Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Global Total as of 02nd Sep 2017 (units): 1.88m
Platform: PlayStation 3
Developer: Insomniac Games Genre: Platform

Comments (261)

Eric2048 (on 27 January 2017)
this undertracked right? i heard it sold over 2 million
AshKetchum1992 (on 30 July 2014)
Metroid33slayer (on 29 October 2013)
The best ratchet and clank i have played yet ( i also have played ps2 trilogy and TOD). The freedom of space exploration in your spaceship is a great addition and the puzzle solving is as good and intelligent as ever. In my opinion it deserves at least 2.5 million sales because it is better than TOD.
TrevDaRev (on 29 August 2013)
Yes. One of the many undertracked PS3 games in Europe. This is over 2 million, close to Tools of Destruction.
sub-zero-TM (on 06 November 2012)
I think that this game is undertracked!anyone?
Kresnik (on 21 July 2012)
Definitely the best Ratchet game. Among my favourite games ever, in fact. The interwoven stories (Ratchet & Azimuth, Clank & Great Clock, Nefarious' plan etc.) were all really, really well done. And the gameplay was just as fun as ever.
Heavenly_King (on 25 June 2012)
This is the best R&C game EVER!!
Dahum (on 20 February 2012)
btw i found the game brand new in a cheap price & i just started playin the game:)
Feniris (on 20 October 2011)
Tool of Destruction was heavily bundled in Europe.
binary solo (on 30 September 2011)
beat, I meant to write beat. :-D
binary solo (on 30 September 2011)
Seems like EMEAA has really gone off this franchise. It meat tools in Americas and Japan, but only sold about 1/3 of what Tools did in EMEAA. For me ACiT is the better game.
Dahum (on 20 September 2011)
nice sales btw,it deserves much more.
Dahum (on 20 September 2011)
OMG....i just went to buy this game i i never found it anyware anymore!!....its strange coz the game was all over the shops a few months ago.......gonna continue looking for it tomorrow.
italo244 (on 19 September 2011)
probably 1.5 lifetime
pablogers (on 28 August 2011)
this game is AMAZING, deserves a lot more sales
Jay520 (on 19 July 2011)
European numbers for recent games have been quite low on PS3 exclusives. And that's supposed to PS3's territory. It's very strange.
Barozi (on 10 April 2011)
@Pho_Hybrid Tools of Destruction was bundled in Europe for some months. This one I think was never.
Pho_Hybrid (on 24 March 2011)
its wierd America > America TOD but OTHER TOD > other wtf is going on here, I see this trend in so many PS3 games, even though Other is a strong PS3 market
palitococo (on 18 March 2011)
On track to 1.5M, after that 2M will look more posible.
geddesmond2 (on 02 March 2011)
Deserves more sales. It really is a great game that mixes loads of gameplay mechanics together
pezus (on 20 February 2011)
Great game! Best R&C for me.
Ultr (on 17 February 2011)
still selling very good, Im now at the Arena-part, great game!
tombi123 (on 24 December 2010)
My favourite Ratchet and Clank by a looong way. Love it.
Iveyboi (on 17 December 2010)
This series has always had low initial sales and outrageous legs. All4One will boost a little too I suspect
Pho_Hybrid (on 16 December 2010)
I say 1.3-1.4 by end of year 2 million LTD with All 4 1 boast
Heat (on 15 December 2010)
The sub-par sales in Europe are because no one knew that this game was coming! No advertising, no bundles, no hype - I'd say it sold pretty well considering this.
palitococo (on 17 November 2010)
Easy insmniac17, he's gonna get 2M, just wait and see, looks like TOD sales to me. 9087 there a announced bundle for black friday so wait for tha sales.
9087 (on 07 November 2010)
Sony should bundle this game for Xmas since it isnt selling well
insomniac17 (on 22 October 2010)
This is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. It looks incredible, its a ton of fun, and it deserves far more sales than it gets. C'mon, people! Let's get this game to 2 mil and beyond!
insomniac17 (on 22 October 2010)
This is definitely one of my favorite games of all time. It looks incredible, its a ton of fun, and it deserves far more sales than it gets. C'mon, people! Let's get this game to 2 mil and beyond!
headshot91 (on 31 May 2010)
Um no, why would it be a joke, the sales are falling behind TOD and that game released 2 years ago...
axumblade (on 28 May 2010)
yay! 1 million! Hopefully it'll continue to sell like ToD did. :)
huaxiong90 (on 28 May 2010)
1 million!

