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PullusPardus posted 20/11/2010, 02:35
its because its the hardest Final Fantasy game, but also had the first perma death for a character.
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bigjon posted 31/12/2008, 06:59
this is kinda the "lost" FF... Many people who love FF like me, know nothing about this game
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metalgearmatt posted 28/11/2008, 03:46
most underated final fantasy
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Hephaestos posted 14/04/2008, 04:41
Great game
(thanks for the fansub before the time of the remakes on GBA PS etc)
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Phoenix_Wiight posted 03/04/2008, 08:05
i dont know about a 9/10, but it was a great game none the less.
id say FF 1-6 deserved between an 8 and a 9 each, and 7-10 deserved between a 9 and a 10.

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highwaystar101 posted 06/01/2008, 06:18
I have it for GBA but still
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