on 16 April 2008)
This game has sold 21.5mil copies on all the systems/PC according to wiki.
scabab (on 10 April 2008)
With the sales on Xbox, the Trilogy packs on both PS2 and Xbox and the PC this game has prpbably sold over 20 million copies
NintendoMan (on 27 March 2008)
this my personal 'best game ever', i still play 5hrs a week and have over 600 hours on this game
Audiomatic (on 07 March 2008)
I still play this from time to time on PC with mods
Damstr8 (on 05 March 2008)
how is this game still selling 10k a week?
azevedovfa (on 04 March 2008)
God damnit this game is horrible
Aj_habfan (on 01 March 2008)
Still selling on the top 100! Amazing.
HoodFigga (on 15 February 2008)
OOOh you should have seened me pop these cats coming down my block talking that smack and throwing up they set. >=|
Kamahl (on 17 January 2008)
this game is still selling very well, i mean... it sells better than new releases! it just shows how great it is...

@ Kai Master:
The european numbers haven't been updated in a while + there's a PC version too, so the numbers are even better, in fact... i think i read somewhere it had already sold over 20 million.
Brianna (on 16 January 2008)
hm.. how is this game not ranked best GTA no doubt.
segajon (on 13 January 2008)
This game made my jaw drop, it was simply amazing.
Kai Master (on 09 January 2008)
17.14 million units sold if you add the Xbox version, it almost beats SMB3's record sales of 17.28M! What a suspense!
SA sold 330k more units this holiday, do you think it will beat SMB3 in the long term?
zexen_lowe (on 07 January 2008)
I found this game inferior to Vice City, sure, there is a lot more things to do, the map is enormous, but I never felt as attached to it as I felt with Vice, where I knew every corner of the map, I could recognize every car. Plus, CJ is a terrible character compared to Tommy, and Vice is a lot more interesting, colorful and lively than San Andreas. Still, it's a long, inmersive, and, the most important thing of all, fun game. 9/10
ioi (on 17 December 2007)
Dallinor - PC version, Triple pack, Xbox360.
Mummelmann (on 28 November 2007)
Great fun this game, the much debated violence never becomes intrusive.
MontanaHatchet (on 20 November 2007)
The PC version probably completed the sum.
Dallinor (on 20 November 2007)
Take-Two are reported as saying this game sold 20 million copies.

"And then in 2004 we shipped Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which sold a remarkable 20 million units...”

I doubt 5 million copies are still on shelves if this is only a shipped figure.
MontanaHatchet (on 16 November 2007)
God damnit this game is incredible.

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roadkillers (on 27 September 2017)
GTA:SA shifted almost 30 million if you
included PC, android, Xbox, and all
other releases.
iceland (on 07 October 2014)
They don't make GTA games like this
anymore :(
la_lal_la23 (on 22 March 2014)
Multi Theft Auto is San Andreas
multiplayer mod for PC -
aceospades (on 15 June 2012)
If you add the the trilogy
pack and the xbox version it balances
out to somewhere around that number
Sal.Paradise (on 27 May 2012)
Rockstar told Kotaku last Septmeber that
this has shifted 27.5 million. Wish VGC
would update.
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