@headshot: Is this a joke?
Iveyboi (on 27 May 2010)
Yeahhh one million! Sales will increase over time like tools with price cut and controller bundle and sequel.
FantasySky (on 27 May 2010)
if this makes it to 2 mill befor the day i die i will sing songs of joy...then eat some cake
down-down-down-down- (on 26 May 2010)
FINALLY 1 million
palitococo (on 26 May 2010)
First million acomplished, now we gonna see a long road to 2 millions.
Squall_Leonhart (on 26 May 2010)
This game deserves every sale! 1 million eventually and should go on to sell 1.5-1.8 in the long run :-)
headshot91 (on 25 May 2010)
Dissapointing sales.
down-down-down-down- (on 25 May 2010)
just 12.273 to 1 million!!!
NanakiXI (on 20 May 2010)
So...... Close......
Cougarman (on 20 May 2010)
@naruball i bought it second hand from blockbusters, if you dont mind buying second hand games it is good deal
-girgosz- (on 20 May 2010)
1.6 million LTD?
naruball (on 19 May 2010)
really? where did you buy it from? I wanna buy this game, but I'm waiting for a price cut.
Cougarman (on 19 May 2010)
just bought it today for 12.95, it was a bargain
Heat (on 09 May 2010)
I'm so glad to see that this game is gonna finally hit 1 million. Really, though, this game deserves a lot more.
headshot91 (on 09 May 2010)
in uk its had massive price cuts...
huaxiong90 (on 08 May 2010)
3-4 more weeks till a million.

Then it's time for a price cut.
axumblade (on 05 May 2010)
Should be the next million seller. That or Army of Two.
kevinrize (on 04 May 2010)
in the uk this was bundled really heavily i got my ps3 slim with this
Zedex (on 30 April 2010)
Heat posted 27/04/2010, 08:00
This wasn't advertised enough in PAL regions... there was virtually no hype in the UK

I'm from the Uk and I was completely unaware this game exsisted until about chridtmas!
binary solo (on 27 April 2010)
This game is about to fall behind Tools sales line. There needds to be some impetus put back into sales to drive it forward some more.
Heat (on 27 April 2010)
This wasn't advertised enough in PAL regions... there was virtually no hype in the UK.
Skeeuk (on 25 April 2010)
i have to say this game look the part it really does, some clank sections easily rival some mario galaxy level design.
binary solo (on 21 April 2010)
Oops, looks like VGC have mis-categorised this game. According to all the platforming officianados (i.e. Ninty fans) R&C isn't a platformer series. It's a shooter with some platforming elements. :-D

Anyway, really happy to see this get to 1 million soon (sucks to all those naysayers when they saw it launch for only 159K; harumph!)

I'll be helping it on it's way from 1 million to 1.5 million
palitococo (on 21 April 2010)
Million seller in 3 weeks from now!
Ratchetti (on 18 April 2010)
Zedex posted 10/04/2010, 09:31
are these good sales for a ratchet & clank game?

