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05/11/09 THQ
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11/14/08 Atari

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My Farm Around The World is a whole new kind of DS game which lets anybody become a virtual farmer, watching over their own personalized animals as they live and grow and building a successful livestock farming business. Choose from four different farms each with their own collections of animals: a traditional farm with pigs and ducks, an African ranch boasting lions and hippos, an Asian farm bursting with monkeys and elephants and a good old Australian ranch where crocodiles and kangaroos call the shots.

Choose your farm then start from humble beginnings: a single bird, an empty field and a few pennies. Buy food, clean, and care for your bird and watch him grow. When the eggs start coming, sell them to buy more animals which you can personalize and name as you like. Make sure you can feed them all though – if they can’t get food at home they’ll go elsewhere!

Once your livestock portfolio really starts to swell you’ll have more money to fix up the farm just how you always wanted it, with new fences, outbuildings and more. There’s bonuses along the way for good farming and clean healthy animals including other animals or special buildings such as windmills. Days pass, nights fall and the animals sleep, but you can bet they’ll wake up hungry the next day. Keep them well, and in time they’ll produce their own offspring, and hasn’t everyone always wanted their very own family of baby crocodiles or rhinos to care for?

My Farm Around The World lets players care for different animals from the four corners of the globe, breeding them, learning the simple economics of buying and selling, and growing their very own completely unique farm. And if you’ve ever wondered how an elephant would cope in a traditional European farmyard, trade animals with your friends via Wi-Fi and find out!

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