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09/10/08 D3 Publisher
09/10/08 D3 Publisher
09/10/08 D3 Publisher

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  • Rocket-powered bowling balls – ROCKET BOWL takes the sport to a whole other level with rocket powered balls that can boost, jump and turn to help you knock down the pins and earn extra points with wild shots
  • 10 crazy bowling courses – In addition to a regular bowling alley, ROCKET BOWL features 9 crazy courses filled with ramps, tunnels, loops, hills, curves and more to create a bowling experience like you have never experienced.
  • Fun and varied single player mode – Single player ROCKET BOWL allows the player to take on the variety of courses in Free Play mode; or challenge the pros in Tournament and Challenge modes, where they can wager and win money to upgrade their equipment.
  • Exciting multiplayer matches – Up to 4 friends can compete against each other over Xbox Live or locally on one system.  Xbox Live play features Player (unranked) and Ranked matches.
  • Challenging mini-games – Earn extra cash in skill-testing mini-games like MiniStriker and Alternate Shot
  • Upgrade your equipment – Using cash earned by winning matches and mini-games players can upgrade from more than 15 unique bowling balls including Strawbally, 8-Ball, the Jupiter 5000 and the Kalamazoo Special – more powerful bowling balls feature enhanced boost and curve abilities

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