Pretty good. A little better than Tools of Destruction's sales.
billie91 (on 17 April 2010)
It is a shame that people missed this awesome game for the other bestsellers like MW2 and U2. Hopefully this game hits 1.5M in a year ore so.
ivanpgcs (on 16 April 2010)
5 weeks for a million seller
Kinneas14 (on 11 April 2010)
Yes, this is selling better than TOD!
Usually, R&Cs are games that have legs, so at the beginning it seems that they sell a little.
Zedex (on 10 April 2010)
are these good sales for a ratchet & clank game?
Solid-Stark (on 10 April 2010)
It seems this will sell over a million at full price. With a future greatest hits release and the increase in ps3 sales, this has a chance of surpassing 2m lifetime.
homer (on 09 April 2010)
Did this game just get adjusted?
Ravage27 (on 08 April 2010)
One of my favourite games this gen. Glad to see it reaching the 1 million milestone
ProdigyBam (on 07 April 2010)
still surprised that its lower in others than in america
kowhoho (on 03 April 2010)
Closing in on 1M!
Mendoza85 (on 02 April 2010)
Good game, deserves 1 M! and more.
Hidalgo (on 01 April 2010)
@frieza: ps3-sales! said it a few comments below us. I can't see why he would not be right.
Frieza (on 31 March 2010)
Did someone just say this games story rivals MGS......LOL
iWarMachine (on 26 March 2010)
1M soon!
Zedex (on 25 March 2010)
Just loving this game!!!
but can someone tell me hoe to get the constructo pistol cause I didn't start off with it? Thanks
palitococo (on 25 March 2010)
7 week to 1M. 1.4 at the end of the year.
ps3-sales! (on 22 March 2010)
Wow just beat it. Totally blew me away. The story in this game rivals that of Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Uncharted 2 easily in my eyes.
Zedex (on 22 March 2010)
Utterly Amazing! Really loving the hoverboots and the new space moons :D
huaxiong90 (on 20 March 2010)
900,000k units sold. It will hit 1 million soon.
ps3-sales! (on 20 March 2010)
Amazing game. I've played them all, this is easily the best in the series.
kowhoho (on 19 March 2010)
@pablogers and yog: That's the spirit!
lonardoflambado (on 18 March 2010)
Just bought it, I finished the Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty. I hope this one has the advantages of both and flaws of none. =D
Squall_Leonhart (on 17 March 2010)
Looks like insomniac were right when they said the title will sell well over a long time, since it looks like it will hit a million sometime soon and more!
brazylianwisnia (on 17 March 2010)
bought it,played it and all i can say it's fenomenal.it't contains all advantages from series and add new things.Insomniac proved that they can compete with Naughty Dog
Ping_ii (on 13 March 2010)
1m seller soon.
pablogers (on 11 March 2010)
oops, i forgot about this one, def i will buy after gow 3, ffxiii and heavy rain
yog-sothot (on 06 March 2010)
I still need to buy this game... damn, so many titles to play
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 05 March 2010)
Selling very well
Munkeh111 (on 04 March 2010)
Legs are picking up nicely in Europe now
Silentium (on 28 February 2010)
I still need to get my copy o:
But everey additional 70 would be fatal in this month... FF13, GoW...
huaxiong90 (on 26 February 2010)
Told you guys it's all about the legs.
Serious_frusting (on 26 February 2010)
and the game shows why i said it will do about 2 million and its called legs. These games never stop selling
palitococo (on 25 February 2010)
17K more in EU
kowhoho (on 21 February 2010)
Hopefully it can climb at least to 1.5 million.It deserves it.
atma998 (on 21 February 2010)
This game will reach 1 million in a couple of weeks, but won't reach 2 million.
ChrisIsNotSexy (on 21 February 2010)
How come this is selling more in America than Europe?
down-down-down-down- (on 12 February 2010)
maybe the others sales outsell the american sales of this game @.@
halas (on 12 February 2010)
going better than tools
Chairman-Mao (on 09 February 2010)
1 million should be a given, maybe even 1.5m. Any chance it could hit 2 million?
TheLordHimself (on 05 February 2010)
This game will surely break a million... but it deserves more! =D
Ping_ii (on 04 February 2010)
Like I told you, it will have 1m+ LTD.
Goodfella (on 02 February 2010)
Insomniac never disappoints. Awesome game....The RHYNO rules!
palitococo (on 31 January 2010)
Well done ove 17K this week.
Notorius.A.i.G (on 30 January 2010)
It's going to hit 1 Million !
Barozi (on 26 January 2010)
got it for 20 :)
Ratchetti (on 26 January 2010)
1,5 mil this year FOR SURE...
huaxiong90 (on 25 January 2010)
Over 1 million is guarranteed.
Ping_ii (on 25 January 2010)
1m+ LTD pretty much in teh bag, Im guessing around 1.5m.
Avarice28 (on 25 January 2010)
Well I did my part, but remember this game will have legs (historically each game always has legs).
Kamahl (on 23 January 2010)
wow, japan sales are pretty much gone... i expected sales to be at least 20k weekly...
sabby_e17 (on 23 January 2010)
Ratchet & Clank games are always amazing and I know they have legs but it's obvious.

