Killzone 3

Global Total as of 21st Oct 2017 (units): 2.81m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Guerrilla Games Genre: Shooter

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paulrage2 (on 21 October 2014)
I spent more tham 510 hours on the multiplayer. Liked so much S2
TrevDaRev (on 21 January 2014)

Do you know how much it was adjusted up by?
SnowPrince (on 19 November 2013)
It had been adjusted up in Europe !
hunter_alien (on 24 September 2013)
Solid franchise overall. With Shadow Fall I wouldn't be surprised if it passes 15 million franchise wise :P
binary solo (on 26 August 2013)
@ leyendax69 no it doesn't KS3 basically held steady in USA and Japan vs KZ 2 and doubling of sales in rest of world. There's no way Europe saw a fall from 980K for KZ2 down to 180K for KZ3 when all other regions were steady or saw significant growth. Actual Europe sales should be at least in the 800-900K range.
leyendax69 (on 13 July 2013)
180k in Europe, seems legit
waltz (on 20 June 2013)
Can't wait for killzone shadow fall i think with it's new setting and new look it has the potential of selling 5 million or more since the ps4 bundle with killzone shadow fall bundle is in the top 5 pre orders for gamestop and everybody hates the xbox one
Kresnik (on 15 June 2013)
170k in Europe vs. 920k in "rest of the world" seems wrong. If they swapped these numbers around, it would look slightly better.
eFKac (on 27 May 2013)
Are the European numbers for real only 170k? Smells like undertrack to me, when NA is 1.3 million and rest of the world 0.92 million. Europe buys less shooters of course, but not that much less!
blueknight (on 07 February 2013)
@thewastedyouth I have wondered that exact same thing, i really hope when Killzone 4 comes out it finally reaches top tier.
Mr Puggsly (on 01 February 2013)
I just finished this game. I enjoy the world they created, but three games in and they still haven't managed to make story telling very interesting or deliver a fun campaign.

I feel its lucky to even achieve these sales. There are many shooters on PS3 that are more enjoyable than this game.
thewastedyouth (on 01 February 2013)
Love this game, WTF how come the sales of this are so low compared to Halo which is Microsoft premier fps!!! ps3 players fucking sellouts buy this game
sniper989 (on 06 September 2012)
doesnt have great legs, hopefully the trilogy sells good
Heavenly_King (on 27 August 2012)
This game needs to sell a lot more!!! It is awesome!!!!! I am sad :(
Propaganda (on 22 July 2012)
It just sold 1k copies more. I think the MP trial helped a lot, not counting the digital sales.
Mario_pana (on 18 July 2012)
That will help a KILLZONE FRANCHIES DUAL PACK with killzone 2 & 3. Also the first killzone but on PSN = HD and thophy support. This will help the sales of this AMAZING FRANCHISE. 😄😄😄
Propaganda (on 26 June 2012)
Actually Killzone 3's sale were very stuck until the downloadable multiplayer. It actually sold like 4, maybe 5 thousand copies more since the MP trial. Plus, the digigtal sales don't count. I'm not seeing this reach 3 mil anymore though. Maybe Killzone 4 will.
fauzman (on 22 June 2012)
Well, this seems to be stuck on sales. They should do a trilogy edition (like Uncharted and REsistance) featuring the 2 ps3 versions plus the ps2 game. It should sell a few more.
Jac0b (on 20 May 2012)
Hopefully 3m but Killzone isn't known for good legs!
Heavenly_King (on 20 April 2012)
come on!!! buy this game!!! KZ3 deserves at least 3M!!!!
Propaganda (on 14 April 2012)
*one more thousand copies
Propaganda (on 14 April 2012)
One more thousand sales. The MP demo really did help!
Propaganda (on 16 March 2012)
it actually sold 2k copies since the MP demo
Propaganda (on 16 March 2012)
it actually sold 2k copies since the MP demo
Statix (on 13 March 2012)
Decent sales, but the franchise needs a rest.
Propaganda (on 10 February 2012)
Yeah it was adjusted down. First it was 2.19, they adjusted it to 2.17 and now it's suddently showing 2.18.
leatherhat (on 10 February 2012)
leatherhat (on 10 February 2012)
Looks like it was, a few things were. 45
FullMetalMerc (on 09 February 2012)
was this adjusted down. wasnt it at 2.19 last week?
leatherhat (on 03 February 2012)
Panama (on 29 January 2012)
Killzone 4, Uncharted 4 and Resistance 4 as PS4 launch titles would be quite fitting and tempting I reckon.

Also this sold nicely despite critic scores.
Propaganda (on 20 January 2012)
The nice legs pretty much stopped by now. I'm not expecting any more surpising legs, since it only sold 1k this week. Still great sales though!
kivi95 (on 13 January 2012)
Should beat killzone 2 sometime late 2012- early 2013.
osamanobama (on 12 January 2012)
i write down previous weeks numbers, and subtract from current week.
FullMetalMerc (on 11 January 2012)
@ osama how do you get such accurate data?
jester2358 (on 09 January 2012)
I agree with vettedude. This series has so much potential , they should let guerrilla release a new ip on ps3, and let kz4 be a ps4 launch title.
VetteDude (on 07 January 2012)
Killzone can become the Playstation's Brand known FPS next gen if Killzone 4 is within a year of launch and as long as Guerilla doesn't screw up a bunch of stuff
leatherhat (on 06 January 2012)
thanks for the updates man
osamanobama (on 06 January 2012)
2,172,614 week: 24,114
osamanobama (on 04 January 2012)
Propaganda (on 03 January 2012)
Who says no one likes Killzone? I know it has the potential to be much more succesful and it is underrated, but i wouldn't say that no one likes it. 1.15 mil copies isn't actually poorly to my eyes compared to most games that come out.
BanTiger (on 03 January 2012)
how come no 1 likes Killzone : ( Always selling so poorly ....This game is amazing must buy for all ps3 owners
John_Doe (on 31 December 2011)
4k. LOL whois tracking this game
Heavenly_King (on 30 December 2011)
only 4k :( This game is magnificent!!! BUY IT!!!
Propaganda (on 30 December 2011)
Hmm. That's odd. The legs were great until this week, only selling 4k?
nnodley (on 26 December 2011)
another 1 or 2 years.
nnodley (on 26 December 2011)
this game awesome and could possibly hit 3 million after another 1 or 2
pslee (on 26 December 2011)
19.99 at
fvgc3 (on 25 December 2011)
Good games always attract shitty minders,they are showing their shitty mind in front of every good game like always.
dsage01 (on 23 December 2011)
Well it isn't "proved to be undertracked but 700-800k is an incredibly high ratio of players.
dsage01 (on 23 December 2011)
Tooniator you just proved the game is0 undertracked. 1.52 million- 2.1 million is an incredibly high ratio of people playing onine.
sub-zero-TM (on 18 December 2011)
awesome game better than kz2! 3.3m lifetime!
MrMofongo624 (on 18 December 2011)
this game is amazing it has some legzzz!
osamanobama (on 16 December 2011)
Colocho (on 16 December 2011)
@ Toonminator82 No, not impossible... I for one have never played online... You also have to consider the poeple in other "less developed countries" who may not have easy access to internet.
Toonminator82 (on 15 December 2011)
KZ3 is my favorite game of all time. But to be honest, I don't believe it has sold over 2M. There are just 1.52M players on the official site's leaderboard. Considering that some people like me have multiple accounts, 2.05M means some 700 or 800 thousand people bought this game but never played online, which seems impossible.
sergiodaly (on 13 December 2011)
over to 2M... congrats for GG... they deserve it
dsage01 (on 11 December 2011)
Killzone 2 was the one of the best FPS in my opinion. But it was too hardcore for many people to enjoy.
