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Platform: Microsoft Windows
Developer: Illusion Soft Genre: Misc

Release History

RapeLay Illusion SoftJapan21st April 2006Retail

Game Overview

RapeLay is a misc game developed by Illusion Soft and released on Microsoft Windows.


spurgeonryan (on 07 August 2011)
Hmm. Got linked to this in the forums.
No synopsis? Pbroy , blacksaber? No
Valkyria00 (on 17 April 2009)
Neat its on here. Now to go get.
jellyfishprince (on 17 April 2009)
it's a very fun game if you play with
an open mind and open heart. nothing
beats battle raper 2 though IMO
highwaystar101 (on 17 April 2009)
waron (on 17 April 2009)
best game EVAH:)
still Battle Raper 2
was better game.
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