Ratchet & Clank is no where near as popular as it was back in the PS2 days.
iWarMachine (on 22 January 2010)
at least it's a million seller confirmed.
Ravage27 (on 21 January 2010)
i know ratchet games have good legs but i'm still sad to see these numbers :( Really love this game and it deserves much better than this! Go IG!
pezus (on 21 January 2010)
Only reason I haven't bought this yet is that it's way too expensive where I live (Iceland).
yusuke93_ita (on 21 January 2010)
omg 10 k... why?
Munkeh111 (on 21 January 2010)
Now down to 10k! This is pathetic
Gilgamesh (on 21 January 2010)
Always has legs
Ratchetti (on 18 January 2010)
It'll reach at least 1,5 million, should even more by the end of 2010.
XxXProphecyXxX (on 18 January 2010)
Uhhh....this game will reach over a million units no sweat its alrdy sold 700k by the time it gets platinum release this game will probly alrdy sold 1m then will get a sales boost not to metion bundles.
Munkeh111 (on 16 January 2010)
Only 15k a week! This is awful, though I would still back it to get to 1m
Rainbird (on 15 January 2010)
Sell better damn it! Between ToD and this, this is definitely the better game! Sell more damn it!
Kinneas14 (on 15 January 2010)
What is happened in Europe?!?...the sales are so low... =(
Squall_Leonhart (on 14 January 2010)
I personally love this game and think it is a real shame that the sales are not up to the standard that they should be!
Gearbox (on 10 January 2010)
@MarshmallowMan - more then the ps2 ones. in this they also added a feature where to get the bolts u have to have beaten the game and use clank to fix time disruptions on planets while in the great clock.
MarshmallowMan (on 10 January 2010)
For those who have played it (I haven't yet), how much replay potential is there? The PS2 R&C games were awesome in that you could replay them and continue to level up and so forth.
Chairman-Mao (on 10 January 2010)
This game deserves every sale it gets.
gurglesletch (on 09 January 2010)
Will break a million before Jun. 2010
Kantor (on 09 January 2010)
This is selling almost, but not quite, very well.
down-down-down-down- (on 08 January 2010)
this game is the almost perfect ratchet and clank game! i hope 2 mill for this game.
massiso (on 06 January 2010)
Yes this game would be perfect as a system "blundle" game.
scourge29 (on 05 January 2010)
2 mill, max
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 04 January 2010)
Legs baby ! LEGS !
AgentTofu (on 03 January 2010)
This one could use a few more bundles. It's perfect for just that!
whatever (on 03 January 2010)
This deserves so much higher sales. C'mon PS3 owners. Get it!
Pho_Hybrid (on 02 January 2010)
TOD is actually at 1.76 million and probably will reach 2mill LTD
Aprisaiden (on 02 January 2010)
@Aj_habfan -- lol what? Those sections are incredibly fun AND the puzzles are optional...
XxXProphecyXxX (on 31 December 2009)
This will end up around 1.5m LTD like tools of destruction.
Ratchetti (on 31 December 2009)
WHAT?! First of all. There's only a few Clank segments and they are AWESOME! The best puzzles I've ever played!
Ratchetti (on 31 December 2009)
Aj_habfan (on 30 December 2009)
Would have bought this game if it wasn't for that stupid Clank cloning stuff... too bad.
Globox (on 29 December 2009)
this game is so awesome, it sucks but it seems gamers are losing interest in this IP.
Uruler (on 28 December 2009)
RAC never sells great initially, it has some of the greatest legs on a game ever tho, Tolls of destruction sold almost 2 million and is still selling well. Should become greatest hits and be bundled with controllers.
Tallgeese101 (on 26 December 2009)
In UK it got zero adertising even in release week it wasn't getting in store posters.
Munkeh111 (on 24 December 2009)
Only sold 6k more than ToD in others this week
non-gravity (on 19 December 2009)
Meh Others sales. Maybe they're normally bundling it. The game deserves a lot more.
swordplay (on 18 December 2009)
Such a great game, It's so much fun!
krimoz911 (on 18 December 2009)
The Others sales will overtake the US ones once it's platinum, that's my prediction.
--OkeyDokey-- (on 17 December 2009)
Why is it under-performing in Others?
sabby_e17 (on 15 December 2009)
Absolutely amazing game.
zaMy (on 13 December 2009)
yea there were a few bundles
snyperdud (on 13 December 2009)
500k next week!
axumblade (on 12 December 2009)
Should hit 1 million by the end of Q1 next year.
insomniac_dog (on 12 December 2009)
Any reason for the rise in US sales? Is it bundled there? Anyway, keep going R&C!
huaxiong90 (on 12 December 2009)
Guys, R&C always has been a slow burner. It'll cross a million, no problem.
NSS7 (on 12 December 2009)
Anyone realize this only sold 2k more than TOD in others this week
ps3-sales! (on 12 December 2009)
I'm hoping it sells 2 mil, beating out tools of destruction. Such a great game.
legend92(3) (on 12 December 2009)
Great game so far and great legs hope it catches up to its older brother.
NeoMatrix (on 08 December 2009)
2 mln. in 2010.
drakesfortune (on 07 December 2009)
I think this game will end up doing just fine. It'll sell at least 1.5 million over the next two years in my opinion.
Cross-X (on 07 December 2009)
Not enough people are playing this AMAZING GAME!!!! R&C FOREVER!!
axumblade (on 06 December 2009)
Starting to get a little boost due to the holidays.. With the deal that best buy has going right now, I imagine this, Uncharted 2 and LBP will have a good holiday season.
Munkeh111 (on 06 December 2009)
Okay, so still a small boost, EU sales are disappointing though
Ratchetti (on 06 December 2009)
Ratchet and Clank games ALWAYS sell better in Europe than in America.
darthdevidem01 (on 06 December 2009)
the EU sales are BEYOND awful

