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05/08/09 Deep Silver
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05/08/09 Deep Silver

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Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis... the world is on the brink of disaster. By the time Nina Kalenkow realizes that the recent catastrophes were caused not by nature, but by an unscrupulous secret society known as Puritas Cordis, it is almost too late.

While her ex-boyfriend Max, a scientist, witnesses the brutal methods of Puritas Cordis at the excavation site of an ancient Indonesian temple complex, Nina joins forces with a priest in France to investigate the connection between the secret society's sinister prophesies and the creepy leader of an ancient order. A dramatic race against time begins.

Will the protagonists be able to avert the impending apocalypse?


  • Official sequel to Secret Files: Tunguska
  • Puzzles and elements of gameplay tailored to the specific features of the Wii
  • Spectacular graphics and cinematic cutscenes
  • Four playable, sometimes cooperating characters
  • Comfortable controls with a diary, puzzle help and hotspot display
  • Professional voice actors (Wii only)
  • Two-player mode for cooperative gameplay (Wii only)

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Opinion (3)

spurgeonryan posted 07/01/2011, 04:29
I guess point and click games do well on the Wii?
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MEnkeli posted 30/10/2009, 01:33
This game must be recommended for all adventure gamers!
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sam941972 posted 30/05/2009, 06:54
why no sales?

A good adventure, an excellent game for point&click gamer
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