Heavenly_King (on 10 December 2011)
legs are better that is why this game will outsell KZ2. And also KZ3 is way better than KZ2. This game had initially weak sales because lots of people who bought KZ2 didnt like it; but now that gamers are spreading the word that this game is amazing, is having better sales. This deserves to reach 4M LTD
billie91 (on 10 December 2011)
I don't see why it will outsale Killzone 2. Killzone 3 sold far worse than Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 was not as good as Killzone 2. :( But 2 M is good enough IMO.
fauzman (on 09 December 2011)
Its doing pretty well. Sales should be picking up right now. I see this as going over 3M lifetime.
leatherhat (on 09 December 2011)
How much did it sell this week?
oniyide (on 04 December 2011)
damn i didnt know it reached 2mil in less than a year. thats good
Propaganda (on 03 December 2011)
Great sales, seems like the people who didn't buy it yet were still interested. How can people miss out on this awesome game anyway?
Heavenly_King (on 03 December 2011)
This game is SUPERB!!! Deserves more sales!!! Way better than the previous one
alonzodono (on 30 November 2011)
MrMofongo624 (on 29 November 2011)
it will pass killzone 2. its selling well, and the ps3 has about 2 more years of heavy market. My predictions are kz2 will sell 2.85, and kz3 3 million. I dont see why it wont pass kz2. kz2 sells very little per week, and this sells around 30k per week or something like that.
billie91 (on 22 November 2011)
I mean Killzone 2. ;)
billie91 (on 22 November 2011)
I don't think this will pass Killzone, a shame.
dsage01 (on 19 November 2011)
This will not pass Killzone 2
MrMofongo624 (on 14 November 2011)
i wanna see an operations mode dlc!
MrMofongo624 (on 14 November 2011)
awesome game!
amsterdream (on 11 November 2011)
cars298 (on 09 November 2011)
its not 2 popular
cars298 (on 09 November 2011)
kill to win
VetteDude (on 07 November 2011)
Over 2 million by end of Christmas season easily
Mr Puggsly (on 06 November 2011)
@ yo_john117 - Its possible, but KZ3 legs have been lower than KZ2.
yo_john117 (on 03 November 2011)
Should surpass KZ2 by the end of next year.
Mordred11 (on 01 November 2011)
2M before the year ends.
Propaganda (on 01 November 2011)
Good sales btw, nice to see people still having interest in buying this when there are so many games coming out lately. For people who can overlook deep stories and love First Person Shooters for the online and SP, go check this out!
Propaganda (on 01 November 2011)
The presentation of the story in Killzone 2 was better overall, but Guerilla Games really improved the set pieces and pacing by miles. The story is decently fun to follow, but far from impressive. This is my favourite FPS though, loving the Multiplayer and fun Campaign.
zgamer5 (on 31 October 2011)
dragon age 2
thehusbo (on 31 October 2011)
fantastic game. not really got the sales to show for it but it will break 2million mark by the new year
akuseru (on 30 October 2011)
One of THE MOST disappointing games in my gaming history. Was so disappointed... Don't know how they got it so wrong after KZ2, which was a truly epic game.
Thebrain (on 27 October 2011)
Great game from start to finish!! Story telling was a little cliche but the fact that they put an emphasis on it really impressed me! Wasn't just another shooter.
jester2358 (on 18 October 2011)
yep marcus is mad confused. but it will pass 2 million this holiday.
leatherhat (on 18 October 2011)
I think you may be confused Marcus
MARCUSDJACKSON (on 17 October 2011)
if kz3 sell at the least 35k next wk it will cross the 2m mark ww. or when sells come in for this wk. it may sell 3m end of 2012.
jace101 (on 13 October 2011)
This game is another great ps3 title.Next up Resistance 3 and uncharted 3 .All three games are EPIC!
Propaganda (on 11 October 2011)
How is still suddently selling so good? loL especially when they're so many games coming out, i'd expect games, especially FPS to sell less. I expected a lot higher first week sales. Love this Kz3 though!
Iveyboi (on 10 October 2011)
So happy to see the legs, F what Yahoo is saying
pezus (on 05 October 2011)
2 million by the end of the year. Great stuff!
ylowbstard (on 30 September 2011)
I love it when people use SALES STATISTIC as a way to comment on a game's quality, or any other media (right now, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the fifth highest grossing movie of all time, so is it also one of the best?). What does GEARS have to do with KILLZONE 3 exactly? Nothing. They are two quality games of different genres. KILLZONE 3 in my opinion is probably the finest FPS game I've ever played. It is the total package through and through. But I still wouldn't go say it's better that GEARS. I would however say it's better than HALO (because that is relavant to the genre). If you want to compare GEARS 3 to something, compare it to UNCHARTED 3 when it comes out. Whichever is better, they will still be two of the best games of 2011 for sure. But now XBOTS... those idiots who seem to live and breeze 3 things (Halo, COD, and GEARS). Quit your f****** whining, get a clue, and go buy a copy of ALAN WAKE, a truly great and original game that you left out to DRY in favor of hitting up message boards and slamming each and every Sony exclusive! That's an exclusive that deserved so much love, and you guys blew it. (Same goes to the Sony fanboys too; go buy R3 and stop this bloodyn nonsense.
Propaganda (on 29 September 2011)
My personal favourite FPS. And Yahoocom stop fucking trolling here for once. You' re older than me but you' re acting like a pathetic 15 year old. Gtfo gears of war fanboy
yahoocom1984 (on 29 September 2011)
Lol, Gears 3 got 9.5 everywhere, trash? Not likely
yahoocom1984 (on 29 September 2011)
Lol, Gears 3 got 9.5 everywhere, trash? Not likely
yahoocom1984 (on 29 September 2011)
Gears 3 > KZ 3
MrMofongo624 (on 29 September 2011)
@foodfather gears 3 sucks ass. Dont compare that to this. Who cares if it outsold this, people like buying shit, just look at cod and halo. Go troll on pieces of shit, not this.
foodfather (on 29 September 2011)
Gears 3 has already outsold this piece of trash.
osamanobama (on 28 September 2011)
best shooter ever? YES!
Propaganda (on 26 September 2011)
I'm pretty sure if Killzone 2's controlls felt like they did in Killzone 3, Killzone 3 would have sold even more than Killzone 2. At least that's what i expect, since a lot of people are missing out on this game, cause Killzone 2's sluggish controlls turned them off.
Propaganda (on 24 September 2011)
Definetely my Fav shooter.
yahoocom1984 (on 24 September 2011)
best shooter ever? NO
Iveyboi (on 22 September 2011)
Like the legs!
MrMofongo624 (on 21 September 2011)
best shooter ever!
MrMofongo624 (on 21 September 2011)
best shooter ever!
pslee (on 18 September 2011)
after playing this game i doubt i will buy bf3 or mw3. this year I will get Uncharted 3, darksoul
pslee (on 18 September 2011)
can't stop playing this game man. online is so fun. mostly i play guerilla warfare and it's just so addicting. i dunno why sale is low compared to how good the game is.
Mordred11 (on 17 September 2011)
2M by the end of the year
Propaganda (on 16 September 2011)
Sales are still growing, who knows this might pass 2 mil soon.
Mordred11 (on 09 September 2011)
Maybe gow3?GOW 3 is definitely one of the best on the PS3!
Riku148 (on 07 September 2011)
GT5 & KZ3 the best games on ps3...and maybe gow3
killerzX (on 02 September 2011)
super super underrated game. one of the best fps ever
Propaganda (on 02 September 2011)
Realism + Sci fi = Killzone 3. That's kinda what makes it unique for me in it's own way.