NA sales are FAR better than expected
Gearbox (on 06 December 2009)
@Munkeh111 - yes there was 1 bundle of this game but most likly the game sold 45k without the bundles
leatherhat (on 06 December 2009)
Nice black friday sales
sabby_e17 (on 06 December 2009)
Really really good game, had so much fun playing it. Although some of the planets in ToD are better.
Munkeh111 (on 06 December 2009)
Serious_frusting (on 01 December 2009)
@blu ratchet games just keep selling and selling and selling. They seem to do quite well at the peak of the Holiday seasons. and just keep selling consistently through the rest of the year.

Check other games sales trend in the franchise.
CGI-Quality (on 30 November 2009)
Excellent review.
Ratchetti (on 29 November 2009)
@Ravage27 Yeah, the Clank puzzles were awesome :D. I'm guessing this game will sell 1,8 million by November 2010.
Ravage27 (on 28 November 2009)
hope it will have great legs, this game is unbelievable. Had great fun playing it and the time puzzles are my favourite! :)
MetalGearSolid_4ever (on 28 November 2009)

wtf ? Those were limited bundles for black friday which were sold out in 8 hours.

Ratchet games don't sell huge numbers at launch.

The sales remain consistent and show great legs.
blue7x7 (on 27 November 2009)
Yeah this game will easily sell 1million with bundles. Since its being heavily bundled with the ps3.
Serious_frusting (on 27 November 2009)
how on earth is TOD almost selling the same? That is just crazy lmao
zaMy (on 27 November 2009)
No I didnt, but it is intendid for kids 10+ which would make it "kiddy"
sjhillsa (on 27 November 2009)
Too kiddy? Did you try the Clank puzzle games on Crack in Time? especially the final few gold bolts. They weren't easy... Great game BTW!
NicholasCage (on 27 November 2009)
Legs :]
patapon (on 26 November 2009)
It's showing some decent legs in NA. Hope it goes up some for the holidays
sepisfu (on 26 November 2009)
i love this game, thx insomniac
zaMy (on 25 November 2009)
Guess I'm done with the R&C series..
LOVED the PS2 games, but ToD sorta sucked hard.

