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05/26/09 Activision
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07/03/09 Activision

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In Space Camp, you begin as an aspiring astronaut in training. After rocketing yourself to the moon, you must engage in a series of futuristic, furiously fun missions in order to return home to Earth. With the help of your own robot, you will perform activities like scientific experimentation, controlling spacecraft and even defending the moon from invaders.

In addition to the robust single player mode, there are several multiplayer options available on the Wii. Cooperative Mode allows one player to control the main character while a second can interact with environment. For crews of more than two, Party Mode offers the opportunity for up to four players to take part in raucous competitive mini-game tournaments set on both the Earth and lunar locales.

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1 n/a 3,271 n/a 577 3,848
2 n/a 1,564 n/a 276 1,840
3 n/a 917 n/a 162 1,079
4 n/a 651 n/a 115 766
5 n/a 756 n/a 133 889
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9 n/a 1,228 n/a 217 1,445
10 n/a 1,035 n/a 183 1,218

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SJGohan3972 posted 24/04/2009, 11:25
Is it just me or was there a movie kinda like this? I thought it was a good movie and this is Published by Activision/Blizzard so it probably won't be crap.
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