Wagram (on 29 August 2011)
The Killzone series is definitely my favorite FPS series of all time. It has the entire package.
paulrage2 (on 26 August 2011)
No! Desevers COD sales haha
osamanobama (on 23 August 2011)
deserves halo sales, it really is the best fps of this gen
KratosGodKiller (on 22 August 2011)
What's going on with PS3 exclusives low sales since last week in America? Roughly, this week KZ3 = 3200, Infamous 2 = 5800, LBP2 = 5600, GOW3 = 4900, GT5 = 5200... All look too low by about 1/3 imo.
dsage01 (on 21 August 2011)
1 million in 25 weeks in the U.S. not bad!
Mordred11 (on 21 August 2011)
good sales,deserves more though.
Colocho (on 20 August 2011)
I think this game will eventually settle around 3M copies. Thoughts?
dsage01 (on 19 August 2011)
@kickazz113 can you read? I'm pretty sure he means Halo Killer in terms of sales. And in to way is he putting down the game so you have no right to call him a troll
osamanobama (on 18 August 2011)
yay... 1 million in US
leatherhat (on 18 August 2011)
Selling much better in the states than KZ2
Heavenly_King (on 16 August 2011)
this game is only 6k behind of KZ2 on the 25th week!!! This game will eventually outsell the previous one :D. GO KZ3!!!
kickazz113 (on 13 August 2011)
gotgames1985 troll get out of here
pslee (on 11 August 2011)
is it just me that when i play multiplayer, i get disconnected like 50 percent of the time?
gotgame1985 (on 10 August 2011)
well i guess it safe to say this is not a halo killer. but idid think that this game would be upthere with the likes of halo and COD. i really don't understand why playstation owners hype a game but won't buy it, i do favor my 360 but i do buy the games that should be on halo level on ps3 or atleast be a 4 mill seller like this.
CGI-Quality (on 09 August 2011)
@ heavenly & dsage01: Yeah, I had forgotten about that when I made the post.
Propaganda (on 08 August 2011)
Sales are still increasing. My favorite FPS
pslee (on 27 July 2011)
just bought this game!
Heavenly_King (on 27 July 2011)
@CGI: In the graph you see 20th week and beyond :D
Heavenly_King (on 27 July 2011)
KZ3 will eventually outsell KZ2
dsage01 (on 25 July 2011)
CJI lol it's there for everyone to see in the sales history from launch
CGI-Quality (on 25 July 2011)
@ yahoo: I didn't say it was ahead in WW totals, I said outselling it in the same time frame. And unless you're a Pro-memeber, where are you getting KZ2's 2oth week data from?
yahoocom1984 (on 25 July 2011)
No, Killzone 2 20th week: 1.76 million copies; Killzone 3 20th week: 1.7 million
CGI-Quality (on 23 July 2011)
@ Jay: What do you mean? It's actuallu outselling Killzone 2 in the same time frame.
pslee (on 19 July 2011)
Really want to get this game. I want a price cut
Jay520 (on 19 July 2011)
The game had so much more potential. Oh well, GG will get it right with KZ4 hopefully.
Heavenly_King (on 18 July 2011)
This game rocks!! Go KZ3!!
gustave154 (on 17 July 2011)
Wow it is selling pretty good when compared to killzone 2! Definitely gonna out sell its predecessors.
Propaganda (on 16 July 2011)
w00t the sales are still raising
pslee (on 15 July 2011)
very impressed with the demo. one of the best FPS just playing the demo. will make every one of my friends to get this.
fauzman (on 15 July 2011)
@chidori Not sure why you saying that. im sure it will pass kz2 eventually.
adinsx (on 09 July 2011)
I have bought it and i must say i LOVE IT, much better than COD in every way =). This and battlefield are the best FPS
Propaganda (on 09 July 2011)
Wow i wouldn't be suprisded if this still outsells Killzone 2. @ chidori-chan2 The only Killzone games on the ps3 are Killzone 2 and 3. You're such a troll, do something usefull you 12 year old.
Propaganda (on 09 July 2011)
Wow i wouldn't be suprisded if this still outsells Killzone 2. @ chidori-chan2 The only Killzone games on the ps3 are Killzone 2 and 3. You're such a troll, do something usefull you 12 year old.
yahoocom1984 (on 09 July 2011)
Uruler said :blackops-Killzone 3=4/5mil
kickazz113 (on 08 July 2011)
stupid troll below me
chidori-chan2 (on 08 July 2011)
Killzone 3 Is Poorest Selling Title In Franchise History On PS3,, epic fail guerrila, killzone 3 sell below of killzone 2 already!
chidori-chan2 (on 08 July 2011)
killzone 3 sell below of 8 k in this week... lol lol , what a fail game.
ThePS3News (on 08 July 2011)
Sould pass KZ2 sales within the next 3 months. :)
:VN: (on 07 July 2011)
Very nice! The last dlc (From the Ashes) is truly excellent!
Heavenly_King (on 04 July 2011)
the legs of KZ3 are better than KZ2, so it will eventually outsell it :D
spurgeonryan (on 04 July 2011)
PS3 sales are strong so alot of these games will keep going for a while.
jadakiss1217 (on 02 July 2011)
I think when it goes down to $39.99 US sales will pick up
yahoocom1984 (on 01 July 2011)
No, it's still behind Kz 2
pslee (on 01 July 2011)
i will get it when price drops. it will fly off the shelf when there is a price drop
-girgosz- (on 01 July 2011)
No, it's selling better...
godemperor (on 29 June 2011)
not selling as well as K2 :(
sergiodaly (on 27 June 2011)
start to play this on-line yesterday... and its amazing.... got the special edition back in the launch time but only now i had the time... if only i could spend more time playing it...
Pjams (on 24 June 2011)
Highest user score of all FPS is KZ3
Turkish (on 19 June 2011)
How can this sell more in America then Europe?? This game is way more popular in Europe!
ethomaz (on 18 June 2011)
K3 sold over 20k this week too.
pezus (on 17 June 2011)
EMEAA is catching up with Americas
Turkish (on 17 June 2011)
This game is the best shooter of 2011 till BF3 launches!
Heavenly_King (on 11 June 2011)
At this pace it will outsell KZ2. KZ3 is having better legs XD
sbvgc2049 (on 09 June 2011)
For bitter minders,it's never about quality,it's all about hatred toward good things in their minds,you never see them to comment on those really shitty games.
sbvgc2049 (on 09 June 2011)
In terms of sales quality never wins.
sbvgc2049 (on 09 June 2011)
In terms of quality this game is one of the kings for now.
brazylianwisnia (on 04 June 2011)
it's the same us Uncharted,LBP and GT.sales are tided to console sales so after the PS3 sales boost the sales of KZ3 will improve
Feniris (on 01 June 2011)
I don't think anything will curb Killzone 3's legs until the holiday season, when the Shooter onlsaught will begin again.
leatherhat (on 30 May 2011)
What don't you buy about them?
Reiki (on 27 May 2011)
not buying these numbers
leatherhat (on 27 May 2011)
If it keeps going at this rate it will be at 2.5 million
gustave154 (on 27 May 2011)
2 million by the end of the year if sales keeps going at this rate!
leatherhat (on 26 May 2011)
Of course its about 180k behind in EMEAA
leatherhat (on 26 May 2011)
For comparisons sake it took KZ2 43 weeks to reach 1 million in the states and 28 to reach 900k.
M.U.G.E.N (on 26 May 2011)
Still going strong!
leatherhat (on 26 May 2011)
Yurop needs to pick up the pace
RetardedRamirez2 (on 25 May 2011)
3 Million for sure
leatherhat (on 22 May 2011)
I was thinking 3 million but if it can keep pushing these legs and with good holiday sales we could see 3.5
Tridrakious (on 22 May 2011)
Can't wait to see what happens to this game with a holiday season push.