Also the PS3 versions are to kiddy.
However Insomniac still deserves atleast 1 million from this game
sexc_abbas10 (on 25 November 2009)
man i love this game, with xmas around the cornerm this game has a chance to do at least 2.5 ltd maybe more, i love it, cant wait until next one
leatherhat (on 23 November 2009)
I don't understand the hate, one look at other ratchet games shows this is selling really well. The only cause for concern is that others seems kinda slow, but its certainly not doing bad there.
XiaoMay (on 22 November 2009)
My 1st Time playing a r&c. Never opened the box of 1st ONe on PS3 and psp...

I really love it !!!
nen-suer (on 22 November 2009)
Good legs in NA
insomniac_dog (on 22 November 2009)
This game seriously isn't even "kiddy". It's incredibly fun and deserves more than this, but I guess it's better than nothing. I for one will happily play this forever and ever.
Munkeh111 (on 21 November 2009)
Compare the sales to ToD, it is actually tracking well above it
Ratchetti (on 20 November 2009)
also they haven't count the Japanese sales. Insomniac Games said that "It's not an FPS game that'll sell crazy in the first week, but a family friend game that people (parents and kids) will buy randomly for example for Christmas or birthday present. That has always been the case and it's this time as well. Look at ToD's sales. They started even worse than this.
Ratchetti (on 20 November 2009)
"R&C series officially dead?"
JEEZ! Ratchet and Clank games ALWAYS sell very slowly. This is the fastest selling Ratchet and Clank game EVER! ACiT is going to sell about 2 millions. Trust me.
patapon (on 19 November 2009)
TheThunder (on 19 November 2009)
Others doesn't care about R&C. I blame Kantor.
Munkeh111 (on 15 November 2009)
Just for comparison, ToD sold 60k and 50k in US and others first week
Feylic (on 14 November 2009)
This should sell over the holiday season. It's not a first day purchase for many I think, but they'll get it sometime, or parents will get it as gifts.
ZorroX (on 14 November 2009)
R&C is not that type of game, that you get on first week.

First week you will get U2, MW2, AC2 and other like this.
So, time will show, will the game be a million seller or not.
zaMy (on 14 November 2009)
R&C series officially dead?
huaxiong90 (on 13 November 2009)
Legs will sell this game.
Munkeh111 (on 13 November 2009)
Okay 2nd week, but poor start in Europe. I just hope it has some legs
TT Makaveli (on 13 November 2009)
i dont even wonder about this Others sales...im from Germany and u really dont know that the game is out except u in a game store...no advertising...NOTHING...and i thought Sony will promote this...shame on yu Sony...such a great game deserves that stuff!!
jneul (on 13 November 2009)
this has come at a time when us ps3 users have one too many choices, it will surely pick up sales at a later time.
NanakiXI (on 12 November 2009)
This game is one of those games that will definitely have better numbers second week in Europe.
Boutros (on 12 November 2009)

ToD started with the same numbers and ended up saling 1 million copy in others...Ratchet games usually have good legs
TheThunder (on 12 November 2009)
Bad start in others.
Xoj (on 12 November 2009)
yeah this game it's a legs game, it will do well over time.
pablogers (on 12 November 2009)
relax, it will say ir when all the region numers are up ... still.. with europe, hope it does at least 300k in 2 weeks..
NanakiXI (on 12 November 2009)
Get a grip on reality people. This isn't "Call of Ratchet & Duty Clank: Modern crack in time warfare 2". This is doing about 50% better than the last R&C Future game and that one's sitting at 1.52mil. Congrats Sony on another million seller.