4k1x3r (on 20 May 2011)
VetteDude (on 20 May 2011)
Plus this game just sold another console. My best friend at school just switched from X360 to PS3 primarily for KZ3. Yay!
pitzy272 (on 20 May 2011)
Yeah baby! Look at those sweet, luscious, beautiful legs!
ocean-1984 (on 20 May 2011)
12th week did 38.047, good legs.
pitzy272 (on 19 May 2011)
Yeah, I thought that was the only way. But I wanted to check on KZ2's sales past 10 wks. Thanks for the response
Vekta (on 19 May 2011)
im not sure specifically but i know you can still check them if their atleast in the top 40's graph chart, which i think kz3 will be on for a while
pitzy272 (on 19 May 2011)
Is there any way to look at a game's specific sales (i.e. not at an estimate from the graph) after 10 weeks?
yahoocom1984 (on 18 May 2011)
fauzman, in ur dream
yahoocom1984 (on 18 May 2011)
fauzman, in ur dream
fauzman (on 18 May 2011)
for 11 weeks i think 1.49M is alright. It will certainly beat KZ2 and maybe get 3 million
snakefisher (on 16 May 2011)
the game has sold as much as it deserves
leatherhat (on 14 May 2011)
It could be huge if Europe didn't screw it up
Vekta (on 14 May 2011)
1.49 is good but it " isnt " a tragedy for kz3. its not like this game was suppose to do call of duty numbers. It has proved to have steady legs even with the psn outage. Itll for sure pass 2 million and reach 3 million in time. Which by far is really good for a sony exclusive.
sbvgc2049 (on 14 May 2011)
Name and Ads are very very important for games.1.49m is good but tragedy for KZ3.Hope it's got legs like LBP.
Rafux (on 13 May 2011)
Damn hackers I miss K3 on PSN
sbvgc2049 (on 13 May 2011)
Sails is growing along with PS3's rising,nice.
Iveyboi (on 10 May 2011)
Almost certain that it will surpass 2. Too bad this franchise doesn't have more sales considering the fantastic production values put into them
City17-2 (on 09 May 2011)
Dayyum! I Need my multiplayer BACK!!!!
Dahum (on 09 May 2011)
killzone3 have a very nice legs which i think it will reach 3 million mark & maybe more!
xToNy4 (on 08 May 2011)
Killzone could be so much better if GG wasn't dumb asses and if they hire people like me. I have so much badass ideas for Multiplayer that I think would attract more PS3 players to play Killzone more!
Vekta (on 08 May 2011)
its my favorite ps3 shooter, but theirs also uncharted 3 thats coming out this year thats suppose to be more epic than the last two. That game is generating so much momentum on ps3 right now. its going to be a showdown but i think kz3 can edge it out =)
Vekta (on 08 May 2011)
even though it took some elements out of kz3 that they had in kz2, i still can say this is a candidate for ps3 shooter of the year.
retardedramirez (on 08 May 2011)
Shooter of the year anyone???atleast PS3 shooter right?
d21lewis (on 06 May 2011)
High quality game, but not for me. Traded it for store credit at Gamestop. Hope it continues to sell well, though.
Vekta (on 06 May 2011)
but i was reffering to the total numbers earlier for the total sales, like it showed kz3 at 0.05 when it was suppose to be 1.46, it was like that for other games to but its all squared away now it looks like.
Vekta (on 06 May 2011)
nah i dont think the outage has anything to do wtih kz3's sales, maybe just a small fraction but not to the point of makin a major change.
non-gravity (on 06 May 2011)
PSN outage?
Vekta (on 06 May 2011)
all games right now are like that for some reason, i guess they didnt update it.
dsage01 (on 06 May 2011)
0.005 million! It needs to be updated VGC don't be so careless
Vekta (on 06 May 2011)
lol whats up with emeaa? americas legs are still pretty good.
leatherhat (on 06 May 2011)
Europe= blowing it
dsage01 (on 06 May 2011)
undertracked in EMMEA.
4k1x3r (on 03 May 2011)
Honestly I think KZ3 is also undertracked in EMEAA? they undertracked it in Americas because of bundles mostly, where games are easier to track, so don't tell me they didn't undertrack it in EMEAA too
Vekta (on 02 May 2011)
Vekta (on 02 May 2011)
Yes good legs, but personally i think its undertracked because one source indicates that it already passed 1.5 million copies, so im guessing its probably undertracked probably by atleast 100,000 units. but if not then 1.5 million in ten weeks isnt bad at all, pretty good.
dsage01 (on 02 May 2011)
Well it will be close to 1.5 miillion first 10 weeks not bad.
VetteDude (on 30 April 2011)
osamanobama (on 29 April 2011)
awesome legs. there were a lot of users doubting this after first week
Ultr (on 29 April 2011)
BAM, so its about time I start k3 in extrem difficulty^^ Im ready to die 300 times!
Vekta (on 29 April 2011)
Vekta (on 29 April 2011)
not saying kz2 was bad because i really loved kz2 and still do, but after the word of mouth got around kz2 with the " sluggish controls " that many people labeled it as, the legs started declining, even though i was able to push 2.65 million lifetime which is really good.
Vekta (on 29 April 2011)
Killzone 3 no doubt will have consistent legs, especially with the good word of mouth, it will for sure pass kz2's lifetime. The only reason kz2 had a bigger opening was because it was like what 4-5 years in development with the hype behind it with its ground breaking graphics at the time and when it released it was the only shooter out at the time pretty much, look how its legs dropped dramatically after a while, Kz3 at launch had many competitors and still managed to stay consistent with the legs. Kz3 is showing good life in it and sales.
Tridrakious (on 28 April 2011)
Another slight boost in the Americas. I'm glad to see it doing so well. Even against stiff competition. Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Homefront and even Socom 4 can't seem to keep this game down. The week Socom 4 releases, Killzone 3 increases around 4k.
pitzy272 (on 28 April 2011)
If it pulls out another sweet 45-50k next week, it'll be ~100k behind KZ2. It should make up the gap and subsequently pass KZ2 shortly. Here's to hoping the legs keep up. Best fps multiplayer experience I've ever played (and the only fps multi I've ever actually enjoyed).
pitzy272 (on 28 April 2011)
Wow awesome legs!
Vekta (on 28 April 2011)
Yes america is loving this game, good 30k+ a week only in americas. I think itll stay this consistent in the following weeks, even with emeaa, so it looks like kz3 will have good legs pushing about 50k copies a week between both americas and emeaa
leatherhat (on 28 April 2011)
America is really loving this game
ivanpgcs (on 28 April 2011)
good legs
pslee (on 28 April 2011)
Wow. Legs.
Vekta (on 26 April 2011)
@ kickazz, depending on how the legs hold up theirs the potential that it can, but at this rate i think itll reach little past 3 million. But You never know how the legs can spike up down the road. Look at little big planet 2 it fell off the emeaa charts then its back on it again with good legs. I believe Kz3 has the appeal to do the same.
Vekta (on 26 April 2011)
Yea killzone 3 had a smaller emeaa opening, but look at the comparison of games that kz2 had to go against vs to where kz3 had to go against. Kz2 was released in a time where their wasnt much shooters coming out at the same time. Kz3 came out around the same times as bulletstorm, crysis 2, homefront etc. But even though kz3 had a lower opening in emeaa its still staying consistant and its 9th week is higher. But America is making up for it. Killzone 3's legs in the americas are actually pretty good and make up for it.
pitzy272 (on 26 April 2011)
Vekta, KZ3's EMEAA's legs are almost identical to KZ2's, are they not? And in fact, KZ3's recent 9th week in EMEAA is tracked higher than KZ2's (15k vs. 13k, respectively). The only difference is the initial sales in EMEAA - KZ2 sold ~150k more than KZ3 when comparing the first 2 wks of release.
kickazz113 (on 26 April 2011)
hey vekta will this pass 4 million??
Vekta (on 26 April 2011)
Emeaa arent the highest but it looks like its going to stay consistant around the 16-19k copies a week which is still good legs. If it stays consistant like this along with americas staying consistant then itll defintily surpass kz2's lifetime, not at the fastest rate but it will get it done.
Vekta (on 24 April 2011)
lol it happens electricgorilla
ElectricGorilla (on 24 April 2011)
oops sorry i was meant to search halo reach but put it in the wrong spot! LOL
ElectricGorilla (on 24 April 2011)
halo reach
Vekta (on 22 April 2011)
Yea the emeaa legs are lower than kz2's and your right its because of the competetion, but with all the competetion thats out there the legs in emeaa are actually more consistant, its not that far behind cysis 2 and homefront, the americas legs are pretty consistant to. Id say after all the buzz is done with crysis 2 and homefront kz3 should pick up more later. Just like how LBP2 fell out the spot light in the top ten and made it back last week in emeaa.
Pho_Hybrid (on 22 April 2011)
@Vekta Actually the legs are lower than KZ2's legs in Emeaa but consider the competition of today in (Crysis 2, Homefront, Bulletstorm) its understandable, but americans are pulling it up
Vekta (on 22 April 2011)
nice legs for emeaa, i expect it to stay around this or be a little higher in the upcoming weeks, if Littlebig planet 2 can keep it steady then this game can, it already surpassed little big planet 2 and LBP2 been out longer.
pslee (on 21 April 2011)
Few games I need to get this year. Kz3, u3, new motorstorm, dynasty warrior 7, maybe nascar 2011, assassins creed 2 and the newer one, god of war 3.
snakefisher (on 21 April 2011)
barely gonna creep past 2 million at this rate
MrMofongo624 (on 21 April 2011)
i agree! killzone 3 is awesome!
paulrage2 (on 21 April 2011)
Killzone 3 is such a good game! I hope that sell at least 3 million.
Vekta (on 20 April 2011) AND I QUOTE, " Killzone 3 came out late February and has already sold over 1.5 million units, and is closing in on the 2million sold mark. "..... and that link just came out today on april 20th, 3 hours and 52 minutes ago. So what next on the troll list?
Vekta (on 20 April 2011)
Then if it is " just a game " to you like you claim then why are you still on here trying to convince us otherwise? espically on a game you dont care about and seems like you dont play either? Npd and vg chartz seem like their around the same sales figures and still yet you keep trying to convince everyone here otherwise? Find another way to be a troll
Vekta (on 20 April 2011)
and i spend to much time on here? look at you, youv been a longer member than me and have more post than me, and you act like i spend more time on here? okay makes a lot of sense.
Vekta (on 20 April 2011)
yea but if you read that " source " carefully rather than skimming thorugh and trying to start an argument and trying to make kz3 look bad youd realize that not old did it say it sold well but it was actually near the top 10 and that if it was ranked on sku scale then it would be in a top ten, you act like your source is the ultimate correct source and everythign else is shit, get off the trollin band wagon
blue7x7 (on 20 April 2011)
I have never commented on Killzone 3 before so I don't know what you are talking about me apparently trolling K3 for "the longest time" you spend way too much time here. and the source your provided how is that a valid source all your source is saying is that it sold well but it didn't make it to the top 10 my source stated from NPD themselves that Killzone 3 reached 500,000 in the americas in March so like I said I doubt it sold an additional 250,000 in just 9 days it doesn't take genius to figure out it didn't But whatever you guys keep crying I apparently hit some sensitive nerves it's just a game. Grow up guys.
kickazz113 (on 20 April 2011)
vekta i agree with u blue7x7 is just a stupid cod fag
Vekta (on 20 April 2011)
Vekta (on 20 April 2011)
No your not a troll for stating the truth, your a troll cause your a troll, cause your not even stating the truth, for the longest time you and a few other trolls were trying to say it was over tracked on vg chartz and NPD, and now that npd proves that killzone 3 is selling well in the americas with proper sources and links now you guys are at it again with some other bullshit link thinkin your links are more right that the actual source, i mean i know you trolls really want this game to fail but its not going to happen, its gonna keep selling with good legs.
blue7x7 (on 20 April 2011)
Wow so I'm a troll for stating the truth. I'm just saying it's ovetracked and their is proof to prove it. Seems to me you guys are the fanboys getting their feeling hurt over a game I never said it was doing bad 1 million is great for any game. As for NPD not tracking Amazon NPD tracks everything including Wal mart it's been proven they have. As for K3 being able to sell 250 K in 9 days well even Vgchartz doesn't agree.
cory.ok (on 19 April 2011)
yea, ive been playing killzone 3 whenever i dont have a new game to play through, never not been able to go on and jump into a game right away, fantastic game, will be my fps of choice for the foreseeable future
Vekta (on 19 April 2011)
yea the online is really active, never ever hard to find a game, blue sounds like an ms troll. Npd already confirms the good sales for kz3 and now all of a sudden theirs another link to prove it wrong? trolls are tryin harder than ever to get this game to fail
kickazz113 (on 19 April 2011)
anyway do alot ppl play kz3 online??? in both america and eroupe?????
rossoner (on 19 April 2011)
u doubt it?? Its impossible for game to sell 250k in its FW? And npd doesnt track amazon and some other online retailers. Try harder next time MS troll
blue7x7 (on 18 April 2011)
Apparently it's overtracked in the Americas according to Gamasutra Killzone 3 barely reached 500,000 in the US in March NPD numbers I doubt it sold 250,000 in just 9 days
Iveyboi (on 18 April 2011)
Legs are nice....going to outpace KZ2 during next 3-4 weeks. As said; Holiday boost, greatest hits etc. I forse KZ3 having decently nice sales. Glad to see Bulletsotrm & Homefront not beat this (multi-plat) in the LT
capriani (on 18 April 2011)
@ Vekta you maybe rigth bro but i have talk and read alot forums some people are thinking of getting kz3 with it but will see next weekk if anyone have a dould how the move works on kz3 look at this video best review
Vekta (on 17 April 2011)
@ capriani i disagree, have you seen s4's reviews? Kz3 would have legs regardless, hell people are talkin about only gettin socom 4 package just to get the sharp shooter and turning back in socom 4 for full credit
XxXProphecyXxX (on 17 April 2011)
ohh and you know what that means! revive the 360 fanboy post saying this sold like crap and rub it in their fail faces.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 17 April 2011)
This legs will keep up specially during the holidays when game sales go up, add in the platinum release and this game will most likely end up a 3m seller.
capriani (on 17 April 2011)
I could almost bet that KZ3 sales are going up thanks to SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition
Vekta (on 16 April 2011)
Good legs. Dont let the trolls discourage anybody wanting to try this game out, especially the new comers, its an amazing game.
kickazz113 (on 16 April 2011)
add me on ps3 kickazz113 if you wanna play with me
Vekta (on 16 April 2011)
Dam i just noticed that leatherhat! thats an accomplishment, i also agree with you to dsage01
dsage01 (on 15 April 2011)
Should get 900k Americas in 10 weeks total. And maybe around 1.5-1.8million LT in Americas.
leatherhat (on 15 April 2011)
And so it passes KZ2's americas first ten weeks.
Vekta (on 15 April 2011)
Yahoo1984 is just a troll dont feed it guys, btw according to NPD " killzone sold well in the us "
dsage01 (on 15 April 2011)
I just noticed yahoocom1984 keeps hating on the PS3. Pretty much every single PS3 game I searched up yahoocom1984 is hating. What does he have against the PS3.
Yakuzaice (on 15 April 2011)
For example, last year VGC had MLB The Show 2010 at 204,496. NPD had it at 349,200. Over 70% higher than VGC's estimate.