BTW the number should say 0.14m not 0.10m just a little misleading :P
oni-link (on 11 November 2009)
Such a disapointment esp considering how much Sony invested in the title.
RACTOD (on 11 November 2009)
Just out of curiosity, what kind of sales were some of you expecting? To be honest, I think 100k (almost) in America only for Ratchet & Clank is alright.
blue7x7 (on 11 November 2009)
Wow horrible start especially since sony has been marketing this game quite heavily. People should buy this game we need more games like this.
Rainbird (on 10 November 2009)
Man I love this game! It's a great title! :-D
--OkeyDokey-- (on 10 November 2009)
This game is so great. Should be on every PS3 owner's list right behind Uncharted 2.
arsenal009 (on 10 November 2009)
Starting off better than the last one.
Heavenly_King (on 09 November 2009)
almost platinum :D
headshot91 (on 08 November 2009)
@ ku
thats a load of rubbish.
if you mean sales wise, its not in the same class as LBP, that game has sold over 2.5 mill. This game will be lucky to break 1.8 million.
all ratchets do 2 mill? what about TOD?
insomniac_dog (on 07 November 2009)
With EU and Japan added for next week, this game will easily get over the 250K mark. And last time I checked, that was a pretty good opening week :).
Gearbox (on 07 November 2009)
my blaster runs hot is hte best minigame of life
-ku- (on 07 November 2009)
100k first week aint bad
It'll sell like 250k combined first weeks
and maybe 2 million LTD the thing is it's in the same class as LBP and it's for everyone people will pick it up this will have legs quote me.
All the Ratchets do 2million well.
Heavenly_King (on 07 November 2009)
This game is great!!, why does not people buy it??
Solid_Raiden (on 06 November 2009)
This is sad. Of course I haven't even bought my own copy yet. It's one of the titles I've chosen to wait for xmas to get as a gift. So I'm guilty as well. But this game deserves better. Ratchet is aweome!
sexc_abbas10 (on 06 November 2009)
guys you gota remeber that is this NA only i know that is pretty dissapointing as this is a pretty big franchise and it deserves at least 200k opening week in NA but know theres EU, AUSTRALIA, AND PARTS OF ASIA, o and also japan so this should see another 150k if not more, that would be a opening week of 250k, wich is pretty good
Fenristh (on 06 November 2009)
urameshixr, checked out the Uncharted 2 page recently? ;D
palitococo (on 06 November 2009)
Do Better than TOD, pretty good numbers, and the major market for this is in the EU.
MarshmallowMan (on 06 November 2009)
I am planning on buying this over the holidays. Just wasn't a day one buy for me. I think a lot of people are in the same boat. This game will have good legs.
agardini51 (on 06 November 2009)
I got this game, but have not played it yet. If it is anything like the past ratchets(which I love to play) then I should thoroughly enjoy this game. Hopefully most people that will buy this game are just waiting for Christmas to get it.
reaver_x (on 06 November 2009)
wow Demon Souls did better. And that game came out of nowhere with next to no advertising. So how can this game do worse?? when its actually being advertised??

dismal sales indeed
urameshixr (on 06 November 2009)
poor sales...

and all because ps3owners not suport your exclusives games of ps3 system..

sad this :/
TheConduit (on 06 November 2009)
Better start than the last one
headshot91 (on 06 November 2009)
abysmal start
XxXProphecyXxX (on 06 November 2009)
I hope this game got legs like TOD cause I hate to see a great game like this sell bad.
Serious_frusting (on 06 November 2009)
i think this will be about a 2million seller when all is said and done
Chairman-Mao (on 05 November 2009)
Should easily sell 1 million, if not 2 million.