Yakuzaice (on 14 April 2011)
@yahoo Why do you assume it is Killzone that is overtracked and not The Show that is undertracked? Plus NPD doesn't count bundles, and we don't actually know any concrete numbers. The truth is probably somewhere in between, but it seems a bit rash to start claiming 'overtracked'.
dsage01 (on 14 April 2011)
@yahoocom1984 pertty much every MBL is undertracked on this site. And they're was a KZ3 bundle 160 gb 299.99 same price as the original 299.99. Which one would you buy
enrageorange (on 14 April 2011)
Yes but sales are nearly twice the sub 200k killzone 3 sold if the show was tracked accurately which we might not find out. For an fps, USA will account for at least 85% of sales. Since the $300 bundles weren't taken into account which basically were free copies of killzone 3 it could very well not be overtracked though.
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
VGchartz said Kilzone 3 sold over 357,000 copies in USA (March), not Americas
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
jester2358, VGchartz said Kilzone 3 sold over 357,000 copies in March, not Americas
jester2358 (on 14 April 2011)
everyone here knows americas does not equal NPD right? americas includes canada, latin america and the US.
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
VGCHARTZ tracked Killzone 3 sold 357,000 copies in USA through March:; Overtracked for sure
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
well, according to NPD march report, MLB 11: The Show ranks No. 9 while in VGCHARTZ it sold 200,000 copies in Americas through March. Killzone 3 sold less than that in March
pezus (on 14 April 2011)
Yeah, what did NPD say it sold? Oh, didn't say anything about that except that it made the top 10 of single SKUs
italo244 (on 14 April 2011)
overtracked in Americas(wich is USA+Canada) or overtracked in USA?
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
Yeah, heavily overtracked in USA through March according to NPD
dsage01 (on 14 April 2011)
shit this game looks overtrakced in the U.S.A.!
yahoocom1984 (on 14 April 2011)
Overtracked in Americas according to NPD March
chidori-chan2 (on 14 April 2011)
bad sales
4k1x3r (on 11 April 2011)
Killzone 3
4k1x3r (on 11 April 2011)
@binary solo -> what I also noticed is that generally LT sales of most games are twice of thrice bigger than their 10w. sales. Killzone 3 will at least break 2.5m
jugon21 (on 09 April 2011)
Good sales.
squeeky (on 08 April 2011)
Those waiting for NPD numbers may be waiting awhile. NPD has asked analysts not to provide details to the media.
binary solo (on 08 April 2011)
I reckon it should triple it's launch sales by or before week 12. So that's great.. I actually enjoyed the little bit of it I played with Move. But not quite enought to actually want to buy it..
MrMofongo624 (on 07 April 2011)
This game is Fucking awesome GODDAMIT!
Heavenly_King (on 07 April 2011)
GO KZ3!!
dsage01 (on 07 April 2011)
damn Reach outosold this game in Americas this week! Guess we'll just have to wait for NPD numbers
Borrego (on 07 April 2011)
you have rigth!!!...2m by year end...and this killzone3 will beat killzone2 in sales!!!
retardedramirez (on 07 April 2011)
im calling 2 mill by end of year. anyone in?? and bad sales this week
ivanpgcs (on 07 April 2011)
good sales
italo244 (on 06 April 2011)
Legs :B
Solid-Stark (on 06 April 2011)
Im calling 2m by years end!
retardedramirez (on 06 April 2011)
yahoo com 1984s mom kills this game too.
ali_manslayer (on 06 April 2011)
great game and it will sell in the long run
yahoocom1984 (on 05 April 2011)
Bad Company 2 kills it
VetteDude (on 04 April 2011)
rossoner (on 04 April 2011)
heck its worth buying just for great connection. 10x better hit detection and online play than black ops
rossoner (on 04 April 2011)
heck its worth buying just for great connection. 10x better hit detection and online play than black ops
gustave154 (on 04 April 2011)
buy it, its worth more than 60 bucks
MrMofongo624 (on 03 April 2011)
Best game ever
d9soccer (on 03 April 2011)
don't buy it, not even worth 5 bucks
Heavenly_King (on 02 April 2011)
Heavenly_King (on 02 April 2011)
Come on people buy the game!!!
Hapimeses (on 02 April 2011)
Just completed this. Far better than I expected, and more fun than K2.
dsage01 (on 02 April 2011)
This can get 3 million LT!
9087 (on 01 April 2011)
3D and MOVE support are helping the legs
Munkeh111 (on 01 April 2011)
Much better legs that KZ 2, it's really catching it up
Bristow9091 (on 01 April 2011)
I wonder what the sales will be by Week 10, I wonder if it'll top 1.5m by then, it'd be nice... I think it's safe to say the game will sell over 2m anyway, unless the legs get cut off by a hatchet and thrown in the trash, but I don't see that happening...
Iveyboi (on 01 April 2011)
Wow legs
BanTiger (on 30 March 2011)
there are a lot of good 3rd party games are comming this year,,, hope k3 manage to stay alive
ivanpgcs (on 30 March 2011)
good legs in EMEAA
dsage01 (on 29 March 2011)
@9087 only 1 U.S bundle with 160gb console. That's all the bundles there is
-girgosz- (on 27 March 2011)
Killzone 3 week 4: 141k > KZ 2: 93K
9087 (on 26 March 2011)
How heavily is it bundled? Legs seem very strong.
MrMofongo624 (on 26 March 2011)
killzone 2 was awesome, killzone 3 is awesome! im satisfied
Heavenly_King (on 26 March 2011)
THIS GAMES IS A MASTERPIECE!!! A lot better than KZ2
AmericanAli (on 26 March 2011)
awesome 4th week in the United Staates!
pslee (on 26 March 2011)
kz2was ok. not great. i bought kz2 first day it came out but i wont get kz3 until a price drop
SlaughterTheISA (on 26 March 2011)
Killzone 2 did not suck.
retardedramirez (on 26 March 2011)
KILLZONE 2 waa the worst game ever. it sucked very badly. the reason for slighltly lesser sales of kz3 than kz2 was only because of the poor impression killzone 2 had given to the audience. did anyone notice that right after 3-4 weeks killzone 2 sales fell dramatically. thats coz the word was spreading that killzone 2 sucked.Please gurilla games never make another disaster like killzone 2. KILLZONE 3 FTW
Pho_Hybrid (on 25 March 2011)
whoa Sexy american Legs!
dsage01 (on 25 March 2011)
makingmusic476, This game has legs because people like this game much better than KZ2. Despite the fact that KZ2 got better scores this game had a better word of mouth. Don't worry about Homefront it won't have any legs.
makingmusic476 (on 25 March 2011)
I still question our EMEAA sales. Killzone has traditionally sold better in Europe thanin NA, though KZ2's NA sales barely edged out its EMEAA sales thanks to long legs.
makingmusic476 (on 25 March 2011)
Bundles were more popular this week? I don't understand it, especially with Homefront (ugh) as competition.
Solid-Stark (on 25 March 2011)
Anyone still denying it wont outsell KZ2? Thiz haz no chance in hellz Lolz
zgamer5 (on 25 March 2011)
great legs
dsage01 (on 25 March 2011)
amazing game amazing legs
gustave154 (on 25 March 2011)
it went up this week??? awesome!
retardedramirez (on 25 March 2011)
Looks like Americas legs are twisted. America needs a doctor lol. anyways killzone 3 is the best game ever and its gonna get more than 2 million sales by the end of the year
leatherhat (on 25 March 2011)
This is going to beat killzone 2's first ten weeks, ecspecially in America.
Xen (on 25 March 2011)
More than a mil already, nice ;)
italo244 (on 25 March 2011)
kivi95 (on 25 March 2011)
i like the legs on this one :)
palitococo (on 25 March 2011)
What a legs on america!!! (bundle?)
Splenda14 (on 25 March 2011)
it might outsell kz2 with the legs. I contribute this legs to good marketing because i seen a commerical yesterday and the game has been out for a month
gustave154 (on 24 March 2011)
woot 1 mil! 2 million by end of the year =)
Pho_Hybrid (on 24 March 2011)
Close Emeaa Legs! this week KZ3 is just 4k off of KZ2 legs which isn't too bad
think-man (on 24 March 2011)
Kz3 goty!!
leatherhat (on 24 March 2011)
I think its gonna start pulling ahead in weekly numbers starting this week
Splenda14 (on 24 March 2011)
suprise by the legs
italo244 (on 24 March 2011)
Nice hold!
chris212223 (on 24 March 2011)
A Milli!!
Turkish (on 22 March 2011)
This game is one of the best fps games on consoles, next to Killzone 2 and CoD4!
coltking (on 20 March 2011)
Eh, this game doesn't deserve its hype. It's a decent game no doubt, just not as good as some people would like it to be. It's no halo that's for sure. But whatever, I got my money's worth.
AmericanAli (on 20 March 2011)
wow the 3rd week in america is more than the 3rd week of K2 in america...thats mean somethin...i guess.....i hope...whatever...
MrMofongo624 (on 20 March 2011)
best game ever!
hudsoniscool (on 19 March 2011)
what legs its traking under kz2 every week. gt5 is tracking under gt4 every week now, lbp2 is doing terrible compared to lbp.
VetteDude (on 19 March 2011)
Legs. Just like every other Sony game.
snyperdud (on 18 March 2011)
Well, it should hit a million next week.
italo244 (on 18 March 2011)
nice americas 3rd week
osamanobama (on 18 March 2011)
man, i hope this is undertracked. its by far the best fps made. the best multiplayer, intense campaign. deserves 11 million sales, but realistically, hopefully it can reach 4 million.
leatherhat (on 18 March 2011)
I wonder if this can have a better ten weeks than 2 in the sates
non-gravity (on 18 March 2011)
Never follow bullshit orders
hudsoniscool (on 17 March 2011)
first week almost 200k less than kz2, second week almost 100k
pslee (on 16 March 2011)
two more copies will sold when the price goes below $30
Ping_ii (on 15 March 2011)
probly 1m next week
dsage01 (on 15 March 2011)
i love this game wish it would do better though!
jsnows007 (on 14 March 2011)
little big planet 2
oniyide (on 13 March 2011)
outselling all versions of Bulletstorm combined!! the moral of the story is, dont talk crap, especially if you cant back it up
4k1x3r (on 13 March 2011)
Dude it was like 1am -_- and if you stop on things like that I can't do anything for you... And I know what kind of speech you have in your posts about anything Sony related, so don't talk to me like that, or if you could simply stop answering to me. Thx :)
Pho_Hybrid (on 13 March 2011)
@geddesmond2 not Sony's fault, its the developer's fault, but I'd have to agree with u, KZ3 needs more content to survive, not paid but free
Pirateogta (on 12 March 2011)
@4k1x3r God, I hate when people try to correct others, and then they make a big mistake as well! It's third PERSON shooter! PERSON! Not personal. When will you understand that?!?!?!?!
geddesmond2 (on 12 March 2011)
This is a major issue. The people I asked about it said they got sick of playing the same 2 or 3 maps over and over again or that Warzone gets boring very very fast and operations would be good if it had more than 3 maps and you didn't have to play the same map twice. I reckon an update reinventing the Multiplay aspect like the one Mag recieved would do wonders for this game because at its current state I don't see people playing the game frequently
geddesmond2 (on 12 March 2011)
I ain't gonna lie. Sony needs a few more game modes and 6 or so more maps in the game if they want KZ3 to sell over 2 million. The games perfect with gameplay and graphics but lacks content and replayability. 17 friends on my PSN list who own KZ3 and only 2 or 3 of them played it for more than 10 hours.
geddesmond2 (on 12 March 2011)
I ain't gonna lie. Sony needs a few more game modes and 6 or so more maps in the game if they want KZ3 to sell over 2 million. The games perfect with gameplay and graphics but lacks content and replayability. 17 friends on my PSN list who own KZ3 and only 2 or 3 of them played it for more than 10 hours.
4k1x3r (on 12 March 2011)
Emperor I had no issues with what yoiu said until you mentioned Gears, ffs it's a TPS, TPS! When will people understand that, a Third Personal Shooter!
EmperorChunky (on 12 March 2011)
Poor sales for a system exclusive :( fantastic game but you got to compare it to the two shooters exclusive to microsoft, Halo and Gears both havent had a game sell less then six million. Hopefully this will pick up
Munkeh111 (on 12 March 2011)
Hopefully 1m by week 3, it should get to 3m as I think KZ 2 suffered a bit because of the over the top reaction to the heavy controls
Heavenly_King (on 11 March 2011)
KZ3 is A LOT BETTER than KZ2. Those who enjoyed KZ2 must buy this game. EVERYONE OWNING A PS3 MUST BUY THIS GAME!!
palitococo (on 11 March 2011)
250K 2nd week, could be?
dsage01 (on 11 March 2011)
nice legs in Europe!
think-man (on 11 March 2011)
Hope this game sells good, I love it and want everyone to buy it lol
emmanuelyus (on 11 March 2011)
mmm... 2.5M LFT??
Biddles (on 11 March 2011)
It wont have better legs than the second.
Bristow9091 (on 11 March 2011)
Yeah, adjusted up but it isn't looking much better lol, I hope it has better legs than the second game, but we'll see I suppose.
jugon21 (on 11 March 2011)
Adjusted up!!
ivanpgcs (on 11 March 2011)
fixed first american week
abhiram_33 (on 10 March 2011)
awesome game
Lazthelost (on 08 March 2011)
@EdStation3 - Except for the fact the review Anthony is a huge PS3 fan. Fail.
EdStation3 (on 08 March 2011)
IGN gave it a low score because it's not on XBox. There is a hidden -0.5 on their score criteria.
Heavenly_King (on 08 March 2011)
I cant believe Medal of Honor sold better than this the 1st week. This game deserves A LOT MORE SALES. It is Amazing!! and also the platinum is quite easy XD
Pho_Hybrid (on 07 March 2011)
@Salamursu not to be negative but I thing the sales will be hurt from the reviews GS and IGN both gave 8.5, and I think Meta has it at high 80's right now, for me if it can sell above 50k until like week 15 then you are right :P
oldschoolfool (on 07 March 2011)
very under-rated series and game for that matter.
Salamursu (on 07 March 2011)
It will have legs due to positive reviews.
Heavenly_King (on 06 March 2011)
I really hope that the 2nd week is similar to the 1st one. This game is a Masterpiece. COME ON PEOPLE BUY THE GAME!!!
sbvgc2049 (on 06 March 2011)
For A FPS got such solid quality,only sold 0.53M FW!!!f888ing unfair.
Smileface (on 06 March 2011)
yahoocom1984: Do you know what means "One of the best FPS of decade"??? I played HL2 three times but it was nothing special for me....
yahoocom1984 (on 06 March 2011)
Smileface, the best FPS of this decade is Half-life 2, look that user score; Better than Halo and Call of duty don't make it the best
MrMofongo624 (on 05 March 2011)
Th best fps ever! never expected this to be that great!
Smileface (on 05 March 2011)
One of the best FPS of decade. Gamespot average user Score 9.0(Black Ops 8.3,Halo:Reach 8.9,MoH 7.9))
yahoocom1984 (on 05 March 2011)
Call of duty kills killzone
Kyuu (on 05 March 2011)
LOLLLL even worse than the first.
Zim (on 05 March 2011)
@geddesmond2. Yes because a huge exclusive title that's on the third installment and a brand new IP that is multiplatform are comparable. Sequels tend to have bigger openings, while new IPs have smaller openings. This is one of Sony's big games. If the next Halo or Gears launched with these sales people would say the same.
Biddles (on 05 March 2011)
Yeah the game was mediocre im not surprised at the sales.
vitaminxt (on 04 March 2011)
Very sad. The story is boring, and really short game play remind me medal of honor. Stupid AI, those guys always try to block my way.