I predict 1.75-2 million LTD
snyperdud (on 05 November 2009)
This game will have massive legs.
Good opening too.
ps3-sales! (on 05 November 2009)
nearly doubled tools of destruction in america. I'm predicting LTD sales of 2 million, 500k more than it's predecesor
Munkeh111 (on 05 November 2009)
Hmmmm, okayish sales in the US, I still think it will reach 1m eventually
TheThunder (on 05 November 2009)
I don't think this is going to break a million like the old main line games. It will be a first to the series.
huaxiong90 (on 05 November 2009)
I hope this at least cracks 1 million.
Xen (on 05 November 2009)
Heavenly_King (on 04 November 2009)
Awesome game!!
--OkeyDokey-- (on 04 November 2009)
The game isn't even out in Europe yet, Gearbox.
RACTOD (on 04 November 2009)
I reckon this game will do 1.5 million, same as Tools of Destruction. It will have a bigger start, though, around 150k - 180k week 1.
TT Makaveli (on 30 October 2009)
didnt Sony promised big advertising for it?hopefully they really do if not than this will maybe sell around 800.000 - 1.2m!i hope this game will do 2 mill + but i really doubt that!
K-DOGG (on 29 October 2009)
A Crack in Time: another R&C game that kicks ass. 5*/5*
Gearbox (on 29 October 2009)
649 people on vgchartz own the first future title and only 18 own this. OUCH
pchyczewski (on 26 October 2009)
cant wait for this!!! def getting!! ps3 is awesome
Dark Odin (on 26 October 2009)
I played the demo and... Im really not impressed.

ToD was awesome, but this seems to me, just good. I wished that we could play as ratchet in the demo (clank is too boring for me...)
FootballFan (on 22 October 2009)
Over a million still.
headshot91 (on 12 October 2009)
Its gonna be good, but i think the sales are going to be quite average for most people...
whatz3rname (on 04 October 2009)
After I saw the gameplay montage on Gametrailes I'm really pumped.
huaxiong90 (on 03 October 2009)
I am so getting this game!
sexc_abbas (on 28 September 2009)
lol u get the sam boxart in pal, and i hope this game sels at least 2.5 million this is undoublty one of the best ps3 exclusives, this is 1 of the sole reasong i baught a ps3, this is my most fav game of all time, o and crash badicoot also, why did they kill crash bandiccot it was so great, u know hwat they should make a remake of the old crashes on ps3 that would sell like no tomrorw, seorusly thats a crazy idea
dobby985 (on 14 September 2009)
me too the PAL boxart sucks!
Tirocone (on 12 September 2009)
Just Cant Wait For Game to Come out. R&C is gonna sell alot more this year. And dey Gonna Deserve it
sjhillsa (on 08 September 2009)
I don't like the American boxart, too much like T2 film. Will be grabbing the PAL release anyway. They may do another R&C, I hope they do.
PlaystaionGamer (on 06 September 2009)
1st day buy woo
whatz3rname (on 06 September 2009)

Yeah, this is a full game. The real sequel to Tools of Destruction.
bobo11 (on 05 August 2009)
OMG i'm gonna have to import from america just for that boxart!!
binary solo (on 24 July 2009)
Looks oarsum.
sabby_e17 (on 22 July 2009)
Cant wait for this!
infamous8 (on 02 July 2009)
hopefully the last R&C game until next gen. Insomniac has this game on overkill... they're too talented to keep putting out sequels to the same game. This isnt Madden folks.
TyePhoid_PAL (on 17 May 2009)
This a full title like tools or a download like booty?
Squall_Leonhart (on 26 April 2009)
This is a first day buy for me as loved the last one!
insomniac17 (on 18 April 2009)
I am definitely getting this. I can't wait!
Gearbox (on 06 April 2009)
insomniac logo is too big :) look at the other future title, how un noticable it is
Blaiyan (on 05 April 2009)
Definitely buying this.
Trent (on 30 March 2009)
might get this if it has trophies
Username123 (on 28 March 2009)
OLD Ratchet


Eric2048 (on 27 January 2017)
this undertracked right? i heard it sold
over 2 million
AshKetchum1992 (on 30 July 2014)
Metroid33slayer (on 29 October 2013)
The best ratchet and clank i have played
yet ( i also have played ps2 trilogy and
TOD). The freedom of space exploration
in your spaceship is a great addition
and the puzzle solving is as good and
intelligent as ever. In my opinion it
deserves at least 2.5 million sales
because it is better than TOD.
TrevDaRev (on 29 August 2013)
Yes. One of the many undertracked PS3
games in Europe. This is over 2 million,
close to Tools of Destruction.
sub-zero-TM (on 06 November 2012)
I think that this game is
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