NSS7 (on 04 March 2011)
Waht happen to Son exclusive. First LBP2 noe this. Both franchise sold less aftwer each instalment.While MIcrosoft franchise sold more after each gaem. Something is wrong with Sony marketing.
Heavenly_King (on 04 March 2011)
Waaay better than the second. It is really amazing!! The story is really great. I really dont know what the crap the reviewers are talking about.
geddesmond2 (on 04 March 2011)
Lol you go over to bulletstorm for the 360 and people are commenting on the great 300k sales. You come over here and KZ3s 500k sales are disappointing and fail LMAO. Now tell me theres no hate for Sony exclusives
MrMofongo624 (on 04 March 2011)
best fps, period!
pacman7 (on 04 March 2011)
Don't worry people this game will have legs
Iveyboi (on 04 March 2011)
Very disapointing. I expected it to sell less than KZ2. Sad that COD PS3 sells so much and this can't move shit
jester2358 (on 04 March 2011)
first week is ok but the legs are more important, hope the legs outdo killzone 2s.
vitoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (on 04 March 2011)
the revews really fucked up the sales.
AmericanAli (on 04 March 2011)
dissapointing sales....
italo244 (on 04 March 2011)
0.53m first week
jugon21 (on 04 March 2011)
A new great game by Guerrilla.
think-man (on 01 March 2011)
This game is outta control!!!!!! love it love it love it
yahoocom1984 (on 01 March 2011)
600k FW
CGI-Quality (on 28 February 2011)
The single player truly is an experience. Best purchase in 2011 thus far!
MrMofongo624 (on 28 February 2011)
any predictions on first weeks sales? i think its about 600k
AdventWolf (on 27 February 2011)
Good game, one of the best fps campaigns I have played.
INFINITE (on 27 February 2011)
Demon's Souls
Aldro (on 27 February 2011)
Best FPS i've played, period.
jadakiss1217 (on 27 February 2011)
This is the first fps I've ever purchased for the PS3;the beta did it for me
Chevinator123 (on 26 February 2011)
i cant beleve gamestop and IGN there such bullshitters killzone 3 had the best 1-player campagn i have ever played it deserves atleast over a 9 this is bullshit
MrMofongo624 (on 25 February 2011)
best fps to date
kivi95 (on 25 February 2011)
amazing game (on 24 February 2011)
Just played the game in 3D. Amazing experience. So much stuff is flying outside the tv. I really dont know how they managed to make it so beautiful.
EdStation3 (on 24 February 2011)
The gamers gave a higher score than the reviews. For MW2 (PS3 & 360) the gamers gave a lower score reviwer. This deserves a heck of a lot more than 8.9. Anywhere beteween 9.2-9.5 would be more resonable.
EdStation3 (on 24 February 2011)
The multi is an improvement. The campaign is the best PS3 exclusive FPS.
RockMan10 (on 24 February 2011)
Amazing game, campaign is ridiculous! One of the best FPS i've played
blueknight (on 23 February 2011)
this game is a must i hope it sells great it deserves to
dirkd2323 (on 23 February 2011)
this campaign is a 10 alone, not counting multiplayer thats a 11 , critics must be getting a check from microsoft, Sorry best shooter thus far
vr6GOLFr32 (on 22 February 2011)
Great game. Reviews in my opinion are wrong about the single-player. It's a hell of a lot more engaging then the first and has more depth. Multiplayer is a beast of it's own and in my opinion is perfect.
Bambillo (on 20 February 2011)
I have Killzone 3 right now!!!
dsage01 (on 17 February 2011)
wow are you guys serious! comparing gears of war sales with killzone sales1!!! that's like saying gt5 can outdo gears of war 1 and 2 combined. If you want to compare gears of war with something like uncharted sales now that's a bit more relastic and no MrMofongo gears is really bloody so i don't think a lot of kids are on like cod and halo
MrMofongo624 (on 17 February 2011)
scapegoatsqueal, thats great man! we care so much! gears of war is a kids game with shitty is a hardcore game for real men who dont like playing with noobs, and actually like getting someting for what they are paying for.
Dinges (on 16 February 2011)
Sorry, thought this was the search button :S Could someone delete these two posts? Thanks
Dinges (on 16 February 2011)
killzone 2
scapegoatsqueal (on 15 February 2011)
GoW 3 is beating this in pre-orders...and it doesn't have a release date yet! lulz
Colocho (on 12 February 2011)
Played Beta and I was impressed!... Day one purchase for me!!
Aldro (on 11 February 2011)
The dude below me has the hottest avatar ever.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 07 February 2011)
This is #7 on Amazon and still 2 weeks from launch. I think the beta is doing wonders for preorders.
GetALife (on 03 February 2011)
check out this video guys on N4g its epicccccc ..
BHR-3 (on 02 February 2011)
sorry for typo meant halo reach
BHR-3 (on 02 February 2011)
will outmeta halo reack over 3M sold before end of 2011
tendoronie67 (on 28 January 2011)
Why does the Pal Front cover suck compared to the america:( (on 21 January 2011)
Pre ordered today the Collector's Edition. Lots of extra stuff and soundtrack!
Sincity1886 (on 11 January 2011)
Jay520 (on 18 December 2010)
I'm calling it. 5million LTD.
NKAJ (on 02 December 2010)
i think i just jizzed after seeing the helghast edition
yahoocom1984 (on 29 November 2010)
non-gravity, you are retard
Kennyheart (on 31 October 2010)
The beta is awesome!
non-gravity (on 21 October 2010)
Best game ever without even being released
kowhoho (on 05 May 2010)
The only character I liked (other than Sevchenko) was killed in Killzone 2. Don't do that to me again Guerilla, especially when the likes of Rico are ripe for the killing.
blueknight (on 22 April 2010)
it will out sell kz2 first week lol
McBanks29 (on 28 January 2010)
Killzone 2 had brought fans from KZ1 along with a bunch of new people, so with all THESE people buying KZ3 and all the new ones to the series at that time buying KZ3, Im pretty sure itll outsell #2, lol
Uruler (on 28 December 2009)
Oh yes, Rico had better die this time. Ill have a fit if they kill off a GOOD character again instead of killing Rico.
Uruler (on 28 December 2009)
late 2010/2011, i agree with blackops-Killzone 3=4/5mil. The install base will be much larger
sony says there well on there way to selling 16 million Ps3's this year, and they hope this strong momentum to remain till the end of 10 years time(which is unlike the PS2)
yusuke93_ita (on 17 December 2009)
march 2011
Cold Light (on 30 November 2009)
I'm so waiting this game! =)
blackops (on 07 November 2009)
KZ3 will definitely sell more than KZ2 because by the time KZ3 comes out, the ps3 install base would be way larger
urameshixr (on 05 November 2009)
i hope rico died in killzone 3... rofl.

btw i hope killzone 3 sells more than killzone 2.
PlaystaionGamer (on 25 October 2009)
its coming....and hopefully in 2010 is rumours are to be true!

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paulrage2 (on 21 October 2014)
I spent more tham 510 hours on the
multiplayer. Liked so much S2
TrevDaRev (on 21 January 2014)

Do you know how much it
was adjusted up by?
SnowPrince (on 19 November 2013)
It had been adjusted up in Europe !
hunter_alien (on 24 September 2013)
Solid franchise overall. With Shadow
Fall I wouldn't be surprised if it
passes 15 million franchise wise :P
binary solo (on 26 August 2013)
@ leyendax69 no it doesn't KS3
basically held steady in USA and Japan
vs KZ 2 and doubling of sales in rest of
world. There's no way Europe saw a fall
from 980K for KZ2 down to 180K for KZ3
when all other regions were steady or
saw significant growth. Actual Europe
sales should be at least in the 800-900K
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